Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I blame the hormones

I hadn't really noticed any real difference in my emotions.... until last week. I'm starting to understand what everyone says about the crazy hormones while pregnant. 2nd trimester has been a lot better to me but now I have more stuff to deal with. I've noticed that if anyone, other then a baby, starts to cry I will also start to cry. I'll have no reason for the tears but they will be there. Its quite annoying. 

The biggest things I noticed that I can can fully put all on the hormones happened just a few minutes ago. I got home from work and I was hungry but I knew we had stuff to do so I was waiting to see what BJ wanted before I made dinner. BJ walked in the door and said we had to leave right away. I know its a very bad idea to go without eating so I made myself a small plate of nachos and left. I should have super sized it even though it wouldn't have fit that great in my microwave. I should know better by now. We are buying a car and using all our savings. We are hoping to sell our car before we leave to get back most or all of the money. I'm the one who takes care of the money. BJ doesn't know anything about our money situation. He just doesn't care really. I do care so therefore I pay all the bills and watch how we spend our money. Needless to say it scares the poop out of me to be using all of our savings to buy this car and not have a for sure that we will get it back. Add that to not eating enough. On the way to school after our errands BJ and I were talking and I was getting sick from being hungry and I snapped at BJ. To make it worse he tried to push it off like it didn't happen and I did it again. After that he got quite. I felt bad but I thought hey maybe we can pretend that didn't happen. While walking to the library to set me up so he can go to class I asked him if he was mad at me and he said no. I knew I hurt his feelings though. So we sat down and I told him I was sorry. I didn't mean to snap at him. I didn't even tell him I was hungry or really sick and tried from walking the short distance here. I just said I'm sorry I was wrong! He said it was ok and kissed me but then..... I started to cry. I felt sooo soo soo bad that I took it out on my poor loving husband who did nothing. His eyes got huge and said it really didn't mater and hugged and kissed me while I cried. After I calmed down he asked if i was ok and then i told him I was hungry. I was determined to stick it out though so I wouldn't let him miss class to take me to get food. And since i'm already stressed with money I refused to take the twenty and go get something to eat. In my mind I figured there are plenty of women out there who have to go through worse while pregnant and I've been super spoiled! I can wait 3 more hours for dinner...... I hope!

I still blame the hormones. I went from being super annoyed and pissed off to oh well doesn't matter to i'm the most horrible person ever in a matter of 5 minutes. I've snapped at him before and I always feel bad and there have been times that I have cried when I tell him sorry. But I usually cry because it took me at least an hour to feel remotely sorry because I like to pretend I did nothing wrong and find every way why it was his fault before I can admit I was wrong. I also haven't snapped at him very much since we got married and if I have I said I was sorry right away. Going from such strong emotion to the other in minutes is very new to me. And I blame the pregnancy and hope that my husband still likes me come May!

Monday, November 29, 2010

My desk

This is what I see when I sit at my desk. My handsome husband and wee little baby. The day after I got the ultra sound I went to work and made the Popsicle stick frame. I put it next to my husband and everyone admires it as they walk pass. That's how a lot of my students found out I was pregnant. I love these two pictures. BJ looks so happy and young. It was the day we took our engagement photos. That day was so long but we had so much fun imaging our lives together. That picture has been on my desk ever since. There were many days where I sat and just looked at it and marveled that he was going to be mine forever. Little did we know how happy we really could be and yet to know how happy life really is! Now I sit and stare at my baby. I love love love the ultrasound pictures. I love the big head and belly with his hand by his face. I can't help but love these two! I don't know how I got to be so blessed to be given these two. BJ and I are so very excited to meet our little one. I am so very very grateful that families are eternal!

16 weeks

 Now that I am 4 months along I figured I can start the Belly Pictures. I wasn't going to until 4 months. And the fact that I wore Kerri's maternity skirts to church kind of made it a bit more real. THANK KERRI! I'm sooo glad to have stuff now! This is the first outfit i've worn that didn't make me uncomfortable at all in a long time!! Thats saying a lot! I wore it all day which is a record for me! I'll prolly live in these skirts until we leave. Then it might be a tad chilly. I read that by 20 weeks women gain 10-15 pounds. I've only gained 3-5 pounds. In a month i'll be 10 pounds more?!? I'm so not looking forward to that stage!
We thought we would keep track of our other baby too. I'm hoping BJ gets smaller not larger but that doesn't seem to be happening. =] He already has cravings.

Black Friday

 I have never done black friday before. Mostly because I've never had money to do it, and because I'v never wanted to wake up that early and fight people. This year, BJ and I thought it would be a good time to get everything for Idaho at a good price. I still wasn't excited for the waking up fighthing people part but we needed stuff and there were good prices out there!

Our first stop was to the Outlet mall. It opened at 10 pm on thanksgiving. Kerri has been wanting some shirts from Gap so I figured this would be the perfect time to go up there. I always find good deals up there!! It was FREEZING and they has zero! I was disappointed but we made it right when they opened so there wasn't to bad of a crowd.

We then went home and fell asleep until about 4:15. We went to
We got there and there were no cars. Then the empolyees showed up so we sat and waited. 2 cars pulled up and BJ got all excited. " We gotta get out and go sit by the door!!!  What if they get in first and buy everything. There are people like that!!!" I just laughed. I wasn't about to go stand by the door just because 2 cars pulled up and they were all still in their cars. They didn't open until 6 so we left and headed over to

We both got a pair of snow boots then headed over to
We got some socks for a good deal. We then headed back to sportsman's warehouse and thankfully the crazy people didn't buy everything we wanted. At this point BJ wasn't very awake. He had taken a bendrayl and it was starting to get to him. He had a crazy sore throat. We were looking at their socks and he wasn't able to answer any of my questions and kept walking away to fart. At this point the baby wanted to go back to sleep and i was tired but they had such good deals. We finally got everything and then I realized I wanted to stop at

I offered to take BJ home but he came with. As we were walking up to the store BJ was dragging his feet and looked pretty drunk. It was pretty funny. I had BJ stand in line and found some good deals. That line took the longest. We waited for about 20 minutes to buy our stuff.

After we got our stuff we headed home and fell asleep until about 10ish. I got up and ate and played some nintendo while BJ slept some more. Around 1ish we headed over to the mall.

Heres a list of all the stuff we were able to score!
1. Snowboots for the both of us is has a liner so we can just wear them or pull the liner out and wear them with other shoes aka my church shoes so i can wear cute shoes at church but not die walking into church in the snow and ice.
2. 8 pairs of long thermal socks
3. 2 pairs each of smart wool socks mom told us about these so we had to try them. They are wicked expensive but we got one pair and the next for $1. I got cute one and bj just got the boring hunting kind. I tired a pair on and my feet were buring up after a couple of hours. They are amazing. They felt like I was wearing regluar socks!
4. 8 pairs of thick hiking socks Seems like over kill I know but I'm already freezing and its only getting to the 40's at night. I'd rather have too many then not enough!!
5. 2 pairs of snow gloves each That gives up three each cuz his sister bought us some for BJ's birthday. We figured the more the merrier!
6. 6 long sleeve shirts for me I got XL shirts in Women's so that way I have something to grow into. They don't look too frumpy on me now so I can wear them when I get up there and hopefully it takes me awhile to grow into them. ** funny story** I grabbed one last shirt while i was standin in line and thought I grabbed a XL. When i got home I tried on an  XL then I grabbed the other one that was differnt fabric but I thought was stil XL. I put it on and it fit. It fit great and I sat there staring at myself in the mirror and got really really sad. BJ was doing the dished or something and I just sat there almost in tears that this XL fit me perfectly. All my other clothes still fit me and yet i'm big enough already to fit an XL perfectly?!?!!? I went to pull the sticker tag off the front and it said LARGE!!!! I laughed out loud in relief!!!! I wasn't an XL yet and it was the size all my other shirts!!! First fat prego story! lol
7. flannel sheets!!!!  I already cry that the sheets are cold
8. down blanket
9. 2 pillows  in case we get in vistors!!!
10. another 5 or 6 long sleeve shirts for me
11. 4-5 long sleeve shirts for BJ
12. black moccosins for me BJ got comfy slippers for his birthday and we have been looking for me for awhile. There were any really good deals but we finally found some at sears!!
13. A down jacket for me I'll post pictures soon
14. A down jacket for BJ His 5th jacket my first! Good thing I'll steal most of his stuff but still why can he find everything?!?!

All in all it was a pretty sweet Black Friday. The next day we went out in search of free packing boxes. We thought it would be a good day to start packing up stuff we didn't use often. We found a baby yard sale so we stopped and looked. We found a good stroller and car seat but figured we should wait until we got up there. Then we saw a bunch of strollers at a yard sale so we stopped off there too. They had a cool running stroller but I thought it was to much. They also had a couple of recliners. I've been looking for a good deal on one because I knew I would need it for when the baby came. They all were at least over $100 and I wasn't sure if I should wait util I got up there so I didn't have to pack it up. I wasn't even going to sit on it but BJ did. He had me sit down and it was amazing. It rocked and reclined and was comfy.

The lady said it was about $55. We thought it was a good deal so we took it. I have to get rid of my cute red chair so we can take this one up but I've already took a nap in it and love it!  It looks kind of like the above picture!

Have you seen or head about these bumbo seats? Everyone has one now. They are just a foam seat that helps babies sit up. They aren't anything special but they are the new thing these days. I wanted one just cuz. They are about $30 though. I wasn't willing to pay that for it so I figured i just miss out on this craze. On the way home from church on Sunday BJ and were at a stop light and I looked over and on the corner there was one sitting there on top of a stero box holder. I saw it and was like hey we would pull over and look at that. Bj just looked at it and didn't say anything. I wasn't kidding and made him pull over to look at it. It was in perfect condition and just needed to be washed. Someone had just left it there. I had BJ put in the car. I was so excited!!! We got home and washed it down and disinfected it and it looks brand new!! I"m pretty stoked to have one and didn't have to pay anything for it!

I am thankful for...

1. TEMPLES!! I hope to visit a bunch to see how beautiful they all are someday!
2. Getting married to my husband in the temple and knowing that families can be forever! Life after this with my family makes my bad days better!
3. Having a baby call my uterus a home! Who i can't wait to move out in 5 months!
4. Parents who have spent their lives gaining knowlegde and freely giving that knowlegde to me in my time of need They always have an answer for me!
5. My siblings! And the families they share with me!
6. New adventures I love change!!
7. A job that allows me to be pregnant Mostly where i sit and blog all day and get paid
8. Education  Even though I have many break downs and say mean things about ASU
9. Living in the land of the free USA rules I don't care what any says
10. Friends Who let me be apart of their lives
11. Nice people you come across Love when stangers are nice and do good deeds out of nowhere
12. My healthy body I hate being sick!
13. Growing older each day (yes I love getting older!) Bring on the life experiences!!!!
14. The chance to be a good person and work on things i'm not good at word!
15. The color green Makes the world a pretty place!
16. Warm clothes and a hubby to cuddle up to in the early mornings FAVORITE!
17. Having a car to get from point A to point B and then back to point A
18. The internet to keep connected to ppl i know and who i pretend I know
19. My iphone that makes every situtaion non boring What did I do before the iphone?!?
20. Making dinners but having fast food dinners too
21. Gmail chats with the hubby while at work yes we are that kind of couple
22. My amazing apartment that I will miss but not the nasty little vistiors we get all to often
23. Having 2 incomes one for saving one for living
24. Food! now that i love eating again
25. Family traditions cuz we have the best ones!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day of fun

 Being the amazing wife that I am I found a place where we could rent quads to go ride around on. We are always talking about wanting to go ride and play on quads or jet skis for a day. We finally got to go do it!!! All in all it was quite the expensive trip but we had a blast!!!! We got to drive this '97 F350. I now really want one!!! You can fit 6 people in there and have room for everyone. Plus its a truck! I'm all for it!!!
We wanted to camp out in Bumble Bee. Ya know those signs you always see on the highway and wonder whats really past those rolling hills. I've been driving along the I-17 since I was a baby. I've always seen the signs for Bumble Bee, Horse Thief Bason, Bloody Bason and have wondered what was there. I've always seen dirt roads out in the mountains and wondered how people got out there. I finally found out! With some help from Dad we found a place to pull off on the side of a dirt road and pitched our tent. BJ was nice enough to let me wear his footie PJ's and didn't kick me away during the night and slept right next to me all night long. I was freezing and had the blanket over my head all night. Little did I know that wasn't going to change!

 BJ and I took a dirt road all the way to Crown King. That is a very remote and small town up far away in no wheres ville. We didn't bring any gloves and I had a sweater over a long sleeve shirt and regular shirt with a pair of jeans. BJ just wore his new fleece jacket and shirt with jeans. We got the awesome helmets from the place so they kept our faces some what warm. We headed up the road and the sun went behind clouds then BAM is was COLD!!!!! We would make frequent stops just so we could warm our hands up. It was so very cold. We made it to Crown king and went into the little shop and drank a cup of hot coco. We also got some yummy popcorn. We were there for about an hour just trying to get warm. 

 We ended up heading up the way to Horse Thief Bason area. They have a camp spot with cabins and cute little lake. We pulled over and walked around the lake. At this point I was kind of getting tired and hungry. So we headed back to crown king.
 This little place saved us!! We came back here for another hour and had lunch. I was so hungry at that point. We brought stuff to make BLTs and watched the people roll in and out with all their toys. It was starting to get a tad warmer but only if you stayed in the sun. I had a pair of socks on me so we each wore one on the non throttle hand.
 We headed back down to the truck because we wanted to make sure we were close enough to pack up and head out when the time came to leave. We rode back and unpacked the food and filled up our tanks again. BJ wanted to just go and find some random dirt rodes. It took a couple of dead ends but then we found a killer trail. We headed down it and saw a road that looked really sweet. We found the way to it and took off. IT ended up being super amazing! We got to go up fun rocky roads and down steep jagged roads. Then we found a trail that was full of sand and got to fish tail around the trees for a bit. On our way back we followed the trail along the telephone wires. Those trails are always the best. It had some sweet bumps and we were able to get some fun air off of them!

We found this windmill out in the middle of now where. It was cool to see a real windmill and watch it pump water from an under ground well and pump it out. BJ said it was for the cows. I had never seen a real life windmill before so  I thought it was awesome.
All in all we had a sweet day. We were full of dust and dirt and by the time we dropped off the quads I was starving! We headed to panda express then went on home. At that point my neck was starting to feel sore and I just wished for a warm bath and a massage. Thankfully BJ's parents have a huge jacuzzi tub and let us come have a bubble bath. It was so nice to sit in a warm bubble bath and feel the jets as we relaxed. Great way to end the day!!! I was super sore the next day and after church I spent the day in bed watching movies but we had a great time and hope to do it again some day!!!! 

This was one of my favorite books growing up. Mostly because I have the best story telling mother ever!!! She would always sing us the song part. I can't read it without singing that part too.

Today at work, I was going above and beyond my work description and teaching the lesson for my juniors( subs just take the money and you do all the work and still get paid the same). Part of the lesson was to read them a book. I picked this one because most of my students didn't read these books growing up or learn all the songs so I try to show them things they missed out on.

I got to the kid being the age 9 and realized, Hey I could be having a boy,
and I could be the crazy creepy mom in this story! Then the emotions started. I was able to pass off my sniffles to this cold that I have but then I reached the part where the mom can't finish the song. The tears started and I had to stop and apologize and explain that I tend to be more emtional these days. Then the next page,

"I love you forever,
I like you for always,
As long as I'm living,
My mommy you'll be!"

I barely got through the rest of the book( and yes I have tears in my eyes just writing it out). With my sore throat voice and the tears streaming down my face, I finshed and got a lot of awwww from the girls. Once I read the "My mommy you'll be" part I realized that I'm going to be a mommy!

My emotions have been going crazy this last week and I'm sure this is just the start(sorry BJ). I now am offical that I want a boy. I'm sure I will be a tad disappointed if they say I'm having a girl. I'm head over heels in love with the idea that I'm having a boy. I haven't let myself fully expect a certain gender because I didn't want to have that disappointment when we find out. But now I have to admit that I want and boy and feel that its a boy. I'm sure the first girl outfit I see I'll be prefectly content with a girl but until I know for sure
I'm saying its a BOY!!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Birthday Boy!

BJ is the BIG 2-4!! Woot Woot! It still seems sooo old to me. HAHA I tease him all the time that he is an old man but I'm not that far behind. We woke up sunday morning and it was around 7:30. I said happy birthday. His response was, "I'm not an old man yet! Not until 8 something!!" haha I love that boy!

I'm so so so so grateful this man is mine for all time! Lucky you i'm going to tell you some of the reasons why he is oh so amazing!
  • I was reading a blog once and came across this statement about the lady's husband "But he cannot and will not meet every need. Nor should he, really. Show me the girl who says all her needs are met by her husband alone (and I'll tell her she just hasn't met the right friend yet)." Well sista you can meet this girl who couldn't ever find a friend greater then my husband. I kinda get what she is saying, girlfriends are nice to have, but hands down when I need someone to talk to, someone to play with, someone to just let all my frusations out on, I'm going to my husband!!!!
  • He is and always will be my movie guy! You know when you watch a movie and the guy is so smart, sexy, cute, charming, and you sit there wishing I WANT A MAN LIKE THAT!!! Well i'm the super lucky girl who got that guy from every movie, song, book that has a cute couple in it! I'm so not kidding either! Never will I hear about a cute thing a guy did and think man I wish my husband did that, cuz he does and I'm sure he always will!
  • He take such great care of me! No matter what is happening or going on he makes sure I am well taken care of and happy. He always puts me first even when I'm trying to put him first. It just doesn't happen. Just last night I was sleeping and he took the blanket and I tried pulling it back. We had a tug of war for a bit then I gave up. He then woke up and covered me with the blanket and went back to sleep!
  • He is the greatest daddy ever.... already!!! If I'm super sick he will do anything and everything to help me feel better. He will sit and rub my tummy cuz that always makes everything better. He will wake up in the middle of the night when I go pee and make sure I'm ok. He cuddles me in his sleep and his hand always is on my tummy. He says things like, " Is the baby mad at you right now? Don't worry I'll spank him when he gets out." hahah already keeping the kid in line for me! We even woke up and I was sick on his actual birthday and tired to do everything for him but he wouldn't allow it. He said that once you become parents you give up your birthday rights to take care of your kids. I came back with that we weren't acutally parents yet and he said we have one on the way and he is going to take care of me since i'm taking care of the baby. he is very sweet!
  • He is super goofy and always making me laugh!
  • He keeps me in line and gets to church and to the activities we are suppose to go to
  • only has 1 bad day a month. Not kidding! The rest of the month he is  super happy every minute making me laugh!
  • Sexiest dancer I have ever met! I'm prolly the only person who thinks its sexy but his moves are amazing!
  • He is so cuddley! I love that he always wants to cuddle and will stop whatever he is doing just to cuddle me. During my sick times i'll just lay in bed. He will come in and cuddle me until I fall asleep. He will just play on his ipod. Then he will get up and go play video games. I usually wake up cuz he left (can't sleep long when he isn't in the bed with me!) and go out and sit on the couch with him. He will pause his game and cuddle me and I usually end up falling back to sleep and he will keep playing. He'll even stop his game and come check on me if I do stay in my bed.
  • He is a hard worker and always willing to go the extra mile!
  • He loves his family and willing to be there for them and help them with everything.
  • He complments me daily and always makes me feel loved!
  • He gives me everything I want. He spoils me too much. He says no then always finds a way for me to have it.
  • He is simply my best friend!


Friday, November 19, 2010


I came to work today to find out that I got a .....

$2000 grant!!!!!!!!!

That means all we have to pay for is BJ's schooling! and well my books. I'm super excited!!! I had no clue that I was going to get a grant! I guess that means my GPA isn't as bad as I thought and BYU is willing to pay for my schooling. I'm more then ok with that! Its been awhile since I've gotten money for school. I went the first 3 years of community college for free. Then I ended up not getting my BIG Alhambra foundation scholarship and I was super bummed. I'm still in the hole for my one semester at ASU but at least we aren't adding more on to it! woooo hooo!!

This news couldn't have come at a better time. I had a very long and bad night yesterday. BJ was using it as his one grumpy day out of the month and we had lots to get done before we took off for the weekend. Then all the Balls were in town so it was birthday party time for BJ and Rachel. They share a birthday. I hate when they all get together. Usually it isn't bad cuz one of the sisters is always missing, but when they all are there it just means Krystal gets to be left out and sit in the cornor all night being ignored. This time I hung out with the brother in laws and it was so much better but that didn't last long. I will forever just go hang out with them when all of us get together.  Then we got an announcement that I can't post yet and it just made me pushed even more out of the way. Mostly cuz it deals with the one sibling who doesn't like me or want me to be in any way part of the family. This should have made it easier for me to be brought into the fold and acutally have something to talk about and put forth my two cents. Liz even tried extending the conversation out to me and I was just pushed even farther away. BJ tried too, but failed. Then all the sisters went off to talk and left me in my cornor again. I've gotten over it really. Its happened enough that I know my place and I'm not allowed in the sister circle. When its sister time I need to stay away. I get it and I do, but it makes it harder now that I'm pregnant and everything is starting to get more emotional for me. I guess its the roller coaster IDK! It just makes me miss my family so much more! It makes it harder thinking that I'll be over at the Balls again on sunday with everyone there again and  I'll have to do last night all over again and I wont even see my family for at least a week... and even still my sisters wont be there and it will be at least another year before I see them.

I'm just glad I have BJ and he understands and sees it. Usually he'll rescue me and we'll go home but he was busy talking work stuff with his dad and we stay til 11 pm!! wayy wayy past my bedtime! 

 I'm kind of super excited to get up to Idaho cuz at least we wont have any family around.. minus both of BJ's brother.. still his family.. oh well. At least we can make it more even on when we get to see our families and how often!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Baby jitters

When I got pregnant I downloaded like 5 different apps on my iPhone to keep track of my baby. Each one says something different so I read each one every week. I always tell BJ the exciting things that is happening with the baby but he has never read the pages in my books that I told him too or looked through my baby magazines. Since he got his iPhone I was setting it up for him and I just put all the apps that I had and he had on his ipod on his phone. He got some dumb ones we just never deleted but he also go all my pregnancy apps. I didn't think anything of it and I told him he could delete the ones he didn't want.

The other day he came home and said, "Hey did you know that the baby is the size of a lemon this week!!!" I was a little stunned. He never tells me baby stats, I tell him. Of course, I already knew that but I wondered how he figured it out. He said he put the due date in for one of the apps and read about this week and thought it was super cool. He then asked which one was better and which one I read. I told him I use all five so last night as I was falling asleep he sat and put the due date in all of them. He stayed up and read to me all of the weekly updates and then the daily ones too. He kept saying, "Did you know, oh wait I bet you do know, you know all of this, but this is really cool....." He was so excited about reading everything. It was cute listening to him read all the stuff I had already read. I think all the stuff I've been telling him and being excited for finally has hit him now that he reads it himself.

I have 6 students who are pregnant and they all are different weeks. I'm the farthest behind and 3 of them have found out what they are having. We have deaf students who need interpreters and one of them is pregnant. The other one has a daughter who is pregnant. Everyone  is pregnant! I have many friends that are pregnant. Its so exciting to see all the ultrasounds and the expanding tummies.

I haven't yet felt any kicking yet. They say around 16-20 weeks is when it really starts to happen. I have felt weird things though. BJ was trying to tickle me once and I got the weirdest sensation in my lower stomach. Then BJ sat and talked to my tummy and again I got a weird sensation. Kind of like when you go over a hill and you weren't expecting it. It was like .5 secs but still weird. Then yesterday BJ and I were fighting about each of us being a poop head. We were standing in the kitchen play yelling at each other to stop being a pooper and BJ walked over to me and was tryin to be louder ( yeah our neighbors must really love us!) when I felt a strong pang in my lower stomach. I told BJ to stop yelling the Baby doesn't like us fighting. He looked at me funny and I told him I had a strong pang and to stop yelling. We stopped yelling and i didn't feel it anymore. It was strange. IDK what it was but I'll just say it was the baby. I can't wait to really feel something and know that its the baby! SO many exciting things are starting to happen!!!!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010


I haven't baby updated in a bit so I figured I needed to remember all the joys i'm experienceing.

This week my baby is a lemon. Or the size of my clenched fist. It has fingernails, and the ears are in the right spot now and the eyes or almost done growing. I'm super offically in my 2nd trimester. Depending on who you ask or which book you read there is no turning back. 14 weeks is a for sure 2nd trimester time!

You know the saying " You marry your Dad" well as creepy as it sounds, its true! Want an example?!
My dad has the best rhyming ablities out there. They will for sure make you laugh. And he says a random poem  his just made up and any random time. My mom always tells me the poems he recites to her as they fall asleep at night. BJ does the same thing! The other night I lathered my body in a lemony fresh lotion that is suppose to keep eeky stretch marks away. As I cuddled up to him to fall asleep he recites..

" You smell lemony fresh,
It must be your breast,
You are the very best,
In the entire west."

=] its nothing on my dads, I'll say. It actually rhymed! But it came from nowhere and I just chuckled as I went into la la land. He is always suprising me with that kind of goofy stuff. There are so times I wish I could blog about the stuff he does because I know it would bring a smile to everyone and not just me. One TMI to give you an example of his goofy wit. We were sitting at our kitchen table doing homework. He gets up. Walks over to the gituar waterbottle we have and has his back to me. He then says, " I bet you WISH you could do this!!!" I look up and he turns around with his junk hanging out and proclaims " ROCK OUT with your COCK OUT!!!!"  The things he comes up with that send in tears of laughter!!

Anyways back to baby.....

Everyone says you will hit a day when all your sicky days are gone and you fill normal and you have energy! Its the greatest time really! SWEET bring it on!!! I'll have one day where work will be super smooth!! Nothing bad happens and I feel great. I even get up from my desk and orgainze the mess that has become the classrooms. I think, wow this is it! No more sick days! I then drive home and as soon as I walk into my apartment i am overcomed with sickness that all i do is sleep. I wake up the next day expecting yet another good day and I can barely make it from my desk to the bathroom and back. This is so not it!

Then I get 2 good days but instead of sickness i get cramps. One day it really freaked it me. I would sneeze and it would send shooting pains in my lower stomach. I asked a friend about it and she said she felt like it was stretching whenever she sneezed. That was a perfect way of describing it. I felt like my uterus was stretching to unknown limits and that it wouldn't stop and would be the size of a hot air balloon!!! A few days of non stop stretching and i was begging for the sickness instead. Well, as they say, "careful what you wish for!"

BJ says this "BOY" (poor thing is prolly a girl and is going to have a complex from being referred to as a boy for at least the first 5 months) is going to be a musical genius. Why you ask? Whenever BJ sings I get super sick. I say the baby is awake and going crazy which makes me sick. If BJ talks to my stomach for more in a mintue i will be overcomed in sickness. Its weird! Another instant sickness.. organ music. Church is the worst time ever for me. I feel great and amazing then I walk in the doors at church and I start getting tired and woozy. Then the first song starts and I start to sing then about halfway through the first verse I have to stop otherwise i start to gag. I sit there holding my stomach and usually ended up curled up in BJ's lap overcome with how sick I am. I try to eat snacks and drink water but after the 2nd talk i always feel better. Then comes the rest hymn. I'm sick until we get halfway through sunday school. Then off to relief society where were we sing again. Its not as bad since its the piano and not the organ but by that point I'm super hungry and just want to go home and take off the tight skirt i have on. Sundays always = super sick and growing pains!

The good thing i thought, was i like food again. Then came the overcoming of liking food. All i want to do is EAT EAT EAT. Unless i'm sick. The entire day at work, I'm eating anything i can get my hands on. Lunch is a HUGE meal for me always. BY dinner I'm usually a tad sick so I don't eat at night. I wake up starving! I have to eat the mintue after I pee. I've even started dreaming about food! I used to sit and watch BJ eat and be amazed at how much he could consume. Now I just want my food and his food. I always have food with me. My water bottle and food bag are always close by. Just last night i fell asleep and woke up and had to eat something. Its bad!

I'm barley starting to show. I'm sure its more of my fat then baby but none the less its sticking out. Now people who know think aww the baby bump. And i'm sure stangers are thinking, why is she wearing that tight shirt with that bulge?! I'm highly aware of my clothing these days. I take them off the mintue i can because i just feel constriced in them. My clothes still fit but some pants start to hurt after awhile. The baby is sitting right where I buckle my jeans so after a bit of it pushing i have to unbuckle them. I've started the rubber band trick. Not that I need to use the rubber band but its comfortable that way. I'm at the point where i just look thick and fat and i wanna go do p90x! I do plan on starting a light workout again now that i can stay awake after work. I just have to find time when i'm not sick. The other day I was talking to BJ about my boobs. No one else can tell but they are HUGE! I can't wait to get home to take off my bra. Its getting tight! Not like i'm growing out of it or anything. It now actually fits the way its suppose too. I told BJ that we are both going to be really sad after i'm done breastfeeding and my boobs go back to normal. If we think this is big wait til we get back the ity bity things. Its made me realize how small my boobs really are. BJ said not to worry that we can get them back some day after all the kids =] haha

We got our first baby item this week. My friend Sylvia is about 36 weeks prego and she asked if i needed a baby bed. She got 2 bassints and gave us one of them. It takes up a lot of our living room but we are excited about it.

The first question people ask you when they find out you're pregnant is, "When are you due?" then "What are you having?" Then "What do you think it is?"
Well thats a good question. BJ from day one has said its a boy.
Once I found out I was for sure pregnant, I was sitting at work folding all of our baby clothes. Girl clothes are so cute and I love looking through them and thinking about my future baby girl. I remember sitting there pushing aside all the girl clothes and holding each boy outfit and longing for a boy. That was really weird to me. I've always wanted a girl first. I know what to do with little girls. I know how to raise a girl. Then it popped into my head that I was having a boy. I told BJ and he said it was a boy. From then on, I keep seeing little girls and I think how cute they are and fun, but whenever a little boy comes along I find myself wanting a boy. It freaks me out thinking of having a boy. I think BJ needs a boy. He will be amazing no matter what, but he just needs a boy. Like every other guy. When I got pregnant, I knew. I woke up in the middle of the night and I just knew I was pregnant. I didn't feel differenet, nothing was wrong, I just knew. Do I feel that way about the gender? No, not really. I'm hoping its a boy! but secertly I want a girl. I guess thats a good thing. No matter what i'm excited. But i'm nervous to see if these boy feelings are right or not.

I'll be 20 weeks the last week of Decemeber. Now that we are thinking of moving sooner I might not get to find out until Janurary some time. We might do an ultrasound at 18 weeks and see if we tell what it is. That would mean knowing 2 weeks early but that also means less certainty. I have a friend who went early and they said it was a girl then later a boy. So i have mixed feelings but I guess we will see what happens. Thats still at least a month away.

Spoiled Boy

BJ turns another year old this next Sunday! He can't ever make up his mind on what he wants. We were going to get a love sak as his gift then he wasn't so sure. Then we were going to get him a bunch of stuff like video games and clothes and stuff like that. Then he wasn't so sure.

 His brothers blackberry broke so BJ was helping him fix it. It was BJ's old phone and we were talking about how he went from that to his poopy phone now. For my birthday I got an iPhone 3GS. BJ got on the plan with me so we could just do a family plan. I asked him if he wanted an iphone too but he said no. He didn't even want a blackberry. He picked out a refurbished touch phone for $.01 and has been using that. He was starting to get annoyed with it and thought it was time to get back to a blackberry. I told him it could be his birthday present so we looked into it.

We went to go buy it and the lady stopped us and asked why were weren't getting the iphone. BJ was stumped and the lady told him to wait and do research on all the smart phones then come back and get the one he really wanted. So we spent the week reading everything we could about the Blackberry, iPhone, Driods, Plam Pre, and Windows 7 phone. We got it down to the blackberry and iphone. I wasn't sure why he would go blackberry if the iphone was there. Everything pointed that it is the #1 selling phone and everyone is trying to beat it out. People only go to other phone cuz they have something against apple really. The blackberry is great for email but nothing else. Finally we went to the store and BJ still couldn't make up his mind.

Finally I said we were getting the iPhone and he would just have to be happy with it. After we left i wasn't sure if he was happy with it or not. But we bought him a case and put the screen protector on it and he is stoked. I'm super jealous! His phone is so so so much better then mine! Its amazing! Every time i pick his up and I just sigh at how beautiful the screen is! The only thing i'm not jealous about is I have the unlimited data plan. They got rid of that because 98% of people only use up to 2 gigs of data. We got BJ the small plan so he has to be careful to use internet unless he has wifi. We looked up my data usage and I use way over 3 gigs of memory a month. Almost 4 really. I'm in the 2% that use more then 2 gigs a month. But I am always on the internet or using apps that use the interenet. Once we move to Idaho we will be getting wireless so BJ will be able to use his phone more. He really just uses texts and plays soltire so its perfect for him.

For my birthday we went horseback riding. Thats what I wanted to do! I was trying to figure out what to do for BJ this year. He was sick on his birthday last year and we fought the whole day so I figured we had to something amazing to make up for it.
I found a place in phoenix that rents quads and tow packages for 24 hours. I showed BJ and said we could do this or something else. Whichever you want. He then stated " Oh yeah lets do something else cuz that will be more fun then going out on quads for the day!" So we reserved 2 quads for this weekend! We are going to camp out then spend the day riding. IDK how much fun it will be for me. I'll be super paronid the whole time and prolly ride super slow and BJ will be a manic and do all his crazy stuff. But it will be worth it to let him have a great birthday. We figured this is our last year of doing extreme fun stuff at least for awhile.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekend of fun

BJ's famliy goes the the Arizona State fair every year! I have never been a fan of the fair. This year they wanted to see the monster trucks
 The mosters trucks were pretty sweet. I had the cutest little girls sitting in front of me so i was more entertained by them. They also go for the food. They get piggly wiggly fries, turkey legs, cinnamon rolls, and kettle corn. I only eat the fries and kettle corn! We got the huge bag this year and we were the ones who ate most of it so we got the left overs! The most entertaining part was they had a motor home derby. The motor homes just plowed into each other and went until there was only one left moving. I took a video of it and as soon as I figure out how to post it i will!!! It was so funny and one even caught fire!!!!
BJ and I shouldn't be allowed to go to the fair. We like to waste our money. We were walking around and saw these and had to get one. Its a guitar that plays music and a water bottle! This is the coolest suveinor cup i have ever seen! It holds a ton of liquid too!!! BJ was very stoked about it!!!
This was the best buy we think! Its this amazing!!!! We saw these signs and BJ wanted one really bad. The guys hand carves them and paints them right there at the fair. We don't have anything like this. BJ said it would be perfect to have in our home up in Idaho with the snow and everything. We think its pretty sweet.

We also got jewerly cleaner. I saw it last year and didn't get it and have thought about it all year long. I figureed if i thought about all year then its worth buying. So now I can clean my ring at home! We also got BJ a new wallet and some pretty sweet belt buckles. They are differnet types of trucks. Then we got suckered into buying this shoe cleaner stuff. It really is amazing and even though we shouldn't have spent the money on it, all of our shoes look brand new. I sat and clean all of them yesterday.
Look at my sweet new boots!!!!!!! Aren't they cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JCPenny is having their big blow out sale so we went shopping. I love JC Pennys!! I have always shopped there and you can always find good deals. We got BJ new jeans and long sleeve shirts then I wanted some boots. I wanted cute leather boots but they are just so expensive and all have heels on them. They had a ton on sale and I kept trying to figure out if i'd wear them because i really wanted them. BJ found these and said they would be perfect for me! At first  look I thought they were UGLY then I looked at them and realized they would be perfect. They are snow boots but they lace up and have cute fur on them. They have great grip on the bottom and are super roomy so i can wear big socks! they were 50% off so we got them! We got tons for cheap!!! I love that store!!!!

We had a great weekend but spent way to much money. I tried saving our money this last month so we could buy winter stuff and we went through all that money. Now its saving time again for BJ"s birthday, the trip up to idaho, and garretts birthday trip.

Rest of halloween

On saturday  we all went out to the lake and took the sail boat out for the first time. Everyone camped out but we just got up early and met everyone up there. We took our bikes and everyone took turns riding around. BJ and Jack went out on the boat and tried to figure it out. It wasn't BJ's favorite but we need more practice. Everyone went out once minus me and dan. I was having a good day and didn't want to risk getting sick. Everyone said it rocked a lot. So i just sat on the beach and talked and took a nap. We all got a little pink but it was nice weather and fun to just hang out.

BJ invited the missionaries over for dinner on halloween. We also have to have someone investigating or new member if we feed them so I figured it would be perfect to have a halloween dinner!!
Can you see my sweet bean dip!? I made a spider web out of olives. We also had blue corn chips to eat it with.

 I also invited my friend Jessica and her hubby because there was a lot of food. They dressed up as motor bike riders and BJ and had our 50's outfits on. We didn't take a picture of us but got all dressed in my 50's dress with pearls and an apron and he had his church clothes with his bow tie and sleeves rolled up.
 I asked mom to come up with names for my meal and when BJ saw the names he said he didn't feel like eating any more! He made me tell everyone what it was so they would be ok eating it because the names might make them not eat! He is so funny!! These are the frankenstine brains... or jalepenos with cream cheese wrapped in bacon. These are the suckers that caused so much problems but are soooo yummy!!!!
Sauteed maggots or Spanish rice.. the guy we invited who is investigating saw this and was all " speaking of maggots I have a story about them!" Jesscia's eyes got really big! I laughed and changed the subject.

Apples or bits of dragon tail. We had bat goo to go with them or carmel!

BJ's witches brew! He wanted to make home made rootbeer but we didn't have time to figure out how so we just bought rootbeer and dry ice. He was very excited for the dry ice and it added a cool effect to the table
These were the mummifed fingers. I tired out a new recipe for chicken enchiladas. They turned out pretty good! We and lizard guts for the sauce. A cilantro chili sauce. All in all it was a very yunmy dinner. I didn't take a picutre of my spider cupcakes and dirt and worms but they were both very yummy!!!

I love having dinner parties. I get to use all my cute serving plates that I got from the wedding. I get to try new foods out. The guy pointed out that I prolly shouldn't try new recipes out on guests. I didn't realize it but every time people come over I always try something new that I've never done before. I think its better to try new stuff with guests because if it doesn't turn out you just say oh well guess we wont do that one again. If you cook one of you favorite meals and then no one likes it, what does that say about your meal?!?! So i'll stick to trying new stuff out on people! =] I also like having dinner parties because BJ does the dishes in our house. I can have fun cleaning the place up and pulling every single dish out to cook or serve with and then BJ will clean it up. He also loves to help with the cooking process. We do have a dishwasher but have never used it. Mostly he washes and i dry and put away. This time I did a lot of washing because his hands were still buring. He was nice enough to do the hard pans that needed scrubbing. By that point i just need to sit down and then a fell asleep.

This was a very fun halloween!!! WE did lots and I felt good through out most of it! I went from single and going to the halloween dance, to married and doing the chili cook off and trunk or treat, to next year having a baby to dress up!!!! I love halloween!

Chilli cook off and Trunk or treat

For halloween this year we went as Cowboys! I found my amazing boots at Savers and we got BJ some boots from cowtown. Yes we know boys don't wear their boots over their jeans but we had to show off his boots too. We wanted to go as Tim the tool man taylor and tool girl but we couldn't find cheap tool belts. So cowboy it was. We both wore them our outfits to work too. We always have the kids dress up and trick or treat to the classrooms. BJ just wears that outfit normally with his jeans over his boots. It was fun to go to work in our "outfits"!

My sister and brother in law Maire and Saloman are in our ward too.

Since it was a chili cook off I wanted to try my hand at chili. I have never made chili before so I just found recipe online. I wanted to make corn bread too. BJ did the cornbread and it was AMAZING!!! We used my cute flower pan. It tasted like corn cake! It was so good!!! The chili was for like 4 people. Our little pan was tiny campared to everyones crockpot. It was a dead give away that we made the smallest portion of chili. It acutally tasted like chili! It wasn't good but I was just excited to particpate in my first chili cook off. I'll find a better recipe next year!

You can't really see it but for the trunk or treat we decorated our trunk. I didn't have any halloween decorations so I borrowed stuff from work. I was all worried that ours was going to be super lame and everyone would have really cool stuff. Growing up our ward always went all out with their trunks so I was sad mine only had a few things. BJ found a cool halloween mix on youtube so we played scary music while we passed out candy. Turns out our car was the coolest because no one else decorated at all!!!! We kind of scared all the kids with our music. They timidly would come up to our car with big eyes and look at all the stuff and kind of just stand there. It was very entertaining. We did better this year and bought 2 big bags of candy but still ran out pretty fast. All in all our first ward halloween party was a sucess and we higly enjoyed ourselves!!!

Friday, November 5, 2010


I DID sign up for my first semester at BYU-Idaho!!!!

I was lucky enough to sign up only 4 days after it opened so I still got the good times! BJ has to wait until the 15th! EEK!!!! I might change mine around to better fit his but I was able to score 3 online classes! I LOVE LOVE LOVE online classes! Hence I'm an online major at ASU! Online is so much better!

Why is it better you ask?
A- You have a due date and you can work on it and do the assignment whenever you want! Test are open for at least 24 hours and you choose when you want to take it!
B- It is always open book! Unless its like a math test then you have to go into the testing center but I have only cool classes and don't ever go to the testing center!!
C- There are ZERO stupied people that you have to deal with! If you have a "group" activity, it mostly means you do your part and email everyone for the rest, or group disscusions are forums and you can pick which ones you read and who to respond too! That by far is the best part online! No stupid person going on and on and on about something. No one interputting the lecture (cuz they are all power points) and not getting all the info you were suppose too! No old people ( no disrepect I mean its great you wanna continue your education... but) that don't understand something and spend half the class trying to figure it out when everyone got it the first 5 mintues! And no dumb stories that happend to them about why it relates!

Mostly I'm just anti social and online means I can do my work the way I want and not have to deal with people. Sure there are complications with the internet or dumb blackboard (the place where the class is online) but usually if something goes down you get like another week to finish!

Yes there are some classes that shouldn't be done online ie MATH! but i'm passed all those kinds of classes so online is amazing!

One class I signed up for is all about Children Literature. It will cover old and new books and all about kid books. I'm very excited for that class. It will be online and it is a pretty hard core class but i'm excited!!!