Thursday, July 25, 2013

Graduation fun!!

 Being 38 weeks pregnant and having family come in who wants to play was pretty tough. I tried my hardest to be up for anything and to keep a happy face on. Most of the time I was ok. I had a week of zero contractions so my energy wasn't completely drained.
 I decided not to walk. It seemed like a waste of money and being uncomfortable for one or two pictures in a cap and gown didn't seem worth it. I told BJ for my gift I wanted to have a REAL spa day with massage, pedicure, hair done, the works. Well we ended up buying a laptop instead. I mentioned it would be nice to get a pedicure so BJ made it happen. I must say getting a pedicure is top 5 favorite things to go. Love the feeling of having nice toes. The lady was awesome and it was well worth sitting and not being able to shift around for an hour.

 My cute sister in law Camille surprised me with a baby shower. They had me convinced it was graduation party for Matt and I. I told BJ we had to decorate for Matt and he said no. I was so worried Matt was going to feel shafted that I did nothing to prep for his party. I had super bad contractions all during church and was completely wiped out by the time everyone was suppose to show up. I put on my happy face and walked inside and saw this. She invited all of our Idaho family to come, my neighbors, and friends in the ward. It was small and sweet. Baby got some cute clothes and one or two items that are nice to have. The food was awesome. She was determined to throw one for me. I felt loved!
 My neighbor is due the same day as me and has 3 boys 5- 18 months. I offered to have the boys come over so she could go to the doctors in peace. Once they were here I realized I wasn't up for it so Mickey Mouse came one and everyone sat and watched. It worked out. Then right before their mom came back our cousins showed up. Liz drove up from Utah to play for a bit. We had 8 kids 5 and under here for a bit. Thank goodness for TV! After the boys left we went in the backyard and played in the sprinklers. We were waiting for grandpa to drive in so we could all go out to eat for graduation.
 Grammy came up a few days before graduation. I really wanted someone to be here to play with Rylee the week I have my NCLEX prep. Hopefully BJ will be out washing windows and Grammy said she would love to spend the week with Rylee. I feel bad there is half a week of zero things to do but Rylee has loved every minute of Grammy time. Its given BJ some well deserved rest too.
 Grandpa flew up just to do the graduation thing. We told Rylee he was coming and maybe he would be willing to ride the horses with her while he was here. She then talked of nothing else but riding the pink horse with grandpa. We tried really hard to make it happen.
 Thankfully grandpa made into town just in time to take one ride before dinner. All of the kids thought it was so fun to ride on the carousal.

 Bruce's talking in the shade while we waited to make our way over to dinner. They are so similar yet so different. I can't wait to see if this little guy will be a bruce III or look more like me. BJ is the exact replica of his dad at his age.
 We let Matt pick where to eat for dinner. He choose JB's. I think I was 10 the last time I ate there. It ended up being a great spot because we had the place pretty much to ourselves. With 6 kids under 6 it got pretty loud.  The food filled our tummy's and it was fun being with everyone.
 I don't know what we would do without Uncle BJ. All the kids LOOOOVE him so much. He spends pretty much every minute entertaining the kids. From playing dolls with the girls to rough housing he takes all of them and lets the rest of us talk. He is so tired at the end of the night from non stop play. The kids love it!
 Matt and I both happened to have blue on at dinner so I thought maybe we should get a picture of us. Don't mind the fact that my shirt is hardly covering my belly and my garment top is all scrunched up because my belly is so large. We both are pretty excited to be done with school!
Matt and his cute family couldn't really play much. Matt had class up until graduation and had lots of graduation events to attend. Since I opted out I was free to play but they were busy up until the last second. 

 Liz and her kids spent the night and we figured it would be fun to take them to our favorite spot, Warm River. It's about an hours drive but so worth it. We packed a lunch and headed up. The river is cold but you get use to it real quick. It is only ankle deep so it is perfect for kids to play. We took our inflatable boat with us and floated down the river. The kids had a blast.

 BJ and grandpa wanted to fish. Grandpa spent his whole time out on the river fighting the river floaters and heat to catch something. BJ only fished for a bit with the kids to see if they could catch one. BJ didn't have much luck but he was floating the river most of the time.
 Right before Liz and the kids left grandpa came back with 2 fish. Everyone was pretty excited about it. Rylee of course loved helping to gut and clean them. Warm river is the best location. We all had lots of fun. We made it back into town in time for the grandparents to meet up with Matt for graduation then we headed home. I found a dresser for the baby clothes and spent the night painting it and organizing all of his clothes. My sister in law Marie sent up bags of clothes for him so he is set for the next year. I was pretty excited to get all of that stuff. She sent up so much that the extra dresser was a need!

Once graduation came a part of me wanted to be there to celebrate one last time but having a few hours at home and laying in my bed was well worth it. I am glad we got to have lots of fun and celebrate with family.