Thursday, December 27, 2012

Decorating gingerbread houses

Our friends the Stinnetts invites us over to make gingerbread houses for FHE. Ive never really done that so I was down for playing.

I don't think we will make it one of our traditions. It was really hard! Everyone called mine the Mexican house because it was all red. I had no idea what I was doing. Rylee started helping until she realized we were using candy to decorate then it turned into her pointing and asking for candy while BJ tried limiting what she could reach.

It was a lot of fun. All the kids hated it because their parents were really into the houses and ignoring them. Doesn't help that rylee was the oldest.

I had my dad buy the rice crispy train for Rylee to decorate. I think Rylee will have more fun with that. Less candy distraction and she isnt a big fan of eating rice crispy treats.  We will see how that one goes.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Best spent $5

Notice the green and white bracelets she is showing off? 
 (she is also really into hats right now)

On Fridays we usually go hang out with BJ while he is working because he sits at a desk and does nothing. We take lunch and sit with him for a few hours. Last week he got in trouble because we were there. He got a new faculty over his department so lots have things are changing. This week we just took him lunch a walked around the MC. The Manwaring Center, MC, is a big building that has the Crossroads or cafeteria, University book store, bowling alley, ballrooms and such. We walked around the store for a bit then we started looking at all the themed Christmas trees they had up. 

The business students each semester have to come up with a buiness and sell their product all semester to see who can make the most money. Today is the last day so everyone had their product on sale. A big thing up here is paracord bracelets. You know the rope stuff they use for parachute? Yeah they use that to make all kinds of stuff. Rylee liked their booth because they had pretty lights. Then she noticed the bracelets. They had a tiny green one which Rylee just had to try on. She walked away with it. The girl laughed and said they were 2 for $5. Rylee came back and tried all of them on but just wanted the green one that fit and a white one that she could slip on and off herself. Normally I say it was fun to try on now put them back. But since they were on  sale and she really liked them I figured I could regift them to someone, so I bought them.

Little did I know I had just spent the best $5 ever!

We went on our way looking at the Christmas Trees and we ran into someone we knew. I stopped to say HI and Rylee came over and showed off her new bracelets. I thought it was cute and we kept walking. We went through where all the college kids eat their meals. Rylee stopped at each table with kids and showed them her bracelets. I just laughed and explained they were new. Each table, guys and girls alike told her they were pretty and we went to the next group of kids. She stopped at every person who was sitting to show them her bracelets. We then met BJ after he got off she proudly showed him. He gave me the stink eye for spending $5 but I told him it was worth it. 

Rylee wanted to show BJ the trees so we walked through the MC again. He laughed when he saw her walk up to a table and stick her wrist out until the person acknowledge her bracelet. Then she went on from there. Some people were studying or eating and didn't notice this little 18 month old standing at their table with her arm out waiting for them to look at her new bracelet. I would try and get her to move on but she would just stand there with her arm out until they felt our presence and told her pretty bracelet. 

I kid you not she showed about 50 people her bracelets. We got the biggest kick out of it.

I don't even care if she never puts them on again that was so much fun for me to watch her going around proudly showing off her bracelets. She never ceases to amaze me by the things she does.

She also fell asleep in like .5 seconds when we got home too.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Shooting the gun

BJ wanted to go shoot the gun so he invited his brother to go out. He talked me into dragging Rylee along. I haven't been the last few time because I wasn't sure how Rylee would do. We had a blast. Camille came out when she found out we were going. We had a lot of fun. Rylee even asked if she could "shoot gun!?" What 18 month old wants to shoot the gun? Looks like it will continue on in our family.

18 month mark

I can't believe my baby is no longer a baby. My visiting teachers came over and one of them is in Primary with me. She walked in and saw Rylee playing on the iPhone and made the comment that she is such a big kid now! It's true. She is a full on toddler now.

  • She loves Aristocats. The only movie she will watch. The only thing on the TV that will keep her attention longer then 3 mintues. She sings the songs, "EVERYBODY...cats" "A riki tiki tiki!" "Raah raah raah boom di aye!" She tells me " groovy mama" loves to say " AMELIA!" (she has a cousin with that name too!) If you haven't seen this movie or if it's been awhile go watch it. I love it because the bad guy is greedy and not mean or evil like some other movies out there. If you are in Arizona you will be watching this movie when we come home for the break. 
  • Rylee pretty much is a talking kid. She used to be super clear in what she is saying but now that she wants to say more then one thing at a time I get lost. It took me 3 days to figure out she was saying Aristocats. I love waking up to her telling me Good morning. Talking with her makes everyday that much better.
  • Things she says daily:
  • "This is yummy!" ( from Aristocats I found out), 
  • "Where Daddy go?"  Or where (put in the blank) go? If you aren't in the room anymore she will ask where you went.
  • "Pretty (everything) She told me on Sunday my dress was pretty, her hair is pretty when we brush her hair, Daddy's clothes are pretty. Lights are pretty. Everything is pretty!
  • "My shoe came off!" Even if it's her sock.
  • Loves cats and dogs!
  • She has a sound for every animal even if it doesn't make a sound ie Skunk- pee whew, Turtle - slllooow. Someone told me to write down every animal she knows but she knows pretty much every animal including a Kola Bear. 
  • Books are still her favorite. Her favorite this week "Oh The Places You'll Go" by Dr. Suess. Or as she says, "Places go!" She loves it. Mostly because its the longest book we have. Some books are just for pointing at the pictures, some she wants read to her.
  •  Always Always wants to go for a walk. No matter how cold or dark it is outside. 
  • Getting used to the snow. Hates wearing gloves or a hat. Loves to go sledding.
  • Starting to hate it when I leave. She now throws a fit when I leave her in nursery or with the babysitter.
  • Loves to color. Anytime I have a pen in my hand she needs one too.
  • She can jump! She can even get her feet off the ground.
  • Loves it when I play with her hair. If I just am trying to get something out of it she will ask Please mommy?! and sit there while I play with it. 
  • Loves to be tickled!
  • I love love love it when she says, "You scare me!" I need to get that on camera.
  • She likes riding her bike around in the house, going down the slide, and now doing her puzzles. 
She loves food. She doesn't eat solid food that requires chewing when a tooth is coming in but other then that she will eat just about anything. She loves the applesauce in the pouches. I buy them by the case. If I'm eating it she will eat it too. She will take a vegetable over junk food 9 times out of 10. People always comment about that. She just really likes peas and broccoli. I had BJ pick us up some doughnuts while he was out one morning. She came into the room saw the bag, opened it up, pulled out a doughnut, just started eating it. Then she took BJ's and wouldn't put it down because it had Chocolate on it. (She loves chocolate!) We needed to take a shower so she brought it with. I couldn't help but laugh and capture it.

 She makes me laugh. We love having her in our family. People are always amazed when they find out that I am in the nursing program and that BJ is in school full time too. I wouldn't have it any other way. She makes every day so much better. She makes me a better person. Without her life just wouldn't be complete!

O Christmas Tree

Rylee was so very excited to put up the Christmas tree. It's tradition to not up it up until Thanksgiving day. I pulled it out of the garage and left it in the house until it was time to put up. Rylee was dying to put it together. Finally the day came and I opened the box. She was over joyed at the sight of it. SO worth the hassle to put up just to watch her. BJ wanted to go cut one down but we didn't have a tree stand and our tree is prelit so I wouldn't have had any lights for the tree. I told him we would go hit the day after Christmas sales this year so next year we can cut one down.

 Our first Christmas together we were engaged and we bought a Christmas tree and put up at BJ's place. We bought glass Christmas ornaments and have had the same tree every year. Last year Rylee broke 2 of them. This year I figured she was old enough that they would be alright. I think we will be hitting up plastic ornaments at the sales. She had soooooooooo much fun putting them on the tree. I couldn't put the hooks on fast enough. I thought we were going to have one spot on the front with all the ornaments but I should have known better. Every time I gave her one she would look at the tree, walk around it, then find a place she thought it should go. We did get a few clusters but she would notice and ask for help to put it up higher. We can't keep her away from the tree. She loves it. I mean LOVES IT!

 Every time we leave the house she says, "Bye Christmas tree!!!" And when we get home it's, " OH, Hi Christmas tree!" At night I have it on and you can see through our blinds and when we pull up it's, "Pretty Christmas tree!!" I love it. I can't help but let her play with the ornaments. BJ scolds her but I let her play until she starts smacking them or tripping on them.

 My mom gave us a Advent felt Christmas tree for Rylee. I tired using that to distract her from the other one. She put them all on. She doesn't get the one for each day thing. She now plays with 2 Christmas trees.

I also found a village at DI to put up. My grandma was the village queen and my mom had a village. That was my favorite thing to set up every year. I also had fun looking at the little houses and the people. When I found a full village I couldn't pass it up.  It even had little trees, light poles, and people! I just need to find "snow".

I love to decorate. My mom is the Master at decorating the house for every season and holiday. Thanks to her I have something for every holiday. She sends me something every time and I'm slowly building my boxes up. Someday my house will be decorated on the inside and out.
 Rylee also loves all the lights. Every time she see lights she points and says, "ohhhhh pretty lights! Bye pretty lights! Daddy pretty lights!!!" She can't get enough of them. My mom gave us a few strands so I have them on a timer to turn on every night. I also put up some garland. Rylee is into coloring so I had her color and then I cut them into snowflakes for my windows.
Christmas music is a ringing and lights are a blinging!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Daddy

BJ turned the big 26. He is such an old man. BJ is so funny about his birthday. Leading up to it he can't wait, after he is sad it's passed, the day of he wants nothing to do with it. He always is sick on his birthday. I told him this year it was a mental thing. We opened presents the night before because Matt and Camille brought him some gifts.
 Rylee loved helping Dad open up the presents! They got him glow sticks and a whoppie cushion. Rylee hated the whoppie cushion. We tried showing her how fun it was but she just cried until we put it away.  
Once she figured out how to crack the glow sticks she had a blast. 

BJ spent the day working on cars and relaxing. It was a nice break and Rylee and I just relaxed and took a sick day. She is cutting teeth and not feeling to hot. We got pizza for lunch and ate it for dinner too.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Halloween 2012

 I wasn't too excited this year for Halloween. Maybe I was just worried about school. I did decorate the outside because it's always fun to come home to cute things. After I put up my stuff the rest of the street finally decorated too. I love living in a family neighborhood. So much better then apartment complexes. BJ and I waited until the store had a TON of pumpkins to choose from. I got Rylee two little ones early on so she wouldn't brother the neighbors decorations. I am very picky about picking the right pumpkin. This year I wanted a BIG BIG one! My husband is was nice enough to dig through about 20 big piles and weigh them for me to get the best one. He just grabbed the first one he saw.
 Rylee had fun coloring her pumpkins but she got over it really fast. I tried showing her different sides but she felt only one sided needed color.
 I can't get over how cute she is!
 I didn't really want to carve pumpkins either. We carved them the Monday right before Halloween because when we wanted to it had snowed and the pumpkins froze. I was dragging my feet actually carving them but in my defense I had competency which is the most stressful event of the semester.
 BJ let Rylee help dig out the guts. She loved it. Really she just liked pulling out the seeds and putting them in the bowl.
 I am glad BJ kept pushing to carve them. It's sort of a big deal at our house to carve pumpkins. 3 years ago BJ asked me to marry him with his pumpkin. I know Rylee is going to get so tired of hearing that story year after year but I love that I get to talk about our engagement each year doing a tradition we both love so much!
 I free handed a Cat. Can you tell?! Rylee looooooooooves cats so I did this for her. She didn't get it though. Oh well its the thought that counts.

 Can you figure out BJ's?
 Yes, my husband is an automotive major and obsessed with cars. He did the gas light and the brights on the dashboard. He free handed his too but his turned out way better!
 Our first Halloween together my sister in law put my nephew Sam in this giraffe costume. I loved it and I have always said my kid would be a giraffe for Halloween. Michele is awesome and saved the costume and brought it up for me to use. I was excited because I wanted to several Halloween things and I that meant Rylee could wear more then one costume.
 The dorms up here did a trick or treat on Tuesday. Rylee loves going for walks every single night. She always wants to walk up peoples stairs so I figured she would love Halloween. I was right. She got the concept down rather quickly. Her little fits knocking on the door just kills me! I love her tiny little hands (which are actually kind of big for her age!). She would knock and wait for the girls to woo and ahh over her. She always got 2 pieces, one the put in the bucket and one she grabbed. She always always went for the smarties. Her favorite! It always made me sad when she looked like she was going for the Snickers then grabbed a dumb sucker or something lol.
 She actually kept the hood on but she was running a fever so I was glad there were only 3 dorm buildings.
 Her next costume that Mama Mia sent up ( my mom) was a lady bug. She was so dang cute in it! Every single person commented on it. I felt bad when there was another little girl in the same costume and people were woo and ahhing over Rylee. What can I say, we made a cute baby.
Can you tell what BJ is?
Yeah our costumes were really lame. It was very last second and I was stressed about school that I just picked something out of our closet and tried to make them work. No one got it. 
We were bug catchers people!! Oh well next year our costumes will rock!
 We went to campus to the Kidde Carnival. Rylee loves pressing the buttons to open the doors.
 It was lame but Rylee got some good stuff. She loves to fish at home so I thought she would be all into this.

 She didn't get why she had to wait and couldn't find the fish. Oh well she got candy so all was well.
 We bought candy and hid it from me so we could pass it out to the kids. After stopping at Matt's we went home and sat outside to pass out candy. Can  you see BJ's pumpkin? Looks cool huh! There weren't many trick or treaters and Rexburg doesn't do truck or treats. So after 5 minutes in between kids Rylee was over it so we went door to door. She got three pieces because she felt she needed one for each hand and everyone always gave her a piece too. We even scored a rubber ducky! She loved going for a walk and getting something out of it. It was fun to see all the neighborhood kids too. Our ward is our block so I guess that's why we don't trunk or treat. Rylee had a blast and I ended up waiting to take my test so I could go around with her. It was worth it. She loved it and we only ended up with a hand full of the good candy and passed the rest out.
Rylee also finally figured out how to eat a sucker. Why I let her have more then one is beyond me. Worst candy ever!!