Monday, January 31, 2011

25 weeks

Well life is pretty much good.

My belly doesn't look much different so no picture this week.

Some days I feel like its tiny and can't possible have a human child growing inside of it, and other days I feel like a cow! It just depends on how she is laying really.

I've concluded that I am carrying really low. There is a girl in my ward that has my exact due date and her belly is cute and round and high. Mine just looks like a fat mans beer belly. =] She is always sitting really low and my belly hangs out of all my shirts. I still fit in all my regular shirts, which I'm not sure is a good thing or not. They just are harder to keep pulled down over the gut then my XL shirts. Pants are not my friends. I have yet to try the gross pants with the huge band that covers half my stomach. All my pants are the low cut 2nd trimester kind. I only have one pair that has the blue band and its not very big. I'm waiting until I can't stand my clothes anymore before I try buying different pants.

This last week people have brought up baby showers. I keep telling people I prolly wont have one. My friend Jessica said she wanted to do a long distance one for me. I told her it wasn't a big deal but we'll see what she ends up doing. I made the mistake of telling a girl in my ward the same thing and now she says she is planning me one. That one I would rather NOT have. I hate trying to be fake and I don't know the girls in my ward and even by the time the baby comes I'd feel bad to have one. They are all poor and shouldn't buy me stuff. They should buy their own babies stuff lol.

BUT all this talk has made me wonder what I really do need and look into buying.

This is my
 " I'm a cool mom and rich so my kid can have the top of the line, don't really have to have " 

A Ju Ju Bee backpack diaper bag!

If you don't know what that is go to this site. Its AMAZING and perfect!!

A green Phil and Ted stroller!

My sister Kim has a red one and I never understood and amazingness of it when I saw it. Then I got pregnant and found out this is by far the best Bang for your Buck! Go here and see how amazing they are. 
A Keyfit car seat. These things I hear hold up to 30lbs which means you can go from this one to a toddler car seat. Most of the cheap car seats only go to 20lbs or so. AND this one snaps on the Phil and Ted Stroller!

A Puj bath tub. It folds so it sits in the sink but then lays flat. My idea of smart!Go here to watch videos to see the coolness

Would love a bike stroller! I just need a bigger house to store it!
This Babybjorn I only want because it's green. I wouldn't buy it because its only a front carrier and not a back carrier too. There are lots better ones out there but this one is stylish!
I'd love this cute bassinet for her!

I am doing cloth diapers but if I could get all the accessories that go with it I'd be one happy girl. 

When people ask what I need or want this is the list that pops into my head. Are any of these going to happen? Yes, the cloth diapers. =] The others only will happen if I happen to find $1600 laying around anywhere. If I could just pop this child out without having to pay for doctor or hospital fees then all this would be in my home right now! 

Here is my list that I will buy at some point. It seems way to early to buy right now...

This is a baby trend jogging stroller. I will have a jogging stroller and not a dumb fake wheel stroller. These are very popular up here. Thats how I found out about them. Once I found out that you can have a jogging stroller that a infants car seat can attach to, I was determined to find one I liked. Its not Phil and Ted but it will work, and not break the bank either. 

The car seat to match. All together is way cheaper then just a Phil and Ted stroller. BJ likes this set better. And its sold at Target. 

A yellow foam pad fits in the sink and is like $5. 

I gotta have a Boppy. Walmart sells a different brand thats a tad cheaper so I'll prolly get one of those. I just don't know what they call it

Thats about as much as I can think of. I don't really know what else she is going to need. I have a certain pacifier that I will get but I couldn't find the picture or remember the name of it. I'm planning to breastfeed so I don't need all those fancy bottles or storage stuff  until she is older. I already have breast milk bottles for her.
I bought her like 15 outfits and some socks. She also already has a bassinet and 2 blankets. I keep checking lists of baby essentials but I guess when it gets closer I'll look more into things she'll need right away. I just don't know for sure yet. 

Saturday, January 29, 2011

food food food

can't break the chain of food posts!

Ever since I moved out on my own I was determined to buy healthy food.

 I refused to buy...
white bread
White pastas

White rice

Its just not healthy and there are lots of better choices out there!

I refused to eat
even though it is yummy cuz its just chemical paste really

I only made a dessert once or twice a month

I only buy....
frozen yogurt not black cherry yuck!

12 grain bread, mostly cuz BJ likes the sunflower seeds in it
Brown rice even though it takes longer to cook
Pasta made with 100% whole wheat

Since I was spending the money on the food I figured why not get the stuff that is a least better for you! I do still buy white flour to bake with. I'm trying to learn how to bake with wheat. I'm still learning.

You wondering why I'm telling you all this???

Currently in my home there is.... white bread, white rice, mint chocolate chip ice cream, cake that I made with cool whip topping and a 24 pack of cup of noodle soup!


I got pregnant thats what happened. 

I Loooooove white bread. But I always said I wouldn't buy it. No way no how. The only way I eat it is when I go to someone elses house. Thankfully BJ's parents always had a loaf so I just eat a slice or two when I went over. I can't help but buy it now! I just have to have it. Right now we have white rolls because I didn't feel like making the rolls. But I have to have white bread during the week. I still eat my 12 grain but I NEED white bread. Brown rice doesn't even sound good to me. I had HAD had to buy white rice. I just make a cup and eat it. I'm over my potatoes but love rice now! I usually don't make dessert to often cuz they are my weakness. I know this so I don't make them. I've made a cake 2 weeks in a row and have had cool whip in my fridge for 2 weeks now. We eat ice cream a lot too. I love ice cream but hardly ever buy it so when we want it we have to go out to get it. We now have a carton in the freezer always now. I still buy my whole wheat pasta. It takes awhile getting used to whole wheat pasta so you can't really switch between the two to easily. I don't really care about pasta so its not a big deal to me. I love my cup of noddles. A- it tastes good, B- its fast, and C- it always makes me feel better.

It drives me nuts that my oh so good buying habits and eating habits at home pretty much are down the toilet. I do still eat a lot of veggies and we have oranges stocked every week. I make a smoothie every once in awhile. For a bit it was twice a day, now its like once or twice a week. I get my fruit and veggies in and I'm taking a sweet sweet prenatal pill. BUT.... i also eat LOTS of crap. I can't help it! I try sooo hard not too but the longer I go without eating it the more I just have to have it. I don't get it. They say cravings are because you are in need of something. Well I need white flour. I need sugar. I just need it all right!!!

 I can't wait to get real food thats good for me and only that food!


Yup another post on food. =]

BJ and I LOVE popcorn. Kind of happen when you grow up with a dad who eats a bowl every night (my dad not his).

We like microwave and air popped.

BJ had an air popper and we used it a ton in phoenix. We bought a big box of microwave kind so have just have been using that.

A couple in our ward moved this week and they were in  need of selling some items. I wanted to help them out ( the guy found out he has leukemia!) and they were selling this beauty

Its a rotating popper that uses oil. Now I know that makes the popcorn not good for you but its dang good!

We tried it out for the first time today. I wish I had recorded it. BJ was sooo excited. I was eating and he put it all together and sat waiting for it to pop. The top flips over and is then used as your bowl. Its pretty awesome.

BJ sat and watched as the handle spun around and around. It started getting all steamy inside then started to pop. BJ was over the moon about watching it.

Under that black thing on top are holes that you put the butter so while its popping it melts down over the popcorn. BJ didn't do this part of it so he was a tad disappointed when it tasted like regular popcorn. We melt some butter and put it on and it was good.

We thought that maybe since its an oil popper that we could make kettle corn easier with this baby. We are trying it out tonight. I hope that works. If it does I'll prolly eat kettle corn every single night! YUM!!!!!!


Yes I realize that most of my post this week have been about food.

When you eat like I do, it becomes a big part of your life.

I have been wanting soup in a bread bowl since the day we arrived in Rexburg.

I finally got it today! Homemadeish style

It's expensive to buy a bread bowl and I never felt like going out just for that.

I have stopped at several places to see if they had them, and they didn't.

Today at the grocery store we were getting our breads (French rolls for meatball subs!!! and regular bread) When I saw a whole section on "FANCY" bread. You know the really yummy bread that you always want to buy but don't cuz its one little loaf for $5! Yeah well it smelled amazing so I checked it out. They had bread bowl loafs that you could get for $.99! I was soooo excited! I had never seen that before! Not that I could buy whenever I wanted!!!! I asked BJ if he wanted to get two of the individual loafs or get a big one and share. He went with a loaf that isn't meant for bread bowls, even though they had some meant just for that purpose. He wanted the 3 cheese kind and I didn't care as long as we bought something. We had left over Bear Creek potato soup too. Thats the BEST potato soup ever! 

I ate the insides while the soup was cooking and saved the top for when we ate. I ate most of it. It was dang good! PLUS it was only $2.99 for a meal for 2! Can't go wrong with that! 

It has officially been added to our dinner list

**I've been trying to build a good dinner list since I acutally make dinner every day now. The 4 that we had got old real fast! We are slowly adding too it though!**

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I have been feeling so grateful these last few months. This pregnancy has been going pretty smoothly. Although it has been rough on me, in comparison I have been really blessed.

I read lots of blogs. Mostly people I know but some that I don't. There are a lot of women in my age range that are struggling with infertility. I'm taking some child development classes and I hear about some of the things that can go wrong or that happen to some poor little babies. I am always aware of my baby girl and with every experience I have I am forever grateful! I've been wanting to post to say how blessed I feel and how wonderful this opportunity is, but I could never find the right way to say it.

For my family class I read a talk given at BYU by Elder Jeffery R. Holland. Its about being chase and the importance of it before marriage. Here are 2 quotes from it.

"But I know of nothing so earth-shatteringly powerful and yet so universally and sunstintingly given to us as the God-given power available in every one of us from our early teen years on to create a human body, that wonder of all wonders, a genetically and spiritually unique being never seen before in the history of the world and never to be duplicated again in all the ages of eternity- a child, your child- with eyes and ears and fingers and toes and a future of unspeakable grandeur."
"We who may not be able to repair a bicycle nor assemble an average jigsaw puzzle -yet with all our weaknesses and imperfections we carry this procreactive power that makes us very much like God in at least one grand and majestic way."

Wow! Thank you for this gift! 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fun in the snow

We are loving it up here! After a week of adjusting to school and the complete different ways they do stuff I'm starting to really like it. The snow isn't bad at all either! We stay inside mostly but its been really nice up here. Nice as in the 20's!

We love the gym here! We just had to buy BJ the shirt and shorts. Like in high school how you match everyone thats how it is here. You have to have on the shirt and shorts they approve before using anything. I rent my clothes because I didn't know how big I'd grow. BJ is loving all the basketball he gets to play. We go and shoot for a bit and someone always pulls him in for a pick up game. I walk the track thats above the courts. The pool is awesome too. We swim then play basketball then swim some more. They even do kayaking there. They provide kayaks and you can paddle all over. We haven't done it but I will some day. BJ is thinking of playing water polo at some point too. 

One bonus about being up here is the time we get to spend together.

BJ didn't get the job that he applied for. After 2 interviews we thought we had it in the bag but it was a no go. Since then we haven't seen any jobs that are open. Thankfully we were able to get grants and loans so we aren't dying but it would have been nice not to have to live off the loans completely. I was going to apply for a job at the elementary school down the road for an after school job but one class went too long to get it. I couldn't change the class so it was a no go for me too. After being sad that we couldn't get jobs I then REJOICED!!! That now means that any time outside of the classroom is spent together! WHICH I AM LOVING!!!! After the first 6 months of being married and only seeing each other on weekends and always always always being super busy this time is perfect. We get lots of us time before the baby comes which makes up for us getting pregnant so quickly.

We are crossing our fingers that BJ's dad will still have a job in Vegas come summer. Matt worked there the summer before his first semester at BYU I and made enough money to cover him in 4 weeks. Now thats what I'm talking about! BJ's dad said if they still had a job that we should go there for the summer to work. BJ would make like $40 and hour! Its sewer bypass so it would be a stinky job but so worth it. We have to wait until after the baby comes to head out there. It also depends on my schooling since it goes from April to July. I'm hoping to only get online courses so I can do it anywhere but we'll see how that goes. If everything falls together we will be in Vegas from mid June or July to the end of August. We will see what happens!

23 weeks/24 weeks

I never got around to taking a picture for my 23rd week. here I am at 24.

6 months Baby!!!!

I can't believe that I am 6 months pregnant. Thats like legit prego! Its amazing how different everyone can look. We met a girl who is due 3 weeks before me and she didn't even look pregnant. She had on a regular jacket and it was zipped up. There I was in full on maternity clothes and there was no buttoning my jacket. I don't mind though cuz my belly measured right on so I'm fine looking thicker then everyone else. Plus I get lots of help these days. The other day I dropped my pen off of my desk like 3 times. After the 2nd time I just sat there thinking about if I really needed it or not when the boy next to me and the teacher both went to grab it for me. And I get the awwwww sounds whenever we go swimming and I float on my back.  I guess there is something cute about a huge belly sticking out of the water =]

Here are the updates I wrote during week 23

~ I'm slowing growing out of my 2 pairs of jeans
~I for sure know when she is awake. No more guess work.
~She is a dancer/wiggle worm all day but mostly during class and at bedtime
~She gets herself in positions that can bring tears to my eyes being so uncomfortable
~Swimming makes my body feel amazing afterwards!!!!! its like my belly deflates or something!
~I worked out a lot this past week. Walked for 45 mins, played full on basketball with BJ, swam for an hour
~BJ and I sat in her room with stuffed animals practicing how to fold cloth diapers.
~ BJ also uses my stomach as a shelf for his phone
~ I would LOVE a phil and ted stroller! but we prolly wont have the money for that. Baby trend seems to be a good choice for a jogging stroller. It still attaches a car seat and we found a black and green one that we liked that has the matching car seat.

Week 24
~ I might of had a melt down after buying some cute cute outfits for her and BJ caring less about them.
~Sleep is starting to not be friends with me and I'm starting to worry that we will never be friends again =/
~ She wiggles all the time. Its mostly during times I need to be focused on something. Its extremely hard to sit in a A&P class and have her dancing. I find myself thinking about her and missing half the lecture! She also is awake when I go pee in the middle of the night making it hard to fall back asleep cuz i'm paying too much attention to her.
~I took a nap 2 times this week. This was bad news because I couldn't fall asleep at night which ended up with me having less sleep. I really hope my energy isn't fading away just yet
~ My felt super super old during my early childhood class. After walking up 3 flights of stairs in jeans, a long sleeve shirt, snow boots and my hair down I sat down waiting for class. I was uncomfortable so I walked around the hall then stood the first 5 minutes of class. We then took a quiz and I was burning up!!! I was sweating from every pore on my body. I asked the girls at my table if they were hot and they said they felt great. I was dying!!! I rolled up my sleeves and pulled my hair up. I was fanning myself with my notebook and my teacher walked by and asked... "Hormones??" I told her I was hot but I felt soooooooo old when she asked me that. I guess I really am pregnant. That is only something you ask a pregnant women!!! Man she made me feel like I was 30 not 22!!

I'm starting to get really excited. There are soooo many baby girls in our ward that makes me really want these next 4 months go to by quickly!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Chili cook off!!

Our ward had a chili cook off and I wanted to be better prepared this time. Last time our chili looked good but it did not taste good. One of the ladies that was in our other ward also worked with BJ so we knew her pretty well. She came in 2nd place at our cook off so BJ called her up and asked if we could use her recipe.

Chicken Chile Verde
3 cups cubed, cooked chicken
1 (28 oz)can Green Chile Enchilada sauce
1 (15-19 oz) can Black Beans, drained and rinsed
11/4 cups Corn, canned or frozen
1 cup chopped Onions
2 Garlic Cloves, minced
1 Tbsp. chopped fresh Cilantro
1. Combine all ingredients in large pot, bring to a boil.
2. Reduce heat; simmer, uncovered for 30 - 40 minutes.
   10 (1cup) servings.

We bought the stuff and tried it out to see if we could win! Making it made the house smell amazing!!!!!!!! I almost didn't want to take it and share. We made our yummy cake cornbread which didn't turn out that great cuz we used a medium grained. BJ and I both tried a different chili but we liked ours the best. We made the people at our table try ours. Half thought it was too spicy (not spicy at all! they are just white white folks!!) the other half liked it so much that they voted for us. Of course we voted for ourselves. We did like one other chili and they ended up coming in 3rd. Guess who came in 2nd?!


How's that for only the second attempt at chili!! I guess we will call this our 2nd place recipe! BJ loved it so I'm sure it will come into our weekly meals at some point. When they were announcing the winners they said that number 2 went to chili number 11. I just sat there looking around and BJ said " HEY thats you!! Stand up! You won!!" I was like oh hey that is me! I told them it had never happend to me before and I got 3 boxes of candy! Good thing I didn't give in and buy those exact candies yesterday! Woo hoo!! Thank you Cinde!!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Inspiration from the Holy Ghost is my favorite! Even more so when it comes to my husband because I benefit from it. The latest greatest Dinner!!!

Wednesdays are my hard days. By the time i get home i'm tired, hot,and starving. Bj said he would make dinner and all i could think of was rice. We didn't have any chicken so we were stumped on what to make. BJ wanted some kind of spanish rice and burritos but we didn't have any spanish rice and we were out of beans. BJ then looked up a spanish rice recipe but we improvised a bit.

Half a green pepper ( we food processed ours to be tiny cuz bj doesn't like green pepper)
Sautee in oil and sprinkle onion powder over peppers (or for you onion lovers cut up fresh onion.. yuck)
Add shredded roast beef from the can ( or brown hamburger meat)
Sprinkle with a dash of chili pepper, pepper, salt, garlic powder ( they said sugar too but we didn't)
Add a cup of cooked rice ( we used white minute rice)
1 1/2 cups of salsa

Mix it all together and warm through. Put in a tortilla with sour cream and cheese and YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was fast, easy, yummy! We loved it. It was perfect and filling!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Best Husband award!

Goes to BJ!

He doesn't have class on Tuesday Thursdays and I have my only early class those days. I woke up 30 mins before I had to leave. While I was getting ready he...
made me a bagel
poured me some juice
laid out my prenatal 
got my socks and shoes out
then went and turned on the car and scraped off all the ice and snow for me (it was like 2 degrees)
Then did all the dishes while I was at school

Yup he gets the award. Even puts up with me when I make him go work out then am super super super cranky the rest of the night because I'm sore and tired. Yeah he even proof read my paper. 
Can I just say I'm one lucky girl!!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

22 weeks

~ every one has heard of the famous" pregnant women eating pickles and ice cream" right?! I always thought it was silly. Well I'm sad to admit I woke up around 1:30 am and couldn't sleep. Around 4:30 I got hungry and thought about some ice cream. I dished myself some and saw the pickle jar and had to have one. I ate a pickle then a bowl of cookies and cream ice cream then another pickle. Afterwards I couldn't believe that just happened! It wasnt gross at all.

~ she is getting stronger. The strangest feeling is her kicking and moving around. Sometimes it feels like there is a big hand in my stomach that is trying to tickle me. I enjoy laying back and feeling her movements. It's still weird but I love it!

~ there are a ton of baby girls in my ward and it makes me so excited to meet my baby girl. I can't wait to put flowers in her hair and put her in cute frilly dresses!

~ my pocket cloth diaper came in the mail. BJ catches me holding it and rubbing my tummy. He caught me sitting in the baby room dazing off while rubbing my tummy. He thinks it's funny when I go off into baby land. He always tries to get my attention in the mornings when I'm listening and feeling the baby.

~ I've had a strong urge to go swimming all week. Idk where it's come from but I'm determined to go swimming this week. Thankfully the school has an in door pool! Thanks for sending your maternity swim suit Kerri!

~ laying down is starting to not be my favorite spot. My hips ache if I lay to long and I can't seem to find the right way to sleep.

~ i found out this week if I wear my glasses for too long I get sick. Its weird how that changed in like a months time.

~ This week also marked the last week of stealing BJ's jackets. I put one on yesterday and I could barely zip it up!! Today I wore another one of his and I couldn't zip it but I could button the buttons. Thankfully I bought  a 2XL jacket so I could grow with it. That one will forever fit.. I think and hope!

~ I'm not one that likes to go pee. It just seems like a waste of time. She does not like when my bladder is full. If I have to pee and don't go right that second she will sit and kick me until I finally go. Its fun to feel her but I'm just waiting for the day when she kicks and it just comes out!

~ I still love potatoes but I'm branching out. I don't have them at every single meal anymore.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

NIght with boys

BJ has been dying to have someone come over to our house since we got here. When we picked Matt up from the airport BJ asked him to come over and see what we had done with the place. Matt being Matt said sure. BJ also has a friend Steve up here who he grew up with. We both told Matt he was more then welcome to come over whenever he wanted. He texted BJ and said we should do dinner on Saturday. BJ was so excited. I told him to invite Steve and think of something yummy to make. He came up with BBQ pulled chicken.
I have never made BBQ pulled chicken before.It turned out to be easy and super yummy!! BJ also said I had to do a fruit and veggie since the boys don't get real meals. I wanted to make my rolls but I didn't have bread flour and the recipe for my bread machine didn't work in my bosch. So we made the boys buy rolls. They were so excited when they got here. We had BBQ pulled chicken, edname, peaches, and tator tots. Steve said it was the best he has eaten since he  has been here. 

Steve saw that we had a nintendo 64 so he wanted to play mario kart. We put it on and I killed all the boys. They couldn't believe it. I won 4 times in a row and then I had to pee. They started the race without me cuz they didn't want me to win. Yeah I still came in 1st!! after six 1st places I told them I sucked at Choco Mountain so we played that and I came in 2nd. Then rainbow road I came in 3rd. They were pleased after that. 
We then played mario party. Before half the game was over I had 195 coins and the only star. One of the mini games was a golf one. The boys all were really far from the hole and on my turn I got a hole in one. They couldn't believe it. I laughed soooo much! It was so funny to see BJ freaking out cuz he sucks and the other boys trying to gang up on me so I'd lose. In the end Steve ended up winning but I did lose all my coins for them and stopped trying to win the mini games.

It was a fun night! I laughed so much. I can't remember the last time I laughed this much without gagging. Its always fun to beat boys at nintendo too! I'm sure this night will happen a lot. BJ loves having them over and they love eating a real meal. I'm more then happy to cook for them in exchange for a fun night =]

Thursday, January 6, 2011

1st day of school

I always love the first day of school. Its always exciting for me. The night before I made BJ get his backpack ready and pick out an outfit. He thought I was being silly. I tried on my clothes while he just laughed at me. I always wake up before the alarm the first day. Its like Christmas morning for me. BJ made bacon and eggs for breakfast. Before we left the house I made him take the first day of school pictures. Isn't he such a cutie! 

Its going to be a huge adjustment for me. Sitting in those chairs kills me. After about an hour I can't sit anymore. Each class I ended up having to stand for awhile. In my lab I'm the only pregnant girl. My teacher said they are going to come up with a name from a body part or nerve or something. My other classes have at least one other pregnant girl but I'm the furthest along (one is like 2 months prego the other is a month or 2 behind me). Its funny to watch the single girls get excited when they find out you're married then when you are pregnant. One girl was suppose to introduce me and say my major, where i'm from, what year I am, and my favorite toy from childhood. She ended up just telling everyone about my and BJ's name and that we were going to have a baby in May. It was pretty funny.

By my last class I was starving. I did end up buying food cuz I ran out of snacks. I was tired too. After dinner BJ and I watched some Friends. I was really tired and sore. I feel like the baby just doesn't have enough room and is trying to stretch out as much as possible. I tried to convince BJ that it was his turn to carry the baby the next day. He said he couldn't and I kept trying to convince him he need to carry her just for one day. He finally said that it was bed time and I needed to go to sleep. I passed out by 8:45. I still think we should take turns carrying this little girl but I felt much better this morning. I still had to come home and take a nap after class today.  Hopefully I adjust quickly. Or I'm just going to be super tired everyday until she gets here.  Oh and I think I'm the only one sweating between classes. It did reach the 30's today though.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tomorrow school starts. I love breaks from school... but I love the start of a new term. I'm interested in how this is going to work out. Usually come march I'm done and want it to be over. This term only goes til April 9th. I might not get burnt out like all the other semesters. But then again the spring term starts April 19th and goes until the end of June. Baby comes middle of May. That term will be the most interesting I think.

My brother in law flew back yesterday so we picked him up at the airport and he walked us around campus showing us where our classes were. It was nice to have our own tour guide and not have to do the big tour with everyone. I was pretty pooped after walking around the entire campus.. and hungry.

The new conference center they just put in was amazing to see. Its the same size as the one in Utah. Its amazing! Plus in the same building they have an indoor track and about 10 full size basketball courts. I was stoked to see the track. Hopefully BJ and I will start a walking routine.

I noticed in everyone room a piano. I asked if we sang in every class and Matt said it depended on the teacher. Say what?! To bad I didn't keep up with my piano skills. Some day I will learn how to play all the hymns. Its on my bucket list. This is going to be a huge change for me. I've been to 5 different schools already and each one has its pro and cons. Most of the buildings look like church buildings inside so its hard to get lost.

The classes I'm taking this term are..
 Human Anatomy &Physiology II -
I have already taken this class but I want to apply to the nursing program
 and it turns out that I got a C in the class so I'm retaking to get a better grade. Plus its good to see 
how they teach it. I also love love love love this course so I'm excited to take it again!

Foundations of Early Childhood
This is basically what I taught while working at Metro Tech. Its pretty much an A in the bag for me. But at
 least I get to go into the preschool and play with the kds. I mean observe them. =]  I don't mind taking
 this course either

Child Development
I took a psy course once but this one should be a tad different. I'm excited for it. I love learning about 
development and this once focuses on children. I took human development last semester so it covered
 the entire life span. This one will stop at adolescence. It should be a pretty easy course

The Family
This is a class about the family based on "the family proclamation". I took a relationship course last 
semester and a parenting course and I did not like how they talked about marriage. It always bothered me.
 I had one professor who was LDS and in her lectures she would try and make it not sound so 
horrible like it did in our readings but only so much could be said in a 23 minute lecture. I look forward to 
seeing how they take the data for marriage and show it in a gospel light. I wasn't really excited for
 this course but it counts toward my major so I'm taking it

Book of Mormon
Last but not least my religion class. Matt says that the religion courses are usually the hardest. Now I wish
 I would have just gone to my institute classes and gotten it over when they were easy. Oh well. BJ and 
I are taking all of out religion courses together so it will be good to have BJ for help
and allow us to study more it in depth. 

Today is our last day of freedom so we aren't leaving our house. BJ might have gotten a job as a data 
processor and I'm looking into going over to the middle school by our place and getting an after school job.
 It might not work with my school schedule but I'm going to try. Heres to yet another school.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

21 weeks

21 weeks

So I try and take a picture in a cute outfit but I was blogging and already in my pjs so this is the best its going to get. One week I'll take a really good belly picture. Don't mind the lump going across my mid belly. Non of my undershirts stay down and I have this lump daily. It drives me nuts!

This is BJ "leaning like a cholo" 
above picture was taken at pizza hut at about 8:30 pm in 5 degree weather. I had made dinner and we ate and cleaned up and were watching our nightly episodes of Bones. I got up  to pee and as I walked into the bathroom I felt the need to order Pizza Hut. We bought a siesta sak and said no going out to eat for at least a month if we buy it. Well I came up with about 20 reasons to get BJ to go while peeing and was able to to convince him we needed it. =] He is such a sport to drive me on such icy scary roads in our pjs to Pizza Hut. Man was it WORTH IT!!!  

~ I no longer have to wear my glasses everyday. I haven't gotten sick in awhile. If I do it doesn't last long
~ I eat and eat and eat and eat.  BJ likes to note how much daily
~ We go through 2 bags of frozen potatoes of all kinds and a 5lb bag of potatoes weekly
~ I'm suddenly in love with smoothies and make one everyday
~I crave diner food. I really wish there was one here!
~ We LOVE the water up here and go through our 2 gallon jug in 2 days 
~ I have been sleeping with a pillow under my belly since about week 16. I'm starting to think I need one for my hips which now ache all the time
~ I cannot lay on my back for very long. Even in a reclined position. I have to be on my side
~ The baby moves a ton! She finally has found my right side and seems not to enjoy it as much as my left
~ From 9-10 pm I feel every move she makes the entire time
~ I have experienced, standing up to do something and not being able to move because of her position and just standing there in a weird pose for at least 3 minutes, many times!
~ My stomach seems to be a different size everyday. When I wake up I sometimes forget I'm pregnant until I'm starving and need to eat within 10 minutes of waking up. 
~ I am not looking forward to sitting at the desk when school starts this week
~ I met a women who was 30 weeks pregnant and I was huge compared to her(she also was 6 somethin)
~ I woke up at 4 am starving and could not fall back asleep until I got up and ate something
~ She still loves her daddy and will always calm down when BJ rubs my stomach
~ When I tease BJ or try to tickle him she always kicks me. I say she is trying to get to him too so I'll hold my stomach to him so we can both attach =]
~My enlarged breasts startle me all the time. I'm not use to them and I'm so glad I didn't have them in my running/soccer/volleyball/basketball days!
~Hopefully within the next week or so I will find a doctor up here and then get in for an appointment

Saving the world

One TRIP  at a time!

I've been saving up my reusable grocery bags for the last year. I have a lot now and once we got up here I figured I'd put them in my trunk and use them. All the plastic bags drive me crazy to try and keep and i never remember to take them back so they can recycle them. We went once and as we were checking out  I remembered. This last time I was only in the produce when I remembered so BJ went out to get them. We didn't use 1 single plastic bag! And we bought a lot! Well I did use 2 bags for my produce but next time I don't plan too. We are saving the world! YAY

I guess you can call this one of my new years resolutions so I'll save a post and tell you the rest

2011 I plan on......
  • Reading the entire Book of Mormon by the time the baby gets here. Thats my way of preparing to become a mother.
  • By December be under my pre pregnancy weight  
  • Use my reusable bags every time I shop
  • Get all A's
  • Apply to to BYU-I nursing program
  • Be an amazing mother and wife
Thats about as realistic as I can get I think. The all A's might be the biggest challenge for me. School  just isn't the same importance to me as it was say 2 years ago.  But there you have it =]