Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wedding updates

I bought my flowers!!! SUPER CUTE !!!

Official colors are......

I also found the dresses all the sisters jessica and brooke and chantel will be wearing!!!

You can have a bow in front or not. I want everyone to have different fabric but in the same color scheme. Oh how cute it will be!!!!!!

Kerri is coming here on the 12th of June! That's 2 weeks before the big day folks!
Now we just gotta get Kim's ticket and it will be smooth sailing from there!!!

I need help finding my shoes people.

I want these! green flats open toe with a bow! the buckle is the bow! How cute huh! Only problem... they are gucci and $500!!! YIKES!!! I know spring is coming and more green stuff will be out.. I just want them now!!!
I'm trying to be patient though

Motor Vehicles + Me =


For some reason cars, or anything with a motor DOES NOT like me! I have no clue why!!! Sadly Roxy seems to not want to work. I have no clue why. My Mr. Fix It tired but so far hasn't fixed it! Ugh! Hopefully we can get it up and running and sale it for as much as I bought it for then I'm am just going to buy a bike and bus pass. I don't see every bus braking down... but with me riding in them they just might! Oh how i look forward to the day when I will be driving a brand new car with no problems. (hey its my dream world =])

Monday, January 18, 2010

Let it begin...

Bruce and I have started school officially! I talked Bruce into taking a class with me. I have always wanted to be in the same class as my boy and of course he said okie!! I changed my major from nursing (takes WAY to long to get into a school!!!) to kinesiology. Basically I want to be a physical therapist. One of my classes I need is pre cal! I stink at math and Bruce needs a math so we are taking an online class. We have homework everyday of the week! Its going to be a super insane class! Bruce already is saying, "What did I get myself into??!!" It should be good. Wed he starts into to accounting and i start my intro to physics. Man is this going to be fun :-/

Just because we like to spend every single minute of our lives doing something... Bruce is going to be in the musical Oliver that his stake is putting on. They are doing a HUGE production and its 4 musicals. lion king, Oliver, wicked/oz, and Les miserables. The Balls family is very musically talented and they all have a part in this musical. Since I'm not so talented in that area I signed up for costumes and stage helping. Michele (Bruce's sister) really wanted to be apart of it but wouldn't have anyone to watch Sam so i volunteered to be the babysitter so she could participate. I think i got the best deal. The musical is the Weekend of my birthday. I know I almost cried but theres not much i can do. All are invited to the musical and that sunday, my 22nd birthday we will have a huge birthday party bash!! Its going to a week of celebrating with mine on sunday micheles on sat and danny's the next sunday =]

all in all this semester is going to be nuts! All the while i am still planning my wedding! isn't life grand?! I LOVE IT! =]


Bre and I are coaching a volleyball team ages 15-18 for the city of peoria. we had our first game on Saturday. We won the first but lost the next 2. Our colors are light blue and black and we are team dynamite! I am having so much fun coaching!!!! Hopefully our girls can pull it together and get some wins this season!!

Bre's shower

Bre's shower was on saturday! I still can't believe she is getting married in less then 2 weeks!!
Mom made her an apron and hot mitts. Her gift was a HUGE hit! everyone loved them! good job mom!!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm going green... or PINK!

Here is my brand new ( well almost new) moped ROXY!!! Isn't she cute?!?!?
MY car died on me so we looked up scooters and this beauty was $600! Only had 50 miles on her, came with a helmet, and a lock! I've gotten her up to 50 mph! I get 100 mpg!
Its a tad scary on the roads but it works for now. Bruce and I love her!