Friday, June 28, 2013

Baby Boy

 34 weeks. He dropped so much then the next day was super high. He can't decide if he wants to stay down or not. It is really funny to watch my belly rise and lower. I really should take pictures each day to see where he is sitting.
This little guy hasn't been in the spot light very much. He kind of just is along for the ride right now. I haven't done anything that I did with Rylee. I feel my pregnancies have been pretty much the same with a few differences. He is less wiggly then Rylee. He is awake all night long where Rylee always was awake during the day. I have had contractions with him and not Rylee. Other then that, same complaints, same pains, same same same.

One thing different is nesting. I remember wanting to have a car seat and stroller for Rylee but I didn't decorate for her or care to have everything in order. I can't help but make sure things are perfect before he gets here. My poor husband. I came home from class and looked at the living room. I started picking eveything up then had him move it all around. The next week I walked into Rylee's room and just started moving things. He came in and moved the bed to where I wanted then we moved onto our room and rearranged it. I had him move the kitchen around and then felt good about the house. 2 weeks after that I had to wash all of his clothes and fold them. Then on Tuesday I was suppose to spend the day studying for a test and the only thing I could think about was the car seat out in the shed, the swing that was in pieces, the stroller parts that were all around the house. I had an hour before I had to take my test and I finally went and grabbed everything and got to work scrubbing away. My wonderful husband didn't even ask he just went to work putting things together. I finally said ok great I can take my test now. He just chuckled. I don't know why I have such nesting cravings but I just have to have it done. I think all I really need for him are a few sleepers but I'm waiting to see what the weather will really be like, a pacifier, and that's it.

I don't know if working in labor has made me have all these crazy labor dreams or what. I have given birth to this little guy multiple times in my dreams. Once the soccer dreams of me being the keep and pregnant ended I started giving birth every other night. Maybe that is why I have this overwhelming thought he wants to come over the 4th of July. I have no idea why I have that feeling. I am going to be so disappointed/ relived when he doesn't come. I guess I will just look forward to an ultrasound that week instead.

I think we finally have a name for him. We still are going back and forth between 3 names. It is just so weird to not have a name for him. We named Rylee the day after we found out it was a girl. I called her Rylee Aden from then on out. I just call this one baby brother.

Rylee doesn't really care about baby brother. She knows he is there and will include him when we remind her but that's the extent of it. My heart melted the other day when I was laying on the couch and baby brother was making my tummy move all over. Rylee rubbed my belly and laughed. I told her baby brother was saying hi. She thought that was so amazing. She had so much fun watching him move all over. She ran and made BJ come see that baby brother was saying "hi rylee!" We just smiled at each other and enjoyed watching her be amazed. I am sure she will love him and adjust just fine.

I'm so ready for school to be over and to just enjoy my babies. I'm ready to be a mom of two and watch Rylee become a big sister. I think I am looking forward to that more then being done with school.


My last NCW (nursing care worksheet) ever. I truly hate those things! 

I was more then excited to start my precetorship because I wanted more time to see if I really did want to be a Labor and Delivery nurse. My first day I did postpartum. I love love love love love love love postpartum. I think my child development background and doing my internship with Parents as Teachers really made my love grow working with moms and their children. That is exactly what postpartum is. I get to make sure they are healthy and I get to teach moms about their babies. Even experienced moms have questions and being there to answer and support them as parents is by far the most rewarding paying job ever.

It was the first time I could walk into a room and not worry about not knowing the answer to questions or wondering what else I could really do. I knew what was going on. I knew the answers to everyone's questions (minus policy questions) and I was confident in my role without my nurse. That has not happened in any other semesters.

I was kind of let down with the hospital at first. It was very old school. Things we learned in school was oh you wont ever do it this way, was the way the hospital had it. It just scared me a bit. More errors are made the old way and you have to be even more careful then careful. My thought about labor and postpartum have changed drastically since this semester. I am even at the point of switching back to an OB from the midwives. When you learn and see what really goes down each day in the world of labor it is scary and sad! Walking out of a room with a healthy mom and baby is such a relief each and every time it happens. Thankfully I didn't experience anything too tramatic and we were able to keep everyone well but there were way too many close calls. I mean super close calls.

I really like labor and delivery but there are so many things we didn't learn. I now understand why hospitals rarely hire inexperienced L&D nurses. I think I would be more comfortable getting on postpartum and getting experience with labor before working full time there. I need to learn and expereince so much more before I think I could be confident enough to be the nurse.

I ended up loving every shift. It was hard on my pregnant body but I wasn't alone. Nurses are mainly women which means lots of pregnant mamas working. You don't get off easy. You are expected to work. So I did. I loved it. I don't think I will be looking for employment at that hospital but I will try my hardest to get onto maternity. That is by far the best nursing job there is. Hands down.  

Warm River

 BJ wanted to get a fishing license for Father's day. Since I had to be at the hospital on Father's day we went camping the weekend before. We went up to Warm River and it is now my all time favorite camp group. We were right on the river. It was super shallow and not too strong. Rylee loves everything about water. We played while BJ fished.

 BJ caught about 4 or 5 total but only kept the 2 biggest. He was dying to show Rylee the fish and really wanted to eat some. I wasn't really into the whole idea but I went along with it. Rylee never ceases to amaze me. I thought she was going to be grossed out or at least sad about killing the fish. NOPE! She was all about hitting them on the head, using her knife to help cut them open, and cleaning them with her daddy. She loves doing anything with her dad. We took them home and I cooked them up and was actually surprised at how tasty they were. The tiny bones were annoying but all three of us gobbled them up in no time.

 She loves to cut anything and everything with knifes!
I love capturing daddy daughter moments. Rylee loves her daddy more then anything. I still get the mom title thankfully but when it comes down to it, her daddy is #1. I am more then happy about that. The more time they spend together the greater their relationship grows. I hope they stay best friends!