Thursday, February 25, 2010

Home Sweet Home

That's right! I will finally have a home of my very own in 3 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bruce and I started looking at apartments and prices and figuring out what we would be paying in rent and where we would want to live. I loved the luxuary apartments. I really wanted a condo or townhouse. I wanted to stay in his family's stake. I wanted to live close to his family. I wanted to live close to work since I still have no car. I wanted a 2 bedroom house. I wanted a washer and dryer. I wanted gas. I wanted room and space and cutness.

Then we looked at prices. YIKES! Living is expensive... at least for everything I wanted. After looking at lots of places and trying to figure out how to budget everything we figured we would wait til it was closer since we couldn't move in yet anyways.

Then one day on our Sunday walk we passed the apartment building his sister and her husband lived in and is 1/4 mile from where I'm at right now. I was like oh, I never even considered that place, lets go look at it!

We struck GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!! This month had a reduced rate from the big (as in 725 sq feet big) one bed one bath apartment at $650 to a price of $399 a month!!!!!!!!!!!! We looked at it and it has a HUGE mirror in the dining room. Pretty nice sized kitchen. TONS of closets and storage on the little patio. A vanity with sink in the bedroom. Walk in closet. washer and dryer room!!!!!!!! Hook ups. and all the other stuff that comes with apartments. We were able to get a 1st floor for my piano! And because i work at a high school i get $20 off a month! Which means we could afford the renting of a washer and dryer! YAY!!!!

March 1st I'll take picture of my amazing apartment!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What 2 year olds think about marriage...

I have a niece named Kaci who is 2 years old. Bruce has a nephew named Sam who is also 2 years old. When I talk to Kaci about me getting married she says, "Krystal marry Bruce, dance with prince!!" When Bruce talks to Sam about him getting married he says, " I wanna get married, then eat food!"

2 year old girl: marriage= dancing with a prince
2 year old boy: marriage= food!

I LOVE IT!!! I think its so cute! All the kids are super excited for our wedding which makes it that much more special. To bad only my niece Lili will kind of remember it =]

Monday, February 1, 2010

Wedding dresses for the baby girls

This is the shirt that i want to be dress for my nieces to wear for the wedding.
they didn't have baby sizes so the youngest would wear this
Then my sister Kim found these and i LOVE them!!! So now we gotta make a cute tutu for all them! plus there will be a brand new baby just born like 3 weeks old in a tutu!


Bruce being the oh so amazing man he is, took me to prescott to play in the snow!

There was soooo much snow up there! I've never seen so much in Prescott before! We went up and forced Garrett to come play and grabbed the sleds!
** take note of bruce's faces**

No he is not in any pain...yet...

He was told we were taking pictures as a "reenactment" since it was to dark to see us going down the hills. Hence his faces pretending to be sledding and me smiling for the camera.

The Snow was PERFECT for snow angels!
I made 2 very good ones and bruce made a very handsome one as well

Thanks Bubba for being dragged along and being our photographer!!!
After sledding i was wiped out (we were there for like an hour lol) so bruce was nice enough to pull me along to the road. Again he really isn't in any pain. Promise....well at least not from pulling me. Our last run together kind of was a big ouchie!! We bumped head the whole way.. his boys got smashed a lot and my arm was tweeked funny. It was still worth it though

Garrett didn't sled but he had to have a cool picture with bruce!!!