Tuesday, August 30, 2011

When it's hot

It got up to 90 here and since we don't have A/C it got pretty warm in our house. We opened the windows and put on the fans. 
Wish we all looked this cute in bloomers and shoe socks! We had friends over so we put her dress back on but it got warmer with more bodies so she rocked this look. I think she pulled it off.

Upstairs was even hotter and we could not sleep even with a fan on. So we camped out in the living room. 

I also found a Johnny Jumper for Rylee! She is always kicking her legs so I thought I'd give her some exercise since she hates tummy time. My bet she is one of those kids who skips crawling and goes right to walking. I'm trying to do better and making sure she does tummy time but it only lasts a few minutes. She gets super super upset and since she never cries I feel bad when she does her real cry when she is on her tummy. We'll keep working on it.

Friday, August 26, 2011


BJ has been everywhere and done everything. Since we live so close to Yellowstone BJ is always talking about it. So we figured it was time to take a trip over there. I wasn't sure what it was going to be like but I knew I would get to camp to I was all for it.
Its only a 2 hour drive from our house and this was our first stop. The fountain paint pot was really cool. It smelled oh so gross and the steam coming off the pools was so hot. It was pretty cool.

Rylee wasn't a fan of the stem but she didn't mind because it meant getting out of her car seat.

This is the mud bubbling up. It looked so cool just boiling mud everywhere. Its one of those things you wanna touch and play in but shouldn't and well can't 

This was my first geyser. It was cool seeing the water just spray out like a whale.

This is the Grand Prismatic Spring. You can't really see it but the middle is bright blue then turns green then yellow then orange. It really is amazing.

Rylee always gets a lot of attention and she is very giving with her smiles. I love it.

I think the colors are amazing. 

This is old faithful.

We got there and Rylee needed to eat so we sat in the car and feed her then wandered over to wait for it to go off. BJ kept saying we needed to find the sign when it goes off. I just said we should sit and wait. There was a big crowd so I figured it hadn't gone off yet. We waited like 5 minutes and it went off. It was fun watching it get taller and taller. I heard someone say "WOW that really was worth a 2 hour wait!" I thought he was kidding until we went inside the visiting center and saw the next time it would go off was 9:58 pm. It goes off about every 93 minutes. I was soooo glad we got there just in time to see it! I also talked BJ into buying Yellowstone T-shirts. 

I learned about how it works in the visiting center. I'm just so amazed how this place works.

Rylee's first camping trip!! 

See how bundled she is! She had four layers on because it was freezing at night and when I finally changed her I saw she had wet through all four layers! The first night I didn't sleep at all.

Isn't she too cute!!! The pants I put on her for the day are my favorite but I guess they are her poop pants because she explodes EVERY TIME I put them on her. Its not fun having poopy pants while camping.

One our way to the next spot there was a hold up. This bison was walking along the road and would switch between the lanes.

This isn't on zoom. We drove right up next to this HUGE guy! I was amazed! First bison I've ever seen.

Rylee wanted some attention since the bison had our she felt left out.

So daddy took pictures of her to make her happy.

We came over the ridge and found this!

All those dark spots..yup its bison. They covered every where!

They were super close to the road and all the way out past the trees. It was very cool to see so many at once!

This is one of the falls 

I've never seen a waterfall this big. It was fun to see so much water cascading down the mountain.

This tree fell in the road minutes before we got here. People were freaking out. See that motorcycle on the left.. he wasn't letting a tree get in his way and just road right over. We sat wondering what was going to happen.

Then this SUV put a tow rope on the tree and pulled it off the road.

BJ kept saying the Rangers were going to be so mad when they saw it on the side of the road but we got through in less than 5 minutes! I'm just glad we weren't driving through when it fell. On family said they drove past and it fell just as they passed it. CRAZY!

This is tower falls. We set up our camp in this area. This is the only thing around this area so we took a nap then got some ice cream and hiked to see the falls.

I loved the waterfalls. so pretty. This spot reminded me of the ride at Disneyland with the train. 

This was our last stop at Mammoth Hot Springs. I was really impressed with it. I wanted to walk up the steps. BJ said he wished it was back in the 1900's so he could go set in the springs.

Oops. Rylee was the life of the party as always. Everyone stopped us to say hi to her. She will smile at anyone which makes them stay longer to get more smiles. My favorite are kids wanted to see her. This one Asian kid kept trying to look around BJ so he could see Rylee. I had her in the carrier and saw him looking around BJ. When I got up to him he walked right to me and said, "Cute baby!" I bent down a bit so he could see her and he had to rub her tummy and touch her feet. His parents came over and tried pulling him away and he couldn't stop pointing at her. I love it!! 

On our way out I got hungry so I pulled off by a lake to eat lunch. BJ took rylee down to see the water while I made the sandwiches. When I walked out I saw them sitting together watching the lake. 

How cute is this!!! I love it!! 

We sat and ate lunch then headed home. It was a great trip. The thing I like was camping with something to do. All the attractions are at least 12-18 miles a part so you have to drive to each thing and stay about 10 minutes then off driving to the next. We did it in 2 1/2 days but it could have been done in 1 1/2. We figured that out as we just hung out at camp the second night. I didn't mind because I just like to camp but it gave us something to do during the day. It was pretty around the lakes. We saw a  lot of animals too. I want to go during the spring and winter too. All I need is a pop up tent or RV because I froze at night and it is summer time! I'm glad I finally got to and see the amazing place that Yellowstone is!! 

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Rylee's first Rodeo happened this weekend. I wish I had boots and an outfit for her! Someday! 

Madison county put on a free rodeo and the first night was a kid rodeo. Kids ages 2-16 competed. The first picture has a calf with $1 bills on it and all kids ages 1-8 come out and chased it down for the money. It was sooooo funny! I had so much fun watching the kids Friday night. My all time favorite was the mutton bustin' which is tiny kids ages 2-6 hold on to sheep for the longest time. They had an 18 month old do it! SOOO cute! 

I got to wear my cowboy boots again! Rodeos mean cowboy attire! I love my belt with buckles and my boots. Rylee now needs some!!

Daddy dressed her the second day. I can't get enough of her in that hat! I love it! She gets so much attention where ever we go! Saturday we went to a car show which had 6 cars and BJ won the drawing for a free shirt!! We watch the 4-H club action and it wouldn't be an Idaho rodeo without a free potato bar!!! They know how to do potatoes! We ate our free lunch while watching the Rancher Rodeo. We ran into one of BJ's old friend and enjoyed the day! 

Friday, August 19, 2011

Small town

I love living in a small town. Right now school is out so there is hardly anyone here. I love in between semester time! We found out that this weekend was the county fair! Everything is free and there is even a rodeo. We love love love Rodeos!!! 
There was even a parade! I love parades. It was super small and only had horses and last all of 5 minutes but it was a parade nonetheless. 
Rylee's first parade!

She loved it because it was outside... her favorite place to be!

The last set of horse men asked if we wanted to pet the horses. I made Bruce go pet it so i could take a picture. I got freaked out though because this horse seemed to like rylee but I didn't want it to touch her!!! Thankfully daddy put his arm between the horse and rylee before it could nuzzle her. Got a cool picture though =]

Blessing day

This is way overdue but we did bless Rylee on the 24th of July. It was a super sweet experience. She had lots of Priesthood support and even though she cried through the whole thing I know she was happy to be surrounded with so many men who will love and be there for her. Thanks for everything who came and supported her!