Friday, October 30, 2009

Wedding dress shopping

I've been dress shopping for awhile.. these ones are from david's bridal. I loved going there because i had to have an appointment and the lady helped and didn't ignore me and i felt like a braid!I love the head band look!!!
I think this dress is SOOOOOOOOOO cute!!! i love it! i am doing the green sash for sure! just not sure about the dresss anymore but i love it! I am doing the birds nest veil with a short dress though
the green dress makes it pop i think
i liked the side brouch thing
This would be my dress if i was going for formal gown.. but i'm not so oh well
marsha and the girls came to help me find a dress!
when i tried this one on i was in LOVE then i saw myself in the picture and hated it!
i love the beads on this one!!!
I'm all about beads but i don't think i'll have anyone on my dress
This was the very first dress i tried on (i know its a backwards post oh well ) IT was $1200 and very fancy.... i loved it, but i want my short dress!!!

I found the perfect dress and its short and not a pencil dress! I have yet to order it and there aren't pictures cuz we werent allowed but i love it! Now i gotta work on my work out schedule... get skinny.. order my dress.. and i'll be done with that!

Halloween Dance

After searching SAS fabric store and talking mom into staying another night.... we FINALLY got our costumes done!

Mom cut out the dress and cape and i sewed them. We are such a great team at figuring out how to make stuff I want.. with her creativeness and my oh so amazing talent at sewing ;-) we always get a great end project. She sew my roommates skirt and i did the logos.
Bruce was practicing being a bat! It was kind of creepy!
Mr and Mr Bruce Wayne and Super Girl with Clark Kent!
We lookend smoken hot!
I think he got the bat thing down
ITs not a trash bag i promise!!! i think they turned out very well!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Week 1 of our engagement!

So pretty much I LOVE having a ring on my finger. Bruce chuckles every time he catches me inspecting it. I love it! We went to the fair on Saturday and some lady cleaned it for me and it was even MORE shinny then it already was! CRAZY!

It seems like each day this week something has hit me that i didn't realize. I'm getting married, which means bruce will be the boy who i live with for the rest of forever! Bruce and I are the ones who have to make choices about living arrangements and schooling and kids. There is SO much that goes along with marriage, which i knew about, i just didn't really think much about it. Being engaged has opened my eyes to a whole new world and i LOVE IT!

Yesterday my radiator got a crack in it. Of course I called upon my MR. fix anything fiance and he walked me through what to do.

That day my power also went out in my apartment. I was a tad stressed and sad(i was suppose to coach soccer this season but with the car being dead i couldn't make it to my coachs meeting) so by the time we went to get my car when Bruce got of work i was already in tears.

My oh so amazing bruce says to me while we are driving to kick up my car, with me complaining and whining about my day, (big smile on his face) "hey honey, guess what?! This is our 1st car problem as an ENGAGED couple!!" (Even bigger smile) I just looked at him and thought, really?!!?!?! and said "yeah the first of many!" I was in a bad mood but i LOVED that he was excited about it. Its not like he hasn't fixed my car before but we are now ENGAGED so it makes it that much better that he's fixing my car! I LOVE HIM!!! He is so cute!

He has grabbed my hand and showed everyone my ring! I gladly show it off but i love that he is just as excited about it.

We've looked at the calender and as of this week we are looking at June 26, 2010 as our wedding date. FYI this could change a 1000000 times before we set it in stone. We prolly wont pick for sure for sure til next spring but just so everyone can keep their calenders open. Yes, we want to go to San Diego to get married but we also don't want to spend lots of money either. so we are just looking and figuring things out. We have plenty of time to plan and i'm not going to stress too much til it gets closer. For now i'm just going to plan and scheme to see if i can get what i want for the price i want!!!

I love Bruce so much! Every time i look at my ring i get so excited! i know he is my other half and i am oh so grateful that we were able to find each other and make each other happy! Yesterday showed me that even though everything could go wrong and i was upset and in tears and stressed and didn't know what to do, i could turn to bruce wrap my arms around him, cry my tears, then he kisses them away and says thats it time to work and try and fix it all. Even though not everything was fixed i was happy cuz he was right there next me and working on everything right along side of me!!!

Kaci (my 2 year old niece) says it the best! "Krystal marry bruce! " Dance prince forever!"

Mr And Mrs. Bruce Wayne Balls Jr.

Bruce came over and we had planned on carving pumpkins. We had a contest to see who could carve the best pumpkin. Bruce surprised me by having my ring inside of his pumpkin!!!! My roommate Stephanie was in on it, and was there to take picture of the whole thing! This picture i just looked up at Steph and was like... oh my goodness my ring is in the pumpkin!!!!! i was so surprised! and soooooooo excited!
He sat me down and asked me to marry him! i said YES of course!
Here is telling me how much he loves me and that i'm he best friend!
I kept kissing him. I wasn't making it easy for him to get stuff out. I think i cut him short on a lot of stuff cuz i just kept kissing him!

He's amazing!!!!My mom gave me her original wedding band which I have been in love with since I was little. When she got another band a few years back I told her to hold on to her band for me. When we went up to prescott this last weekend she gave me her band!!! Its perfect! Bruce and i had shopped around for rings but i couldn't find the right one. Then my mom gave me her band and it was EXACTLY what i wanted!!!!!!!!
This was bruces pumpkin!!! He came up with this idea all by himself! He knows how much i lov carving pumpkins and how much i was looking forward to carving them! He is amazing!
Out the spirit of the night (i knew i was getting my ring at some point.. i just didn't know at what point of the night he was going to do it) i carved LOVE into mine! it turned out soo good!