Friday, November 13, 2009

My man!

ever have those days when you are completely head over heels for your significant other???
That happens to me daily but today, everything i think about somehow turns to him.
This is post is dedicated to my one and only BRUCE!
I LOVE....
1. That no matter what is broken, you some how just know how to fix it by sitting, looking at it, then fixing it!
2. that you are super goofy and don't care what anyone thinks cuz thats you!
3. that everyone in your family loves you and knows you are the go to man!
4. that you always say the glass is half full.... not matter how hard i try to convince you that its half empty!
5. when you text me even though you are super busy or prolly shouldn't be texting =]!!
6. that when you first get home you come right to me and give me a huge hug and kiss me and ask how i am no matter who is around or where we are!!
7. that you will dance with me whenever i want no matter where we are!!
8. that you will let me fart in your face and then kiss me and NOT fart in mine!
9. that you let me cook you dinner every night and will eat whatever is there!
10. when you let me be silly and hyper and go along with all my things i do to try and annoy you!
11. how much knowledge you have of the gospel and are always willing to explain even the primary things to me that i just never really got!
12. how you talk with such tenderness about your mission!
13. going to church every sunday with you!!
14. that you will put your arm around me the whole sacrament meeting!
15. that you will sing the low part of the hymns cuz you know i love listening to you sing deep!
16. that you are my best friend and that i am yours!
17. the fact that i know exactly how you feel about me, i feel that way about you!
18. that you will wipe the gross boogers off my face and not even flinch!
19. how good you are with kids and how much you love them!
20. the fact that you asked me to be your eternal companion!
21. (secretly) that you don't have any friends i have to compete with!
22. that you DON'T watch tv but you will when i want too!
23. that you DON'T watch sports or Sports Center!!! at least when i'm around!
24. how you will let me use randy (his truck) and not ask why i need it!
25. that you love my family as much as i love yours!
26. that those days i just need to cry you let me and just hold me!
27. playing soccer with you and letting me "school you" (even though you are 1000 times better than me)
28. that you wont ever let me beat you in wrestling yet you let me say i pin you more times then you pin me!
29. you bring me flowers and always get the super pretty kind!
30. that you let me steal your scrubs and you don't ask for them back!
31. kissing your oh so amazing lips!
32. your hugs!!!!!!
33. that when i get a hair cut you make me stand and turn so you can see the new cut and sit and admire it and tell me how cute it is even though it turned out bad!!
34. that you ALWAYS know when something is wrong and ask!
35. that you know me better then i know myself some days!!
36. that you know my womenly cycle and in the middle of the month you don't ask "are you on your period?!' cuz you know i'm not.. i'm just being me!
37. sitting on the couch and just talking about whatever comes into our heads!
38. going swimmin with you and hiking!
39. spending time with you!
40. that i get to go through the temple and marry you for all time and all eterenity and that i get to be yours forever and ever and ever and that i get to be the mother of your oh so amazing children and get to keep you as my best friend!
i could go on and on and on but time is running short!
I love you bruce!