Friday, December 31, 2010


You can't see it but the flakes were HUGE!!!!
 This is my snow man. It didn't work using gloves so I used my bare hands. this is as big as I could handle
 I put this right outside our bedroom window. It lasted until the next day snow
 BJ working on his. He was a lot better at making his. I helped roll 2 of them but mine were the 2 small ones
We wake up and first thing when we come into the kitchen is look out the window on the door and see whats going on outside. When we first got up here it snowed at night. Then we woke up one day and it was still snowing!! We were so excited! We ate breakfast and got on our snow stuff. We went out and took the trash out then got our mail. Then we stopped behind our house and played. You can tell we are the new kids on the block. No one else was outside. We had fun though. It snowed for 3 days in the morning and the 3rd day it was the video. The flakes were huge! It was a real snow storm where the others it was just fun falling snow. I'm loving the snow. It kind of hurts your eyes when you go outside but it is always sooo pretty!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Half way there!!!

20 weeks with 20 more to go!!

I've made it to the half way point! WOO HOO!!  I'm loving the 2nd trimester! Its so much nicer to me! I still get my sick days and I'm not 100% me but I can do lots more now. 
~ I eat like crazy! Yesterday I ate from the minute I woke up to the minute I went to sleep. Not just little snacks but meals all day. BJ didn't even eat lunch or dinner.Its funny how days I eat lots he isn't hungry. 
~ I feel her moving lots now. Mostly around 9 pm. She is super active right when I'm getting ready to settle down for the night. Even if I've laid in bed all day she is still awake and moving at night.
~ She favors my left side. She is breeched and I can always feel her little feet kicking me on my lower stomach and her head pushing up by my upper stomach.
~ One night she wanted to try something new and stretched across my stomach from my left side to the right and she laid as high up as she could get. I was sooo uncomfortable. I tried laying on both sides to get to her move. I got up and walked around. I danced around to get her to move. I drank some OJ. This was all around 10 pm and I was ready to go to bed. Finally being so uncomfortable I couldn't sit or stand I made BJ tickle my tummy. For some reason she doesn't like it and it worked! She kicked me LOTS but she moved back to her regular spot. 
~ She makes my stomach look funny 
~ My booty is expanding =[
~ I have a ton of stretch marks on my pretty boob and one on my love handle. 
~ The only thing I've noticed about taking my prenatals is my nails grow fast and are super strong. My hair has seemed to stop its usual fast growth and is thinning rather than thickening. Its also become kind of curly after I take a shower. If I leave it wet and don't comb through it, it will be curly when it dries. This has never happened before. 
~ BJ can always make her kick me. She must know its her daddy because if he wants her to move she will.
~ I have lots more energy now and am in the mood to go on walks and work out.
~ I love love love white bread and potatoes
~ Every time I go to the store I want to buy her something and never do
~ My lower back hurts really bad if I sit in those metal folding chairs.
~ If I sit a certain way my back right where my butt creak is will hurt and BJ has to rub it for me.
~ My tummy catches everything. I've hit my stomach with the car door lots. All my shirts already have at least one stain on the stomach area.
~ I love maternity bottoms and think all pants should go without buttons or zippers
~ I make grunting nosies unknown to me whenever I bend over or lift anything. BJ always comes to aid to ask whats wrong and I never know what he is talking about.
~ If someone talks about a food item more then once around me I have to eat it
~ I only cried 3 times during the whole packing unpacking process
~ During week 19 I woke up every morning at 6 am starving! 
~ I sleep at least 10 hours every night and some days take a nap
~ When we go to the grocery store I always end up eating something we bought at the counter while still paying
~ Starting to get my sweet tooth back but still not a fan of chocolate

A very merry Christmas

 I wanted to get a picture of us with on our first Christmas as a married couple by our tree. Man do we look sad. My tummy is sticking out of my shirt. Our eyes look glazed over. Believe it or not this was the best one out of the 5-7 that we took. Oh well. At least we got one right!

Our Christmas was very fun! On Christmas Eve we went to Idaho Falls. One of our friends from the single wards in phoenix lives there and he invited us to his family gathering. I was all for it. We spent the day doing zero. I woke up not feeling that great and after cleaning and unpacking for 3 days I was ready to just sit. BJ played Super Mario 64 and I watched Say Yes to the Dress and Cake Boss all day. Then we headed down to IF (thats what they call Idaho Falls). Nate, the kid we know, has a very regular family tradition. We just sat there and listened to family stories. Dinner was just finger foods so I was ready to head back home and eat real food. As we were trying to say good bye they said we were not allowed to leave. Santa and paid them a visit and we had to stay. So we stayed while they opened their gifts. They do a secret santa so we just watched. Then nate gave BJ a gift. He got some sweet head phones and some guitar picks. My present was a   glass baking dish and they etched Balls onto the back. It is sweet!!! Now if I take it to church things I don't have to write my name on it. I loved it! The also gave the baby a fleece tied blanket. They were all very nice and generous.

BJ ended up being a Christmas spoiler. I bought him a gift back in Arizona and kept it hidden during the entire packing and unpacking process. I had pulled all my receipts out of my purse and was going to go through them later that day. BJ got to them first and saw what I had gotten him. I told him he was a spoiler even though it wasn't his fault. He then felt like he had to buy me something. He made me go sit down and wait until he could buy something at walmart. I also sewed some flannel pjs bottoms for both of us.

BJ told me not to wake up at 3:00 am. He said it would be better to just sleep in. I of course still woke up at 3:09 am and went to look at the tree. There was our same 3 little gifts from my nephew Sam and then a gift to me from BJ. I then pulled out BJ's gift and put them under the tree and went back to bed. We woke up and opened our gifts. BJ said  I should go first. He wrapped up a king size snickers bar and had a note on it. On the back was a clue that led me to the shower. Hanging in the shower was this beauty!
 I forgot to flip it and its blurry but you get the idea. I've been wanting a warm robe but not wanting to spend money on it. He put this note on it.
=]  I love this note. It was better then the gift I think. He is so cute and so sweet! Always looking out for his girls! I love that man! We took turns opening gifts then I set to work making a big breakfast. 

I made waffles and bacon then at the last second I throw some tator sticks in the oven because we didn't have any hash browns. A meal without potatoes doesn't happen either. I'm just a tad addicted to them right now. After we cleaned up breakfast we hung out and watched some Bones. We are both very into that show right now. We waited for it to get warmer then we went and played in the snow. I made BJ put on 2 pairs of pants thick socks and a thermal shirt with his down jacket. He said I was going overboard and said it wasn't that cold. He didn't take a hat but I had my ear muffs on. We went into town (a mile away) and played at Poter park. Its a huge park with trees and play stuff then open fields. We got there and walked through the snow to get to the benches and BJ was already complaining that it was cold. I just laughed. 

We took our marshmallow guns and played for maybe 5 minutes. We ran around the trees shooting each other. BJ kept sucking them back into his mouth. He made so many funny noises that we spent half that time laughing and not playing.That was the most running around I've done since I've gotten pregnant. Usually if I do to much I start to gag but I think she was enjoying it. When we were done she was kicking away at me. She wanted in on the action too!! By that time BJ's ears face and hands were cold so we called it quits. We couldn't wear our snow gloves and put the marshmallows in the guns so it got cold fast. We walked out into the open field where there were some abanded snowmen and we thought we would finish them. The snow was to icy and wouldn't stick together. So we just ate some then headed back to the car. 

We bought a 7lb ham for Christmas dinner. That was the smallest one they had. I love honey ham and was excited to make my first holiday dinner. We needed whip cream for our cheese cake and ran to walmart to find it closed. Who know!? Thankfully  walgreens was open so we grabbed some reddiwhip and headed home. BJ played some more video games while I started the rolls.
Look at these monsters!!! I used my bread maker to make the dough then rolled them and they had to raise for an hour and turned out to be huge!!! They worked out though because they were super tasty and it gave me yummy white bread to eat my ham sandwiches on. I refuse to buy white bread but I love it right now. I've always loved it but right now if its anywhere in the house I will eat half the loaf in one sitting. I wont touch the wheat bread unless I really need bread. Its weird. 

After I made the rolls I set the ham to cook then started on the cheesecake. I also made mashed potatoes. We had peas and cooked carrots for our veggie. The meal was amazing!!! The ham was perfect! It took like 3 hours to cook everything and the kitchen was a mess afterwards but so worth it. I loved it! I had so much fun making the meal and BJ didn't help once. He did end up doing the dishes but I still loved feeling like the mom making all the food. 

After we ate we watched some more Bones then went to bed. My brother in law John bet me that I would cry. I guess Liz, Bj's sister, bawled her eyes out their first Christmas because they lived in utah and nothing was the same. He said that I was going to do the same thing and with being pregnant  I was going to cry all day long. We bet hot coco on it. I told him that I was super excited to just spend the day with my husband and not have any stress with what families house we are suppose to be at or where we need to be or doing everything that is everybodys tradition were that I didn't care for. He still was sure that I was going to get sad because it just wouldn't feel like Christmas or BJ would do something that wasn't right and I would get upset. 

This ended up being one of my most favorite Christmases. As an adult anyways. Last year BJ and I did both family traditions and saw how each of our families celebrate that day. With everyone being older its just not the same as when we were kids. So we were looking forward to just spending the day alone and doing exactly what we wanted. We loved it! Not one tear was shed. I locked myself in the bedroom on Christmas eve finishing one set of the pjs and BJ thought I was making a cute stocking for us. Since I'm set on stocking being something cute that my mom makes and not the socks you hang up for decorations he figured that was what I was doing. Before we got out of bed to open our gifts he asked if I made him a stocking. I sadly sad no. I didn't have time to do the stocking and I didn't think I would be able to not eat all the food I would have put in it so I just didn't do it. He said, " thats ok we are the parents now we don't get stockings." I thought about it and realized mom never did a stocking for her and dad. She would get him M&M's but nothing like our stockings. That made me feel better that I didn't do it this year. I'm the mom now and that means no more stockings for me or BJ. Next year wont have any either since all the baby will be eating is breast milk and maybe some solids but thats ok. Once she is old enough to have foods the cute stocking will get made.

All in all we loved our relaxing Christmas together. I think we might come home for the Thanksgiving season next year but I really enjoy our Christmas so we might do what BJ's sister does and visit after the holiday. Who knows. I just know that I love being the grown up and am excited to have a baby next year to play with!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

the 18th we

This was me at 18 weeks. I look HUGE huh!? I also look like crap because this was taken after my nap.
BJ at the 18 week mark. Dont worry he is sticking it out. But his baby is growing!

The first thing I wanted to do after I found out what we were having was to go buy an outfit. When we went to the doctors office the nurse came and got me and I asked if we were going to the ultra sound first or after. She was confused and asked if I was suppose to have one today!? She then made me wait forever as she tried to figure out what I was talking about. I guess they didn't have a ultrasound tech in and I wasn't scheduled for one. I was starting to get mad. I made the appointment and said I needed a time so I could have the tech to do my ultra sound. Plus they made me cancel my November appointment so I didn't get to do the cool listening to the heart beat one. I told them I was here for an ultra sound so please figure something out. After waiting FOREVER they asked one of the other doctors to do it for me. Apparently I was super lucky because on top of his 4 year residency he did 3 more years for just ultrasounds. So he is the go to guy to figure everything out. While we were waiting I told BJ, "If they don't let me get an ultra sound, I will cry!" Thankfully we were able to get one. My parents and Garrett were in town so they were able to be there. The doctor was really fast and moved pretty quick but he told us everything he was looking at. He kept saying everything was good. He was so reassuring it made me happy. He said everything was great and everything looked just fine. He even explained that she was breeched so if I felt pain in my lower stomach it was ok because she was just kicking me down there. I felt much better after that. I was kind of concerned about it. He also showed me that her head is up on my left hand side by my ribs. She favors that spot and I was always feel her head pushing out. He showed us the cute little face. I got to see the top lip and he explained that they check the lips to make sure its not clefted. Then he asked who has big ears? We all pointed to BJ and then he showed us the ear and said its pretty big to already see it so well. Poor thing! BJ and Garrett kept saying oh that means its a boy or oh that means its a girl. The doctor kept shaking his head and saying we haven't even looked yet! Mom kept saying oh be quiet I want to hear that everything is ok. I was amazed watching the screen. That was a baby. MY BABY! He then stopped and said can you see those 3 lines? Do you know what that means? I said yup its a girl!!!!! I looked at BJ and he just shrugged his shoulders and Dad  just smiled and nodded his head. I was kind of like ok i knew it, stink! I was a tad disappointed. It took me the rest of the day to get really really excited for a girl. I was so set on a boy but I was hugely relieved to hear it was girl. I know how to raise a little girl!!!!!  After he showed us it was a girl she started moving like crazy! We sat for a minute watching he wiggle all over the screen. She was moving to much for him to measure anything. It was fun to watch her be so active.Dad commented that he was mad that we were looking. Mom said she was just like me because I used to get upset when she would let people see my panties. =] He gave us pictures but there weren't any really cute ones. I just wanted to go buy her an outfit to make it real. We all went out to eat then dad took me to the mall and bought her 2 cute outfits.
I think this is so cute! daisy green and a little dress with a jacket!
This one is also one of my favorites!!!  The other ones my visiting teacher who works with BJ and is the bishops wife bought us outfits and booties. They are tooo cute!

 Now that I know its a little girl she seems sooo much more real. Its nice to call her a SHE and talk about her as being a real person. BJ was kind of in shock for awhile and didn't really comment about her til we got up to  rexburg. We were super super busy  that it was the last thing on his mind but it was the main thing on mine. I'm soooooo thankful my parents came down. MOM packed up my entire apartment for me. It would have never gotten done if i had to keep doing it by myself. Then after I found it was a girl all my thoughts were on her and i couldn't really focus. BJ said he was doomed to have all girls now. He said after 3 in a row we were stopping. =] I guess we will see what happens. More kids isn't on my mind right now. i just want her to get here already!

Good thing for looooong car rides. I asked BJReilly and i said no! He said really I kind of like it. So he put it on the list. we then had a list of 5-6 names i really liked and BJ started putting some together. They were cute names but non really stood out. I liked the name aden but not as a first name. We knew a Eden but i didn't like that name. finally BJ came up with

Rylee Aden Balls

What do you think?? I like Rylee spelled that way and I think it has a great ring to it!!! So far thats the only name we have come up with. To be honest we haven't really tried to think of any others. We both really like it. We both already refer to her as Rylee. I'm guessing this will be her name but we still have4- 5 more months to be sure.  

Video of the new place

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The new pad

 Our kitchen. Not as many cabinets but I love this lay out so much more and they are pretty!! I also like that the microwave is above the stove and not on the counter! You also walk in the door right to the kitchen so we don't have worry about getting the carpet wet with our snow boots.

This is our wide open living room. I like that its spacious and I like the carpet.

This is our closet behind the front door. I like having it there to put our jackets and boots in. Its pretty big too
 This is our bathroom. Its way bigger then what I was expecting!! The bath tub is a tad smaller than our other one but the water stays the same temp the whole shower so BJ was happy!! We don't have a medicine cabinet but we have 3 drawers and a cabinet so its works.
 Our washer and dryer are super tiny but I'm still happy with them!!! We went to the laundry mat to wash all our blankets and it was zero fun! It might take a bit longer to do loads but I'm more then ok with that!
 This is the master bedroom. Its a lot bigger but you can't get the whole thing in the picture. It looks more like baby room.
I was happy with the closet! Its not nearly as big as the one in AZ but we have a lot storage. We were able to fit all of our winter and summer clothes in our closet and the baby closet has all our storage and crafts stuff.

This is the closet up front. Just to show you how big it was!

BJ wants me to use my bloggie and take a video of the place so show what we have done with it. I might get around to doing it soon and I'll post it.

So far we love it! I'll post more soon. Its dinner time and I'm hungry!

Monday, December 13, 2010


Will it be a



We find out tomorrow which one of these pictures will represent our baby! I couldn't be more excited for 11 am to get here!!! I keep telling BJ he is going to get the biggest shock of his life tomorrow. We will see what happens! Since today is my last day at work and we are going to be frantically packing the rest of this week to leave Thursday morning, I'm not sure when I'll get to post. I will post on facebook though and text those who I have their numbers... or email... or call! If you only read my blog, sorry it might not be until next week that I post. We shall see! =]

Thursday, December 9, 2010

the non missionary me

I was reading my Sisters, sister in laws, blog about her adventures as a missionary. I couldn't help but think about my life and where I am right now. I read her post about getting the call in the mall and I couldn't help but wonder what life would have been like if I had got my call like I had planned. I was so set on going on a mission. But I was so set to find a reason not to go. I was one foot in and one foot out. That was a super hard time for me. I was in a transition phase of my life. I wanted to have faith in the Lord and do what He would have me do and be willing to give up my plans to follow Him. It was hard for me and I didn't want to, but I was determined to try. I never really understood that time until just now.

As I sit here thinking back I realized that I did what I've been taught me whole life without even realizing it. Try! Try your hardest! Do things that are hard and have faith. I had just started dating BJ. I knew on our first night of talking into the wee hours of the morning that we were going to spend the rest of forever together. Its one of the moments that I look back on, and know we both knew at the exact same moment that our lives would include each other for the rest of forever. Granted it took a whole year and 2 months for that to happen, but it did. I also had been working on filling out my papers to serve a mission. BJ knew this and supported me 1000% from the start. He never once told me not to go.

We had decided to get married and told everyone, then we both realized it just wasn't time for that yet. That part was hard for me and I figured that just meant I really was going to serve a mission. So I set to work on the mission. I tired to do what my bishop couselled me to do. I've never studied the scriptures more then at that time. I felt the closet to the Lord during it all! I kept having this feeling that I didn't have to serve a mission. I thought at the time, it was just me trying to get out of it so I would push it away because I for sure thought I just needed to do this. Everyone I talked to told me the same thing. "You know you don't have to serve a mission... you're a girl!" Yes I knew I was girl and they don't have to serve but I felt I just needed too. Now I realized that I needed to work on becoming closer to the Lord and see that even though things are super hard, as long as I have faith things will work out. Times suck but in the end you will be happy.

My bishop didn't approve of BJ but I think he just was set on sending people on missions and he saw BJ as a threat for me not to go. I remember being super nervous as I sat waiting to talk to the stake president. This was it. I talked to him and my papers would be here in 2 weeks. I was still fighting the urge that I wanted to go/didn't want to go. But I knew I wanted to do the right thing and even though it was going to be super hard I was going to do it and not give up! I'm pretty sure that the lesson Heavenly Father wanted me to learn. I get that now.  I didn't before.

I need to fight to do the right thing and not give up. Things in life are going to be hard, but it will all be worth it in the end. If you are willing to endure and go through things even though you know there is a simple easier alternative, then you will be blessed and extremely happy in the end. Thats what this life is all about. Not going on a mission but fighting tooth and nail to go just so I could serve the Lord, I was blessed with  an amazing husband to be with for eternity and a baby to join us next year!! Yes, our engagement was hard but we learned lots about each other that has blessed our marriage 10 fold! Our engagement made us strong and showed us that no matter what we will fight to be together and never give up.

I think reading hayley's blog was exactly what I needed. Its going to be super hard to move to Idaho. BJ and I were talking about things to get rid of and I got really depressed. I've been blessed to have 2 good incomes these last 6 months. I had an apartment that I lLOVE (minus nasty bugs) and nice things to my name. My apartment looked like a real apartment. And now I have to give it all up to go back to the college life and have an ugly old lady couch and back to cooking boring meals that make the money stretch and not be able to spend any money. So many things that I was finally enjoying and I'm giving up to go back to the poor college life. BJ couldn't be more excited about it. He also has never had a real college experience. He knows what its like to be poor. He did spend his whole mission taking freezing cold showers or getting zapped by the plug in heater on top of the water to make it warmer. He knows but yet he doesn't. I know. I've been there.

After thinking back to the time I was going to serve a mission, I realized that yes, this is going to be hard. I want to go, yet I don't want to go. I know that its going to be very very different then when I was at EA. I know that BJ will make it so much better and yet I know its going to be as bad as it is in my head. But as long as I endure I know we will be ok. Heck if I can make it into the nursing program come fall I'll be able to get my RN in a year and a half and make money while BJ finishes his schooling. (cross your fingers!!) I'm excited to look back on our BYU-I experience and see all the things we will learn. It will be hard but I also know it will be worth it.

side bar--- I didn't end up going on a mission because I wasn't suppose too. That little nagging feeling of "I don't have to go" wasn't just me trying to get out of it. Heavenly Father just knew I needed the experience to learn valuable lessons but never expected me to serve. As I sat talking to the Stake president we went over everything and he knew my feelings. He said he would make me another appointment where we would both sign the papers and send them in. As we were closing he stopped and looked at me and said " You know you don't have to go." Thats when I knew I really didn't have to and it was enough that I tried and was willing.(thank goodness!!! ) =]

Day 2

My blog name is got balls?


Well one day BJ and I were sitting there thinking about what we should do for our families for christmas back in like August mind you. I always try to think of stuff I can make because BJ has A TON of family members and its mandatory  fun to get everyone something. Last year I had the hardest time doing something for them. The only time his family is ever rude out loud is when they get a gift they don't like. I'm only NOT rude when I get gifts. I fit so well in this family.... anyways... We were trying to figure something out when I said we should make shirts for everyone. I know my family likes is used to matching shirts so I figured at least one half will enjoy it. We couldn't figure out what to put on the shirts. I can't remember the leading up to it but we thought about GOT BALLS? and I thought it was hilarious!!! I then figured dang, we can't give that to his family because they would be super offended by it but my family would get it! So I went online and there were tons of stuff with GOT BALLS? on it already. I thought it was pretty much the coolest thing ever. So I found the logo and posted it as my blog name. I pretty much love my last name. So many good joke, so many funny responses, so many good names. I love it. Plus you can take it like are you man enough? haha So many ways to read it! And there you have it!

Side bar-- No family you will not be getting Got Balls? t-shirts because I forgot about that until just now. But do look in the mail this up coming week. I figured out what to do for BJ's family since I was pressured willing to give gifts and after making theirs I thought my family should get them too because i really was willing to give them gifts if the other half got them.  =]

Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 1

I just posted the most recent picture of me so I'll just post 15 facts about me

1. I really have the greatest job ever and I'm so ready to be done. I'm counting the days down until I leave but I know I'll never find this job again!

2. I'm addicted to my new recliner. My husband knows I will be there when he gets home and I have eaten my dinner sitting there several times already.

3. If there is any down time or something I have to wait for my phone will be in my hands. Also if I have to be in a new sitsutaion or meet someone new I will make sure I'm more interested in my phone. Its made my anti social life so much easier!

4. I'm super looking forward to making friends in Idaho yet super scared I wont make any and then scared that my self-eetesm i've worked so hard on is going to drop again.

5. Can not wait to move to Idaho. Mainly so one family wont dominate our time. And I love new adventures. Change makes me happy!!!!

6. Already bought a boy outfit. I couldn't help but buy a batman onies! I'm giving it to BJ for christmas. Shh don't tell him! (If its a girl she will just have to deal with wearing it and being called a boy!)

7. I want to buy all the expensive baby things even though I know I shouldn't. I feel like I should buy them and have super nice things for future kids. I also know it wont happen and it makes just a tad sad.

8. I am retaking a course so I can apply to the Nursing program in the fall. I really really really want to do something with my degree and RN is my dream and I want to at least try!

9. I also secertly don't think I'm smart enough or will be able to handle being a nurse for reals.

10. I miss my sisters and bro very much and wish we could all live in the same city some day!

11. I'm not nervous or scared at all about being a mother or about giving birth. That makes me worried!

12. I'm obessed with my husband. He is my number 1 and I don't ever want to fall asleep without him in my bed!

13. I have a hard time letting anyone think I can't do something physical. I volunteer for the "I need some boys to help me move (insert something heavy or large)". I always will get things off the high shelves for people. If I'm at the gym I secertly race the person next to me and almost always win. I can't come in last in a race. I hide if i'm tired unless everyone is, but i'm still not as tired at them...

14. number 13 has made pregnant me very stressed out and feel like the worlds biggest pansy! I have to have my husband there so he will take over so it makes me feel like he just wants to do it and not that i can't do it.

15. I'm pretty much loving my life and all the twist in turns that are happening. I love love love getting older!!!

30 day challenge

Day 1-Recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

Day 2-The meaning behind your Blog name

Day 3-A picture of you and your friends

Day 4-A habit that you wish you didn't have

Day 5-A picture of somewhere you've been

Day 6-Favorite super hero and why

Day 7-A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you

Day 8-Short term goals for this month and when you'll accomplish them

Day 9-Something you're proud of in the past few days

Day 10-Songs you listen to when you're bored, happy, sad, mad, hyped

Day 11-Another picture of you and your friends

Day 12-How you found out about blogger and why you have one

Day 13-A letter to someone who has hurt you recently

Day 14-'A picture of you and your family

Day 15-Put your ipod or shuffle on-first 10 songs that play

Day 16-Another picture of yourself

Day 17-Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why

Day 18-Plans/dreams/goals you have

Day 19-Nicknames you have and why you have them

Day 20-Someone you see yourself marrying or being with in the future

Day 21-A picture of something that makes you happy

Day 22-What makes you different from everyone else

Day 23-Something you crave for a lot

Day 24-A letter to your parents

Day 25-What I would find in your bag

Day 26-What do you think about your friends

Day 27-Why you are doing this 30 day challenge

Day 28-A picture of you from last year and now-how have you changed?

Day 29-In this past month, what have you learned?

Day 30-Your favorite song

Almost every blog I have come across seems to be doing this. I never do these things but now i want too. Idk if i'll be able to post every day but I'll do all 30. =]

17 weeks

Me at 17 weeks
(I promise I was in a good mood i just didn't know when he was going to take the picture!)

BJ didn't feel the need to take a picture this week. His baby isn't growing as fast I guess. =]

BIG THANKS to my sister KERRI!!!

She sent me all her maternity clothes and I'm sad to say I wore them all last week. I was sad about it then I read this blog post and I felt better about it.

BJ and I went to the stake center to watch the First Presidency's Christmas Devotional. My sister Kerri loved going it every year and I was only excited to go because she was. This year I asked BJ if he wanted to go and he said it was up to me. Thanks to Kerri I just had to go so we made dinner and headed over. BJ and I sat down and ate our candy canes while we listened. (I've gone through 3 packs of candy canes since december 1st! I love them!!!) I love the first presidency. The three of them are my all time favorite speakers to listen too. The music was beautiful and I could enjoy it because the baby didn't get excited since there wasn't an organ playing.

During president Monsons talk I was uncomfortable so I sat at the front of the bench and leaned back onto BJ. I love when BJ rubs my tummy. It just feels so much better then when I do it. The baby loves it too. It always take away my sick feeling when he does it ( I say it makes the baby fall asleep). Through out the talk he was rubbing my tummy then he started to scratch it kind of. It felt really good but as soon as he started to do it I got really sick( I think the baby woke up). He asked if it felt funny. I almost told him to stop because I was getting really sick but it felt really good! I let him keep going and

I felt the baby kick!!!!!

I guess the baby woke up and did not like how dad was rubbing my tummy and got mad enough to kick him! haha it was the coolest thing ever!!!! I felt a kick  by my belly button to the right. I got all excited and told BJ the baby didn't like it and I felt him kick! BJ kept scratch my tummy and would stop to see if he could feel it. It felt like the baby was in a balloon and was kicking the inside of it. I told him he prolly wouldn't be able to feel it but he kept trying. I then felt another kick higher up. I was so excited I kind of missed the end of president Monsons talk (sorry to all the people around us who prolly didn't hear much of the end either oops!). I also was really sick and ready for the baby to fall back asleep!
It was the coolest experience ever! I can't wait to feel him move around more!! And next Tuesday we find out if we can continue calling him a him or if she is a she! =]

Old car to New car

We sold our Honda!

I had posted it on craigslist last monday and we didn't get one call on it! We couldn't believe it!( it was then pointed out that i put the number on wrong oops!) Then one of the guys in our ward asked us about it and said he might buy if he could get the money for it. We were hopeful and even dropped the price to $2500 for him. We were hoping to get $3500 since thats how much we spent on the other car. He hadn't said anything to us all week and we needed to sell it quick! Then another guy from our ward asked if we had sold it and if not he wanted it. We had him come look at it the next day and he bought it! He got it for his 2 teenagers and they asked if it had a CD player in it. BJ had a CD player, amp, and subwoofer box that I made him keep but we never installed it. They said they would give us $3000 for it if BJ put it all in.

 So BJ went to work. He is amazing when it comes to car stuff. He had that stuff in his truck like 3-4 years ago. We had to buy a new woofer and all the wiring but he put it all in. It took him about 10 hours to finish it all up. He started a little after 1. I went over around 6 and helped him. We got home around 10 then he realized he forgot to wire one thing and had to go out and take it apart again. I had fallen asleep by the time he was done.
Its a good thing he is tiny and super flexible. He sat in the trunk no problem wiring up the amp and woofer. I just laughed and would get his tools that he needed. He is pretty much amazing!

Here's the new ride!!!!

We think we  got an amazing deal! Its a 2001 Isuzu Rodeo. It has 115000 miles on it and 4 wheel drive. Power lock and windows leather seats 6 CD changer and sun roof. It came with a tow package but we think its for different car so we are going get a different one. My car seat covers and wheel cover match the inside so we put them on. It rides super smooth! This is my 3rd gold car. I'm not sure why my last 3 have been gold but they all were great cars! I'm excited for the 4 doors!! It was a pretty sweet deal! The only down side i've noticed is the hood is sun worn and minor hail damage. The back window doesn't stand up on it own but thats fixable. BJ calls it the "beaner mobile". It has big tires on it and they kit farther out and sits really low. For those size tires it should prolly have a lift kit on it. BJ tried to convience me that we need a lift kit but I'm ok with looking a tad goofy.  All in all we got our money back and its a great car!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cloth Diapers!

They don't do safety pins any more. now its these

They are like the things you put to hold your ace bandage.
So my sister Kerri said she wanted to look into doing cloth diapers. When she first said that I was all hmmm hello are we in the 1800's?! I didn't get it. Then as I thought about it I wondered what the big thing with cloth diapers was. One of my sister in laws has a day care and a little girl wears cloth diapers. So during one of my many blogs search I found a mommy website that gave the 411 on cloth diapers.

After reading through it I thought, Hey I could do that! Its not any worse then dealing with dispoable diapers. Most peope say they are gross but how many moms still have daily blow outs and poop is very much apart of their lives. AND you still have to wipe them right?! Whats the difference? You wash the diaper instead of throwing it away. The 'all in ones' seem to be the best or at least the easiest but then again pre folds seem a tad more work but also seem to work just as well. They tend to be cheaper too. Then comes in all the brands.
  • Bummies
  • FuzziBuns
  • Happy Heniys
  • Kissaluvs
  • Thristies
  • rumparooz
  • the list goes on and on and on but these are the ones I like the most

So I guess you can say I was converted. But there are sooooo many out there. So many kinds. From all of my research I've found the best of the best, the best of the cheap and the ones that can just get you by. I've been debating on what kind of try out.

I've recently found Rumparooz. They say they are the best cloth diaper and they are an 'all in one'. By best I mean they say they never get leaks or blow outs in them. But that means $$$. I found them for $23.50 each where regualar brand like the bummies are about $12 each.
I've wanted to buy stuff now since they cost more up front but save you lots of $$$ later on. But I wont know what kind I like until the baby gets here.

With the Black Friday and Cyber Monday I have found lots of good deals. I finally was able to find a package that included 3 different brands that I have been looking at and 3 different kinds of diapers. I'll get to try out the 'all in ones', the 'prefolds', and the 'pocket diapers'. I got a coupon plus free shipping and  25% on sale. It was a great deal! Now we have diapers to last us 3 days and we can try out all the kinds to see what we like and what to order more of. I'm pretty stoked out of mind to try them out!

Alot of people try to be just cloth diapers. I'm realistic though. We will still buy disposable diapers. I'm not going to make a baby sitter scrap poop from a diaper into the toilet. I mean come on. I also wont want to go on trips and deal with wet diapers in my bag the whole time. I will be a stay at home mom and have a washer and dryer in my home so doing a load or two of diapers a week wont be a big deal. And I'll also make my husband install the diaper shower to our toilet to make cleaning out the diaper easier ( its like a kitchen sprayer you attach to your toilets water line and vola you have a sprayer to clean the diaper).

I'm very excited to try them out!!! Plus they say cloth diapers last for 3 kids. And they have 'all in ones' that will grow with them. Newborn to toddler. The says that from newborn to potty training the cheapest brand of diapers from the store will cost you at least $2577.35. If you buy a combination of cloth diapers and do your own washing it will cost you from newborn to pottytraining $1468.74. Thats a big savings! Wanna see the layout for yourself go here. That alone makes me coverted. I'm willing to give it a try.

Plus they are sooooo cute!!!

You can get differenet colors if you please or
All differnet kinds of patterns!!

Yes they now have these in dispoables but they are way more expensive and you just throw them away. Otherwise you are left with plain white with elmo on the top or some other child cartoon. Yes I know they will be in clothes but how many people can honestly say that their summer babies never were in just diapers? right?!

I'm all in with my cloth diaper idea. BJ's mom only did cloth diapers. She never had disposables. FOR 8 CHILDREN!! And it was back when they didn't have the smart technology of today and it socked right through the cloth. They do makes these

They are wool covers. They work great, or so I hear. The wool doesn't let the water out and most people use them at bed time to keep the bed dry. only downside is like are very expensive. Most people only have 1 or 2.
BJ is more then ok with the idea since that is all he really knows. He likes the idea of saving money too.

I just hope we have the money  come baby to get the diapers. I'm saving my baby money but the kid will also need clothes I guess. We'll see what happens =]

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Give A Ways

Don't you love reading blogs and wish you could be as cool as all those women who are able to do give a ways?! Well as you know I read about hmm 20-30 blogs each day. Yeah i know you are jealous. Anyways one of my favorites is doing an awesome give away. I never ever win. It took me awhile to even try to win these things but all you have to do is leave a comment and you might get it. Why not try?! You can try too!! Just try it out and see you are are the lucky winner!

Go here and see the amazing mixer c jane is giving away. Just leave a comment. You can post about it and get 2 comments. Its random pickings. I like to try my luck. Are you?!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I blame the hormones

I hadn't really noticed any real difference in my emotions.... until last week. I'm starting to understand what everyone says about the crazy hormones while pregnant. 2nd trimester has been a lot better to me but now I have more stuff to deal with. I've noticed that if anyone, other then a baby, starts to cry I will also start to cry. I'll have no reason for the tears but they will be there. Its quite annoying. 

The biggest things I noticed that I can can fully put all on the hormones happened just a few minutes ago. I got home from work and I was hungry but I knew we had stuff to do so I was waiting to see what BJ wanted before I made dinner. BJ walked in the door and said we had to leave right away. I know its a very bad idea to go without eating so I made myself a small plate of nachos and left. I should have super sized it even though it wouldn't have fit that great in my microwave. I should know better by now. We are buying a car and using all our savings. We are hoping to sell our car before we leave to get back most or all of the money. I'm the one who takes care of the money. BJ doesn't know anything about our money situation. He just doesn't care really. I do care so therefore I pay all the bills and watch how we spend our money. Needless to say it scares the poop out of me to be using all of our savings to buy this car and not have a for sure that we will get it back. Add that to not eating enough. On the way to school after our errands BJ and I were talking and I was getting sick from being hungry and I snapped at BJ. To make it worse he tried to push it off like it didn't happen and I did it again. After that he got quite. I felt bad but I thought hey maybe we can pretend that didn't happen. While walking to the library to set me up so he can go to class I asked him if he was mad at me and he said no. I knew I hurt his feelings though. So we sat down and I told him I was sorry. I didn't mean to snap at him. I didn't even tell him I was hungry or really sick and tried from walking the short distance here. I just said I'm sorry I was wrong! He said it was ok and kissed me but then..... I started to cry. I felt sooo soo soo bad that I took it out on my poor loving husband who did nothing. His eyes got huge and said it really didn't mater and hugged and kissed me while I cried. After I calmed down he asked if i was ok and then i told him I was hungry. I was determined to stick it out though so I wouldn't let him miss class to take me to get food. And since i'm already stressed with money I refused to take the twenty and go get something to eat. In my mind I figured there are plenty of women out there who have to go through worse while pregnant and I've been super spoiled! I can wait 3 more hours for dinner...... I hope!

I still blame the hormones. I went from being super annoyed and pissed off to oh well doesn't matter to i'm the most horrible person ever in a matter of 5 minutes. I've snapped at him before and I always feel bad and there have been times that I have cried when I tell him sorry. But I usually cry because it took me at least an hour to feel remotely sorry because I like to pretend I did nothing wrong and find every way why it was his fault before I can admit I was wrong. I also haven't snapped at him very much since we got married and if I have I said I was sorry right away. Going from such strong emotion to the other in minutes is very new to me. And I blame the pregnancy and hope that my husband still likes me come May!

Monday, November 29, 2010

My desk

This is what I see when I sit at my desk. My handsome husband and wee little baby. The day after I got the ultra sound I went to work and made the Popsicle stick frame. I put it next to my husband and everyone admires it as they walk pass. That's how a lot of my students found out I was pregnant. I love these two pictures. BJ looks so happy and young. It was the day we took our engagement photos. That day was so long but we had so much fun imaging our lives together. That picture has been on my desk ever since. There were many days where I sat and just looked at it and marveled that he was going to be mine forever. Little did we know how happy we really could be and yet to know how happy life really is! Now I sit and stare at my baby. I love love love the ultrasound pictures. I love the big head and belly with his hand by his face. I can't help but love these two! I don't know how I got to be so blessed to be given these two. BJ and I are so very excited to meet our little one. I am so very very grateful that families are eternal!

16 weeks

 Now that I am 4 months along I figured I can start the Belly Pictures. I wasn't going to until 4 months. And the fact that I wore Kerri's maternity skirts to church kind of made it a bit more real. THANK KERRI! I'm sooo glad to have stuff now! This is the first outfit i've worn that didn't make me uncomfortable at all in a long time!! Thats saying a lot! I wore it all day which is a record for me! I'll prolly live in these skirts until we leave. Then it might be a tad chilly. I read that by 20 weeks women gain 10-15 pounds. I've only gained 3-5 pounds. In a month i'll be 10 pounds more?!? I'm so not looking forward to that stage!
We thought we would keep track of our other baby too. I'm hoping BJ gets smaller not larger but that doesn't seem to be happening. =] He already has cravings.

Black Friday

 I have never done black friday before. Mostly because I've never had money to do it, and because I'v never wanted to wake up that early and fight people. This year, BJ and I thought it would be a good time to get everything for Idaho at a good price. I still wasn't excited for the waking up fighthing people part but we needed stuff and there were good prices out there!

Our first stop was to the Outlet mall. It opened at 10 pm on thanksgiving. Kerri has been wanting some shirts from Gap so I figured this would be the perfect time to go up there. I always find good deals up there!! It was FREEZING and they has zero! I was disappointed but we made it right when they opened so there wasn't to bad of a crowd.

We then went home and fell asleep until about 4:15. We went to
We got there and there were no cars. Then the empolyees showed up so we sat and waited. 2 cars pulled up and BJ got all excited. " We gotta get out and go sit by the door!!!  What if they get in first and buy everything. There are people like that!!!" I just laughed. I wasn't about to go stand by the door just because 2 cars pulled up and they were all still in their cars. They didn't open until 6 so we left and headed over to

We both got a pair of snow boots then headed over to
We got some socks for a good deal. We then headed back to sportsman's warehouse and thankfully the crazy people didn't buy everything we wanted. At this point BJ wasn't very awake. He had taken a bendrayl and it was starting to get to him. He had a crazy sore throat. We were looking at their socks and he wasn't able to answer any of my questions and kept walking away to fart. At this point the baby wanted to go back to sleep and i was tired but they had such good deals. We finally got everything and then I realized I wanted to stop at

I offered to take BJ home but he came with. As we were walking up to the store BJ was dragging his feet and looked pretty drunk. It was pretty funny. I had BJ stand in line and found some good deals. That line took the longest. We waited for about 20 minutes to buy our stuff.

After we got our stuff we headed home and fell asleep until about 10ish. I got up and ate and played some nintendo while BJ slept some more. Around 1ish we headed over to the mall.

Heres a list of all the stuff we were able to score!
1. Snowboots for the both of us is has a liner so we can just wear them or pull the liner out and wear them with other shoes aka my church shoes so i can wear cute shoes at church but not die walking into church in the snow and ice.
2. 8 pairs of long thermal socks
3. 2 pairs each of smart wool socks mom told us about these so we had to try them. They are wicked expensive but we got one pair and the next for $1. I got cute one and bj just got the boring hunting kind. I tired a pair on and my feet were buring up after a couple of hours. They are amazing. They felt like I was wearing regluar socks!
4. 8 pairs of thick hiking socks Seems like over kill I know but I'm already freezing and its only getting to the 40's at night. I'd rather have too many then not enough!!
5. 2 pairs of snow gloves each That gives up three each cuz his sister bought us some for BJ's birthday. We figured the more the merrier!
6. 6 long sleeve shirts for me I got XL shirts in Women's so that way I have something to grow into. They don't look too frumpy on me now so I can wear them when I get up there and hopefully it takes me awhile to grow into them. ** funny story** I grabbed one last shirt while i was standin in line and thought I grabbed a XL. When i got home I tried on an  XL then I grabbed the other one that was differnt fabric but I thought was stil XL. I put it on and it fit. It fit great and I sat there staring at myself in the mirror and got really really sad. BJ was doing the dished or something and I just sat there almost in tears that this XL fit me perfectly. All my other clothes still fit me and yet i'm big enough already to fit an XL perfectly?!?!!? I went to pull the sticker tag off the front and it said LARGE!!!! I laughed out loud in relief!!!! I wasn't an XL yet and it was the size all my other shirts!!! First fat prego story! lol
7. flannel sheets!!!!  I already cry that the sheets are cold
8. down blanket
9. 2 pillows  in case we get in vistors!!!
10. another 5 or 6 long sleeve shirts for me
11. 4-5 long sleeve shirts for BJ
12. black moccosins for me BJ got comfy slippers for his birthday and we have been looking for me for awhile. There were any really good deals but we finally found some at sears!!
13. A down jacket for me I'll post pictures soon
14. A down jacket for BJ His 5th jacket my first! Good thing I'll steal most of his stuff but still why can he find everything?!?!

All in all it was a pretty sweet Black Friday. The next day we went out in search of free packing boxes. We thought it would be a good day to start packing up stuff we didn't use often. We found a baby yard sale so we stopped and looked. We found a good stroller and car seat but figured we should wait until we got up there. Then we saw a bunch of strollers at a yard sale so we stopped off there too. They had a cool running stroller but I thought it was to much. They also had a couple of recliners. I've been looking for a good deal on one because I knew I would need it for when the baby came. They all were at least over $100 and I wasn't sure if I should wait util I got up there so I didn't have to pack it up. I wasn't even going to sit on it but BJ did. He had me sit down and it was amazing. It rocked and reclined and was comfy.

The lady said it was about $55. We thought it was a good deal so we took it. I have to get rid of my cute red chair so we can take this one up but I've already took a nap in it and love it!  It looks kind of like the above picture!

Have you seen or head about these bumbo seats? Everyone has one now. They are just a foam seat that helps babies sit up. They aren't anything special but they are the new thing these days. I wanted one just cuz. They are about $30 though. I wasn't willing to pay that for it so I figured i just miss out on this craze. On the way home from church on Sunday BJ and were at a stop light and I looked over and on the corner there was one sitting there on top of a stero box holder. I saw it and was like hey we would pull over and look at that. Bj just looked at it and didn't say anything. I wasn't kidding and made him pull over to look at it. It was in perfect condition and just needed to be washed. Someone had just left it there. I had BJ put in the car. I was so excited!!! We got home and washed it down and disinfected it and it looks brand new!! I"m pretty stoked to have one and didn't have to pay anything for it!