Sunday, June 3, 2012

Nelson's Dairy

BJ has been wanting us to come out to the farm and see what he does every night. We waited until the weather got warmer. It was a lot of fun and Rylee loved all the cows and dog. Instead of having a stinky dad come home we had a stinky family. It was worth it to see it in person though.

The farm is about a 20 minute drive from our place but it sits right under the mountains and is pretty amazing.

Rylee could not get enough of their dog. She loves dogs and is very gentle with them too.

This cow was only 6 hours old. Rylee loved all the mooing going on and added her moos in with the cows. It was cool to see the babies, yearlings and big mamas.

Theses are the bottles they feed the babies with. 

This is half of the tank they fill up. It is about 2000 gallons and they fill it in about a day and a half. CRAZY

This is the milking station. It was cool to see how the milking works and watch what BJ does every night.

This is one of the holding pins. They have about 150-160 cows and have 3 heards

I could not get over how BIG they were.

These are the yearlings. They were a lot friendly and came up close for us to see them.

BJ had to stop our tour and get to work. I'm a weirdo but I love watching animals poop. I think it is so cool. BJ said this was the time they all started pooing. Sure enough they all let it out. It was pretty gross. 

The cows line up about 6 on each side and BJ cleans them and then puts the milkers on. 

I caught Rylee grabbing the hose and licking her hands. Cow poop is EVERYWHERE and when I realized she was licking the poop off her hand I made her stop.
Rylee got pretty mad at me because I wouldn't let her eat the cow poop. 
Gross but she loved it and tried to eat it the whole time.

It was fun to see how it all worked. I was amazed to see how much one cow produces. 
If you make a trip up BJ will let you come to work with him!