Tuesday, February 22, 2011

28 weeks

Well hello 3rd and final trimester! I'm so happy to meet you!

Since I just posted my big belly I didn't take one for this week.

~ I did the glucose test today. My sister Kerri scared me about taking it because she said the stuff you have to drink is awful! I had to drink mine in class because you have to get your blood taken an hour later and my appointment was set up where I'd still be in class an hour before. Mine was lemon-lime flavor. I had to get up early and eat breakfast so there was time for it to digest before I drank the pure sugar drink. At first sip I was like oh I can do this. Then half way I gagged. Then my throat started to burn then I finally finished it within the 5 minutes like your suppose and my tummy just felt YUCKY! It tasted like super flat Sprite. You know when its super sugary and all the bubbles are gone. Yeah GROSS! 

~ I passed my glucose test so no more of that thankfully!!

~ I am not anemic! Thank goodness! 

~ I lost .5 of a pound since my appointment 2 weeks ago. I just realized how much I have gained and its a big scary number that I will not say EVER!

~ I'm now suppose to record kicking sessions everyday. Sunday I did my first one and she kicked 10 times in 10 minutes

~ My A&P teacher told the class a story today about how his wife was 7 months prego (me now) and she said she didn't feel the baby move very much so they listened to the heartbeat. Then the next day they couldn't find it so they went to the doctors and they induced her and she had a still born. YOU DO NOT TELL A 7 MONTH PREGNANT LADY THESE KINDS OF STORIES! LET ALONE IN CLASS! Yup I started bawling my eyes out. I couldn't have controlled it even if he had warned me. He went on to talk about more babies death and I couldn't take it so I had to leave the room. Who does that?!?! *this happened like 30 years ago***and we were learning about erythoblastis fetalis so it did relate but still**

~Then my doctor very seriously said to check each day for her 10 kicks within in hour and if I don't feel it at all to call them ASAP and if they are closed go right to the hospital.
Thanks everyone for scaring the crap out me within a 2 hour span.
 Not cool!

~ She is very active and so far no problems with not feeling movement

~ We got a nice tax return which I didn't even think about so that means.... WE GOT OUR PHIL AND TED STROLLER!! We went to the store and ordered it today!! I even get to order her a nice car seat and all of her diapers without feeling like we will be eating cereal and bread for a few months! Thank you tax return!

~ She is a social butterfly. Anytime I'm in a group setting where I'm talking and laughing and others are near me laughing and talking, she feels like she needs to be a part of it and goes crazy the whole time. She is kicking and turning and punching until the people leave.

~  I'm starting to sleep less at night which is fine because it feel rested when I wake up. But now I'm starting to want a nap during the day. I'd rather just sleep for a long at night but I guess I don't get to pick these days

Monday, February 21, 2011

Cross Country Skiing

 I was tired of being a lame pregnant lady. BYUI offers so many outdoor activities for a really good price. For $10 we got to rent skis, poles, and boots as well as get lessons on how to do it and driven to the park and back. I told BJ I wanted to do. He wasn't sure I would be able to but I said I could do it. Saturday morning we packed up and met over at the school.
 We went up to Harriman State Park. See the parallel lines in the snow? That's where you put your skis and pretty much skate along the lines. Its really hard when the lines disappear and your skis go where they want. Having the tracks is awesome! They have a bunch of cute little cabins you can rent about a mile in. We had lunch in one of them.
 This is the left over from a dead swan. Sad because they are soooo pretty to watch fly over a field of snow with dark green trees as the background.
 Isn't it beautiful!?!? I was pretty much using all my brain power paying attention to my skis so I didn't fall over. If I looked up I had to stop but it was such beautiful day and beautiful scenery.

There was about 11 people on the trip. One of the group leaders stayed with me, bless her heart, and BJ pretty much stayed with me too. He couldn't go as fast as the rest of the group but he was faster then me. 
 He fell over a lot. I tried to tell him to keep his poles in front of him but he just wanted to go fast that he would fall backwards. My back hurt a lot towards the end because I was leaning forward the whole time and the weight of the baby just pulled on my lower back. Its a major hip flexor work out. Both BJ and I were super sore on Sunday. BJ had trouble moving his legs. He was very grumpy in the morning. I hurt but it wasn't too bad. I guess I'm just used to being in pain and uncomfortable. It pretty much was just like being on an elipitcal machine but outside. 

This is a warming hut. You can go in and make a fire and warm yourself up. We got to a MOUNTAIN (really a regular hill) and any kind of incline was super hard for me. The trails were pretty much flat with a few up and down inclines. Once we came to this Hill I wasn't sure I was going to be able to have the energy to keep moving to make it to the top. I started up but couldn't move my skis fast enough to keep the momentum going. I started going backwards and couldn't keep my balance so I fell over for the first time. Thankfully the snow bank was all powder and a lot of it. I couldn't even stand up in the bank because the snow came up to my waist. I had to walk up the hill. We were suppose to do a loop that had a bunch of hills but I knew I wouldn't make it. BJ and the group leader went down the big hills a few times and I sat by the hut. I didn't risk going down the big hill either. I was too worried I'd fall so I walked down it too.
 Don't I look huge in this picture?!!? 
 This was the first hill I got to experience. It was tiny but it still freaked me out. After making it down I really can't wait to try down hill skiing!!
He fell about 10 times the whole day. I only fell over on the hill and I fell once on the trail. I'm so glad I only fell over once. I could not get up it took way to much energy to get my skis off and back on again.

All in all it was an amazing day! I'm so glad we went! Next trip will be snowshoing

Friday, February 18, 2011

Blood typing

We learned all about blood this last exam in A&P. I'm really glad I retook this class. The teacher I took 202 with the first time, well, sucked. This teacher has taught me so much already that its like I didn't even take it before. I'm glad I did though because I have a base where everyone is completely lost. Now I can focus on the more intense stuff because I already understand the basic. In lab this week we learned how to figure out our blood type.

From this you can tell that I am O+. 

Pretty neat huh! How can you tell you ask?? Notice how the left two blood stains are dark and milky and the right stain is all clear and clumpy looking? Well quick little lesson for you. O blood doesn't have any antigens( things that stick off the cell membrane) on the surface so when I put antibodies( the thing that attaches to the antigens) on my drop of blood it doesn't coagulate or clump up. The reason the one on the right is clumpy is because I am RH+ which means I have the RH antigen on the surface of my blood. So when I put the RH antibodies on my drop of blood they were attracted to my red blood cells and caused them to clump together (that would be bad if it happened inside of my body). 

I love labs. I wish all my classes were labs! We also did a hematocrit (where you look to see what percentage of your blood is made up of red blood cells) but mine didn't work both times I tried. I was sad but oh well. I'm getting blood work done on Tuesday so I can ask them what they found. 

Now we are on to the heart
I love the heart. It is so cool to learn about. I thought I knew a lot about it but this last class I learned stuff I never knew. Mostly about the fetal heart. Did you know that my baby has 2 holes in her heart right now. Once she is born and they clamp the cord the holes close up. 25% of people have a hole that doesn't close though. They say it can cause a stroke later on in life and migraine headaches. The teacher was freaking me out talking about these holes and how in some people they don't close up. I then asked him if this was something I should make sure that the doctors check but he reassured me that its part of the regular check up routine (I guess it causes a murmur so they can hear it).

  BJ just shook his head at me when I told him how freaked out I got. I love learning about this stuff but whenever something about fetal development comes up that I didn't know I always worry a tad. BJ said there was no point in worrying about it and I just told him he doesn't get it because she isn't inside of him. I will ask the doctors to make sure she doesn't have PDA though. Just because I learned about it and because I know it can happen I will just want to make sure. =]


I wish I could have this meal EVERYDAY! This is one of my top five favorite meals. I was watching a movie and the people were eating a big breakfast. I tried talking BJ into going to the store for some bacon but he wasn't for it. Once we finally made it there I bought it and made the next day. I also walked in the store and saw fresh strawberries and almost fainted! The only bad thing about winter is you get stuck eating oranges for 4 months until the rest of the fruit comes back. BJ hates strawberries so that means I get to eat all of them!!!! Just looking at this picture makes me think we might have this for dinner! Don't tell anyone but I really had 2 hash brown patties. I hid the other one under my bread so my plate didn't look that much food =] And I pretty much ate the whole carton of strawberries with this meal too. And maybe just an extra piece of bacon or two. I didn't however eat all the bacon because I wanted to save some for BLTS! One of the only sandwiches I'm allowed to have!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day

BJ had an early class so I was able to drop him off and go home to decorate and surprise him. I was going to go buy those fake rose pedals but those cost money so I just cut out a bunch of hearts.

I've been dying for a pamper day. All I ever want is a good back massage. BJ is always willing to rub out the knots but I wanted a real one with oil and a full body relaxing massage. I figured if I did it for him then he could do it for me.

So I set up our own little spa. 
BJ loves baths. I could live without them but I got bubbles to make the bath better. I found all the candles I could to set up in the bathroom too.

Then I set our room like they do at spas. I put down a blanket cuz I just washed my sheets and didn't want to get oil all over them. I got out the massage oil and made the bed look all cute. I set up a bunch of candles and found a Love song play list on pandora. They had a really good mix! BJ was surprised when we walked it. BJ fell asleep during his massage and its really hard to get a good massage when you have to lay on your side. But all in all it felt good. It was fun having the candles lit. I've never done anything like that before. It made for a very relaxing night and I got to fell asleep early.


The only supermarkets Rexburg has is Albertsons and Broliums. Both places aren't my favorite but thats all we have to work with. I was talking to my lab partner about it and she said she drives in the Idaho Falls and goes to a place called Winco. She says she loves it and it so worth the drive. BJ wanted to drive down to Idaho Falls to check out a car (he is always looking on craigslist at cars.. idk why) Since we were there I wanted to stop by this Winco place. 

First off its open 24 hours which is sweet. 
2nd its like Smart and Final. You can buy bulk but is has produce and everything your local supermarket does but for cheap because it comes in bulk.

They have a self serve area. This is my all time favorite thing about the store. They have candy of all kinds. Like the stuff you ate as a kid, regular candy like candy bars and skittles. Its all self serve and sold by the pound. SOOO much cheaper then buying it prepackaged.

They not only had all kinds of candy but they had everything from nuts, to granola, to rice, to pasta, to flour, to anything that comes prepackage and doesn't spoil. We got a pound of roasted salted shelled sunflower seeds for $1.20. We got a pound of almond granola for $.88. We got a pound of short grain brown rice for $.98. They even had cereals you could buy by the pound. My favorite part was the baking section. They had flour of every kind, wheat, white, bread, pastry. They had all kinds of sugar. They had mixes like brownie mix or blueberry muffin, waffle, pancake. They had flax seed, they had coco flour, they had every thing. All by the pound and all soooo much cheaper then buying it a package at the store. Of course the sold package stuff too. I always wanted to bake from scratch but can never find all the random powders recipes call for. Or they are just so expensive its not worth making it by scratch. Now i can go buy it by the pound and save money by making everything from scratch!!!

This place is amazing!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

27 weeks

This week was GREAT! I had no complaints this week. Yes my back still hurt every day, I got tired a lot, and she found my pubic bone and sent shooting pains in my lower region, BUT this week rocked!

Don't mind the closet or unmade bed... but what do you think of my dress!?!?!?!?!?

When I think of Valentine's day I think about my dad getting me a new outfit. I always remember having something new to wear that my dad would buy us. I always loved my Valentine's day outfits. When I moved away from home I kept the tradition alive and bought myself a new outfit. Last year BJ bought it for me. I'm not really into the holiday and don't ever go out of my way to do something but I always look forward to my new clothes. I was kind of worried that I wasn't going to get one this year. 

No one has maternity clothes here, not even walmart! There is one store that has some stuff but I've already been through it all and only will buy it if I HAVE to have something that will fit me, oh and DI has some stuff. I wasn't even going to bring it up then one day BJ said, "Hey when are you going to go get your Valentine's day outfit?" Saturday I still hadn't gone shopping so BJ took me out to lunch and drove the entire town looking for all the clothing stores. There is a total of 5 places that sells clothes here. We tried on one outfit that was just XL (the biggest size they had) and it made me look like a huge balloon!!!

 I was about to give up hope when BJ spotted one last store we hadn't been too. We went through the whole store and I found 4 or 5 shirts that I liked. Most of them I couldn't even get one. Some I needed help getting off. I was starting to get sad when I found a shirt that fit but prolly would only last me a week, 2 tops! We took one last look around the store and BJ spotted it! 

This is one of the many reasons I love him so much. A few weeks ago there was a very pregnant lady at church who had on a pencil dress on. I pointed it out to BJ and told him I've ALWAYS wanted one of those dresses but I had to wait until I was prego to wear one because my rolls would turn into one big roll and it would look good on me finally. When BJ saw the dress hanging he said he found my outfit and I was going to love it! He walked me over to the dress and I really almost fainted!  I LOVED IT!!!! We got it home and I tried it on again and BJ did the whole wooo and awwwe and even pointed out that my pink chucks would look cute with it! =] I was so excited to wear it to church today (minus the chucks)!!!! It was a tad over the price I was going to pay but I love it and am so so so so happy to have it. It may see the washer too many times because it is the most comfortable thing I now own!

enough on the very long Valentine's dress. Oh BJ got a video game for his gift

Now for baby updates
~ I love the morning time now.  Days I don't wake up and rush off to school I get to lay in bed and feel her kicking and moving around. Its my time with her that I still feel good and am enjoying her kicking. I keep her morning kicks to myself. The night time kicks I let BJ feel. 

~ I think she may have finally turned and be head down. I get lots of kick on the upper stomach and on the sides. Before they were all at the bottom. 

~Since this change She has found my pubic bone and pushes on it if I sit for to long. Classes are starting to seem extra long now. 

~ I'm not sure if I have mentioned this before but she LOVES oranges! They say it takes 2 hours after you eat for them to eat or taste what you ate. She knows when I eat an orange or drink OJ. She gets super active the whole time I'm eating it. I think its funny.

~ I slept GREAT this week. I now sleep with three pillows and BJ now has started to complain that I have three and he only has one. 

~ I'm starting to sleep less at night. I used to get 10-11 hours each night. Its slowly going down to 8-9 hours. Trust me its a huge difference!

~ May used to seem so close now each day it seems to get farther and farther away.

~The line I say the most, "May 15th (nod head and smile) yup I have a little ways to go ( continue nodding) Its a girl." I say this over and over and over again.

~ I never understood the whole "nesting" phase but I'm started to get it. I want to go shopping and buy all her stuff and set up the room and wash all her clothes. Thats all I think about! Yet I can't bring myself to do it because it seems to early. I'm waiting until March. I'll prolly get everything the first weekend =]

~ As I'm typing my stomach started to get really tight. She likes to press up on my stomach and push out as hard as she can. I was pushing her back cuz it hurts and takes my breath away. As I was pushing I felt either her foot or hand pressed up on my stomach. There was a small bump just above my belly button. That was the weirdest/coolest thing yet!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Oh baby baby

Today was my check up day. I love/hate them. I love them because I always leave feeling so refreshed that everything is okay. I hate them because the week of the appointment I think of every wrong thing that could happen and think every pain or discomfort is a reason for something bad that I'm going to be told at said appointment. I'm crazy I know but I dread yet look forward to each appointment.

This one was the fastest appointment I've ever had. They weighed me, I peed in a cup, blood pressure taken, tummy measured, baby's heart was listened too, I was handed a glucose drink for next time, and we left. Pretty fast, pretty easy. My doctor showed me my chart and said this is good, good, good, and good. See you in 2 weeks. YAY!

Then I went to school to do my observation. We have to watch the preschool and answer questions. I mostly watch the little girls and think about what my little girl is going to be like.
In my head she is going to have BJ's beautiful dark olive skin. She is going to get his medium dark brown hair, my green eyes, my nose and BJ's lips. My eyebrows and his skinny body. She is going to be about 5'6 and be super athletic and have an amazing singing voice. She is going to be a wiz on the piano or organ (tee hee). She is going to have BJ's amazingly smart brains and my love of school. She is going to be bomb shell!!

We had a nice little talk with her when she was picking out her genes. I told her each thing she wanted and what to search for. All this is VERY possible because it is our genes. She just had to pick the right ones.

As  I watched the kids I realized.SHE CAN GET MY BUBBLE BUTT!!!! She can be an exact copy of me! Oh dear! I never really thought of the stuff she could get that didn't make her 10! She has potential to be anything from a 1 all the way to a 10. oh dear oh dear. My poor little girl. The doctor already pointed out that she has big ears. I hope her head grows into them.

My perfect little baby now has a huge bubble butt. My image is now slowly changing. I know its silly to think about all this and it doesn't matter what genes she picks up. She will be perfect not matter if she gets my rashy  yellow skin tone. I just never realized that I could have Krystal Jr growing here. I'm in for a big surprise.

 I just can't wait to see her!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Hairless wonder

Have you ever met the Hairless wonder? I have! He is now my husband. 

When he was in the MTC they used to have "meetings" and BJ said that some day he was going to shave his entire body. We were talking about it and I said he should do it. I should know better. 

He shaved his legs. Thankfully I just shaved mine so they both are nice and smooth.

 He shaved his arms. His are smooth. Mine aren't.

 Then he shaved his head!!! 
 We of course had to play while we shaved it. 

 He was tempted to keep this look. What do you think?
 In case you forgot what he looked like. This was his hair that I spent an hour cutting to make it look some what ok. I'm not the best barber I found out.
Here he is ladys and gentleman. The Hairless wonder. He shaved everything. It took a good 2 hours. I had fun! I was super tired afterwards since we started at 9 but I think he looks good. He even let me pluck his eyebrows so they looked better. They aren't in the pictures. He's got a lot of good reactions from his brother and friends. He even has some of his mission buddies that were in the said "meeting" that he got to go show that he kept his word. He loves it.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

26 weeks

~ She has gained enough strength that her daddy can finally feel her kicking

~ I swore she loved organ music when I lived in phoenix. I dreaded sacrament meeting because I always ALWAYS got super sick. Since we have moved to Idaho no one plays the organ so all we hear is piano music. Today I was hot and couldn't sit in Relief Society any longer so I sat out by the north chapel (our building is huge and has 2 chapels). I sat listening to some people practice a musical number with the piano then it must have been a real family ward and not just a married student ward because someone was playing the organ. As soon as she heard the organ she went to town kicking and wiggling all over the place. She didn't stop til the song was over. She LOVES the organ and I am glad to know I really wasn't crazy.

~She got her first hiccups this week. I was a tad freaked out at first.

~ I believe I am getting braxton hicks contractions. My belly randomly gets super tight and those are the only thing that seems logical. 

~ Ever since I've moved here I've had a weird rash on the bendy part of my arms. At first I thought it was just from wearing long sleeve shirts but it hasn't gone away. It doesn't itch or hurt but its always red. Its on both arms. IDK what it is but its weird

~ My favorite treat this week were doughnuts. I wanted jelly filled doughnuts and kept getting regular ones. I finally got a jelly filled one and haven't wanted one since.

~ If I lay on my side she will kick that side until she gets tired. If I roll over to the other side she will start kicking that side. She might think its a game but its not fun when I'm ready for bed. 

~ She already has her own personality. BJ says I can't truly say if she likes certain things or not but I swear I already know this little girl. I know for sure she loves her daddy and is always excited when he is around. 

~My back forever hurts. I finally got the heat pack out. All i ever want is someone to massage my back.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Date night

Being at a Mormon school that means there is something going on all the time (Which is way there are lots engaged. Can't help but get married with all the dates you go on). It's taken a few weeks to get things organized but now there is something every day! BJ wanted to have a real date night so I planned the night for us. He was going to take me out to eat but dummy me I made dinner.

I made Indian fried bread. I haven't made that since we have been married. It was soooooo yummy!!!

Then we headed over to the "I center" and watched some basketball. Up here they don't have any sports so they let the students try out for competitive or just play on recreationl teams. We have seen some recreational games and they are just like pickup games. Nothing special. But the competitive games are the real deal. They hand out jerseys and have real refs. The game we watched was pretty fun.

I was wearing jeans and sitting on a hard chair so the baby was moving a lot. Then I got super into the game and that made her move even more. After the game she was moving lots and I was getting really uncomfortable. BJ put his hand on my belly and she kicked really hard. I asked if he felt it and he said he actually did feel it! I've sworn he could feel it before but this time he really did feel it! She is getting stronger which is exciting that BJ can now feel it!!!

Then we headed over to one of the other buildings and for $1 we got as much popcorn as we wanted and got to watch a movie. We watched an old black and white film. "Hit the Ice" with Bud Abbot and Lou Costello.

 It was super funny!!! I highly recommend it as a rental! And as this ad says " The gayest hit!" You know its old if they mean gay as happy! There are a ton of good lines. One of my favorites was when the 2 guys were trying to get on the train and there was a band loading on. They weren't getting their tickets checked just telling the guy what instrument they played. The two guys jumped in line with them. The first guy says "1st trumpet", then "2nd trumpet" then "1st bass, 2nd bass" then it was the two guys and the first one says "3rd bass" and the other one says "short stop". :-) BJ had to say it again before I got it but then I laughed really hard!! This movie is full of good lines! Rent it, you'll get a kick out of it!

All in all it was a great night! We even got to watch the newest episode of Bones and eat Ice cream.

Good news!!!

My sister in law Rachel called us today to tell us

She is having another baby!!!

I am so excited for her! She had a baby last may so it was a big surprise! I am more then excited because that means yet another cousin the same age as our baby! I never had cousins to play with growing up so I always wanted to have kids the same time as my sisters! Thankfully I married into a late blooming family who is just starting out with their baby making.

My sister kerri had her son last year so our kids will be less then a year apart. My sister in law Liz is due 3 weeks before me so our kids (she doesn't find out what she is having until it comes out) will be less than a month apart. Now Rachel is pregnant and due in September so my kid will only be 4-5 months older! Hopefully my sister in law Marie is able to get pregnant this year as well. Family gatherings are going to be Soo much fun!

Hopefully by our next kid Kerri or kim wil be ready for another and then my brother in law Matt will get married and have his first.

Yay for babies and cousins their age!!!!