Saturday, June 25, 2011

All in one

I hate putting a bunch of posts all in one but I'm short on internet time and not holding rylee time. 

She fell asleep with Aunt karen with her feet up on her

Aunt karen was nice enough to be a cozy chair for her =]

Misty and Aunt Sandy and Uncle George came over and spoiled Rylee with cute outfits and a baby carrier! I am so excited to use it! I've been wanting one so bad! i can't wait!!

Dad got her a swim suit so we tried swimming out. She loves water! Her swim suit is super cute and a tad big. Her bottoms slip right off her tiny booty! I couldn't get in the water yet and BJ can't get is 7 stitches wet. (Fun story, BJ sliced his finer with a pocket knife the day we were packing to come to AZ. I rushed him to the student health care center and then he sat with rylee while I did all the packing and putting things in the car and driving to Salt lake. He can't do something but he is still a big help!)

Father's day!

Isn't daddy and Rylee so cute!! I didn't get anything on mothers day but I wanted BJ to have something. We went to the drive ins and saw X MEN and Fast five. It was awesome. Rylee did great sleeping with us on the air mattress in the back of our car. I also asked him what he wanted for dinner and he wanted home made pizza, fresh squeezed lemonade and cheesecake. Well fathers day came and Rylee wasn't happy (she never is on sundays. even when I was pregnant sundays were my worst days. werid I know). Thankfully Danny came over and helped BJ make all his stuff and Rylee and I got to enjoy them after our 3 hour nap =] We also went for a walk and got to see people from our old ward. It was a good day.

This is the first and prolly only time she can wear those cute white shoes. She got all dressed up for daddy.To bad her feet are huge but at least she got to wear shoes once. This was her first time ever wearing shoes too =]

Being back in AZ is hard but We love seeing everyone. Dad got her a cute dress and sock shoes for her one month birthday. This week we are taking her one month pictures and I plan to dress her in that. I'm glad Rylee got to meet dad while she was still tiny! Grammy (mother in law) was very excited to hold her she ran up from working out just to hold her. Grandpa had her but Helen took her right away!! =] Her aunts were so excited to see her. Maire showed her off to all her co workers. Michele treated us to dinner at Olive Garden. Sadly Rylee doesn't like being in places that are loud and overcrowed so I didn't get to eat my meal until I got home. It was good though. She also got very spoiled by her cousins and now has lots of clothes to wear while down here that are summer clothes! Thanks misty, jessica, and eva!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Newborn Shoot

This is my second favorite! So precious!

Classic Rylee face! I love it!

She wouldn't let us take that bink out

She didn't like the bowl.. Can you tell I just stole the bink?!

See not happy at all!

You can take the girl out of the hood but you can't take the hood out of the girl!

Classic Rylee with her arm over her head. 

Always has the hands by her face

One of the girls up here is doing a newborn project for her photography class and she willingly took pictures for free. We tried 2 different days but Rylee just was not into having her picture taken. I didn't get nearly any of the the pictures I wanted but I was just happy she got some at least. I saved my favorite one because I plan on sending out some newborn announcements and I didn't want to spoil it on here. Once I get it all put together I'll post it. Rylee may not have a future career in modeling but she sure is a cutie!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Oh the fun

Rylee has slowly been helping us become parents. She gave us a few weeks to get used to her then she started the fun!

Her first "blow out" was a little spot on her outfit. Nothing big so I didn't think anything of it. Since then Dad has gotten pooped on several times and I'm understanding why people say babies go through a lot of outfits during the day. One day she went through 4!!! Oh and the best part... BJ pulled her out of her car seat and the next thing we know I'm rinsing out his shirt and her shirt and pants. 4 hours later and several car rides later I look at her car seat and see the side is covered in poop! I didn't have time to clean it (on the way to hospital... story coming up next) and before I could clean it my future sister in law saw it and called me on it! DANG! I now change her diaper whenever it looks big and have extra clothes with me.

She is also starting to spit up after she eats a lot. I now always have a burp cloth with me and have worn the "mom sign" (spit up all over) to several places. I think BJ has gone through more outfit changes because of her then I have and I'm more then ok with that!

I now have a classic first time mom story that you always hear about. I hadn't experienced anything that was too hard or made me all frazzled until last night.

My brother in law Dan had a choir concert so we got dressed up and headed over. Once we got there I saw on the ticket that no one under the age of 6 was allowed in. That meant Mom and Rylee had to go home. The first of many events to come that mom wont be able to attend I guess. Rylee fell asleep on the ride home and was out cold so I figured I'd get to have my own hot shower! I set her next to the door in the hallway and left the door open in case she woke up. I was so excited to get a hot long shower and planned on washing my hair AND shaving my legs! I got to the conditioner part and was just soaping up when I hear the fire alarms go off. At first I didn't know what it was then I realized it and wondered if there was a fire in my house!!!! Then of course Rylee starts crying and I jump out of the shower and try to fan the alarms to get it stop. Thank goodness I didn't have the blinds open that day! My carpet got soaking wet as I try to calm her down and stop the alarm. I then jumped back into the shower to rinse off quickly and got out and grabbed Rylee.

She calmed down enough to let me get dressed and I tried on 4-5 different pairs of pants. I almost fit into my jeans but not just yet. Sad day! I then grabbed BJ's jersey and everything I needed from upstairs and headed down to drink some water and feed hungry baby. I get everything ready and see that I have 30 minutes until I have to pick up BJ and just start to feed Rylee when my phone rings. I get up and BJ tells me I have to get him RIGHT NOW cuz Matt just had another seizure. I made rylee a bottle put her in the car seat grab some pants throw everything into the diaper bag and rush off to get him then off to the hospital. After he is all checked in we then head over to BJ's basketball game which sadly they lost.

Man what a hectic night. Thankfully Rylee calmed down in the car (her favorite spot other than the shower) and Matt was ok. I only forgot one bag and Rylee did really well in the ER waiting room. (Don't worry DAD the ER up here has zero people in it and we weren't there very long) Needless to say we both slept really well last night. I even found 10 minutes to make a binki clip for her. I don't know why it took me 3 1/2 weeks to make one. Dropping the binki 100 times a day and looking for it non stop is not fun. And the going to walmart at 10 pm because Mom lost the binki and having to buy another one is not fun either. 

Oh and my daughter is balding. She cute head of hair is now almost all gone on top. I need to take more pictures and post the ones I have I just haven't downloaded them yet. My computer time is very limited these days.

And BJ and I will be heading to Phoenix next week. He will be working for his dad and we will be there for Matt's wedding. The Fireworks stand is a no go sadly and we get to endure the awful heat now. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Every day changes

This is usually me but today Daddy got a turn! 

Rylee does something new everyday. I haven't had the same time schedule since we left the hospital. One day she will sleep all day long and the next she wont sleep at all. I don't get it. Today is a no sleep day. She usually gets at least a 3-4 hour nap in the mid to late evening but today she has woken up every half hour and has eaten every 2 hours!! She is also super super attached to me. I for one love it, but it makes it really really hard to do stuff I want to do. I'm learning that I no longer get to do what i want when I want. It all depends on her now. That has been hard for me but I'm learning. Today she wont sleep longer than 30 minutes unless I'm holding her. After about an hour I'm spent on holding her so I'll try to lay her down then she gets mad and wakes up and is up forever and cranky. I finally gave up and sat in the rocking chair figuring I'd sleep with her and take me usual 2 hour nap but I had to go to the restroom so I passed her off to dad. Thankfully she was so tuckered out she hasn't woken up yet. When I saw BJ passed out with her I couldn't help but smile.

Some days are super easy. Some days are super hard. Some days are in between. Its never the same.

I wish someone would have told me to practice doing things one handed my whole pregnancy. I am no where close to being able to do anything while holding her. My sister Kerri sent me her Moby wrap but Rylee SCREAMS whenever we try it. I gotta keep practicing though cuz I need both arms!! Have you ever tried to open a new bag of cereal and new bottle of milk with one hand?! Its hard! And when you just can't do it and you hold baby over bowl (really large mug because all the bowls were dirty and washing one handed was not goin to happen this morning) and she starts to kick your heart stops as you try to save bowl (mug) and cereal from falling to the floor. I'm getting better but man is it hard!

well there goes my free hour and half. feeding time. peace out

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Things we do

The weather is starting to get really nice here. Its driving me nuts sitting in the house all day so I thought it would be nice to go on a picnic. 

mom is super crafty and hand stitched this. I love it! green and purple are my favorite colors.  

 I found this website and it talks about the 7 signs that you are a new mom. i'm pretty sure i'm the luckiest first time mom ever.
1. she is wearing yoga pants.- I'm wearing my maternity pants and my husbands button up shirts. Button up is so much easier when nursing! make-up - I actually get ready now. I gave that up around my third trimester but since she's come I've done my hair every day and worn make-up!
3.dark circles under the eye- I haven't had this much sleep since i got pregnant! I was worried about the no sleep part but Rylee sleeps great! The first week she slept for 3 hours at a time. The last few days she has slept for 7 straight hours!! As long as i'm sleeping next to her she sleeps great! I do take a nap with her around 3 every day so I'm  doing great! in pony- only today for church cuz she slept in and we took a shower so i didn't have time to do my hair
5.wanting to talk to adults- my husband and mom are with me 24/7 so thats not a problem
6.spit up every where- Rylee doesn't spit up. She has maybe 5 times and it just dribbles out when we burp her. it doesn't even get on her clothes
7. all of the above

I'm sure i'll get my turn at some point with all of these things but for now i'm super lucky to have the best baby ever. She is awake a ton during the day and still eats great. I tried out my cloth diapers and they work great for poopy but not pee. she is still too small for them so i have to wait a bit. she loves loves loves the shower and cries when we get out. She is always chill but in the shower she is the happiest. she likes the colder weather. her paci is her best friend. When daddy holds her she is always wide awake the whole time. When I hold her she is out like a light. BJ says this  is because he is fun and i'm boring lol. typing one handed is kind of hard! i also leaked through my shirt for the first time on Saturday. it is still weird to me to feel something wet and realize i'm leaking. i have yet to figure out the stupid pads. They always move and I still get all wet. Nursing is easy its the bra and clothes that are hard to work.

We also went to a soccer game. We go to daddy's basketball games and his other teams game and  i finally found time to watch a soccer match!