Saturday, April 28, 2012

Way over due

Since I have found out I got into Nursing I have been crazy busy. It is a pretty intense program. I am loving every minute of it. Some days it is hard because I feel torn in half. I want to be in class and love every single second but I also want to play with Rylee. I know this is what I was meant for this and it will benefit my family so I just have to stick out the hard days.

I missed my 10 month update so I'll start with that

Rylee at 10 months...

- She loves to yell DAD whenever BJ is at work.
- She will only say Mom when she is tired and just wants me
- She has been sicky this week so we have taken turns sleeping with her in the rocking chair at night
- She is still a great sleeper and now takes real naps during the day. Like 2naps for 2 hours each.
- She has learned to pull the tub stopper up so bath time can be short some days
- We are working on potty training and she has gone in her potty twice now
- She loves getting peoples attention by fake laughing until they look at her. Then she gives them her dimply simile which makes them want to make her smile more. She is such a ham
- Laughs at everything. Always a happy girl
- Loves going for walks. I figured out a new way to use my Phil and Ted so she is even happier with it now
- Shares so well! Always gives her toys to people. If she picks anything up she will hand it to me
- Has to take off her socks as soon as I put them on and hand them back to me
- Still will eat anything and everything
- Loves drinking out of a cup. If we take a drink and don't offer her any she gets pretty upset
- Favorite thing is water. Will drink juice but not very much of it
- She can pull herself up onto her knees but still working on getting to her feet
- She can scoot but goes pretty slow. Still cries if I leave the room and will not  come after me.
- Daddy bought her some fish and she loves feeding them and watching them swim
-Can say shoe and fish. I swear she says "what's that?"
- Knows where her books are and loves to read them
- Can moo like a cow and gets excited when she sees any animals
- Loves to figure out how to do something and does it until she can master it
-She will show that she needs help but if I don't help her she will keep trying
-Knows where her belly is and toes

11 months seems like she is a whole new person. Things have clicked for her and she is doing so many new things

- Says duck, shoe, sock, mama, dad, whats that, fish
- Understands just about anything we say
- Signs more now!!
- She can now scoot super fast, pull herself up to her feet, sit up on her own, lay down on her back, lay down on her tummy, and get up on her own.
- Chases us down now when we leave
- Doesn't chew on much unless she is teething.
- Grew one top tooth so far and waiting for the second one
- Loves saying mama and calls us both that now
- Loves being outside
- Eats pretty much anything we give her but wants a variety each day
- Drinks mostly bottles now but once or twice a day will nurse
- Gives the best scowl face ever
- Has the best old man smile around
- Will wave hi and good bye every time
- Learned some new dance moves. She likes throwing her hands up and bouncing
-Will put things away if asked or if I am doing it too
- Always looks to me before doing something
- Barks like a dog and moos like a cow
- Not interested in TV unless there is a dog on it
- Loves music
- Gets super goofy right before bed time
- Loves to play on mom and dads bed.
- Loves being naked
- Tries to dress herself and helps when getting dressed
- Got her first baby doll
-Knows where her head and hair are
-When you ask her where her toes are she will chew on them
- Grinds her one top tooth on her bottom two

I'm sure there are more its just hard to think of when I'm sitting here.

Now picture overload
She loved boxes when we were packing

While taking a stroll inside one night she found a new way to sit.
She wasn't a fan

Cheesy smiles are her forte

She likes to fake being sweet to get things (but she really is sweet she just knows how to fake it)

Loves her fish tank

The double sit in the front makes her see the world more and she loves it that way

She got in a phase where she would dump everything out of a bag

Then she ate most of my cinnamon sugar chips

Father like daughter. Same face. She is her daddy! 

I find her sleeping in all kinds of positions... just like me growing up

Loves to wear her sun glasses

This is what happens when your child learns how to unzip your back pack.

Such a good helper with everything!

Loves play time on our bed! 

Easter 2012

Loves to give kisses and will give one to just about anyone if they ask and wait for 
mom to have one first