Monday, May 27, 2013

Rylee turns 2

 She is really into taking baby doll on walks right now. She isn't a fan of walking very far but if we take baby she will walk longer. If we don't have baby and she doesn't want to walk I suggest running and she will run the rest of the time. She just hates walking.

- Can count to 12
- Can put on her pants and shoes just not the right foot
- Potty Trained when I'm not lazy and just put a diaper on
- Speaks in full sentences
- Problems solves really well
- Loves to sing wheels on the bus
- Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is watched several times through out the day
- Loves all the characters in Mickey Mouse
- Still loves Nursery
- Great helper and does chores, pulling things out of the dishwasher, putting clothes into the dryer, picking up the play room, putting clothes into hampers, throwing things away, clearing the sliverware from the table to the sink.
- Spends her chore money on riding the little rides at the mall or on the little vending machine toys/candy
- Tummy Yummy Juice is her favorite
- Eats everything still just not eggs
- Knows all of her colors and now will differeante between light and dark colors
- Loves to watercolor paint, color, and learning to use sissors
- Knows all her shapes
- Loves to help Daddy fix things and work on the car
- Trucks are her favorite
- Zoo animal favorite are the birds
- Has the greatest facial expressions
- Thinks it is so funny when she farts but always says excuse you Rylee
- Can do everything on my Smart Phone, even download and find apps she wants
- 26 lbs, 95% and 36 inches tall, 45%
- Wears 2t and size 6 1/2 shoes

 On her birthday I had lab so we thought we would wait until her party to really celebrate. She woke up super early so I turned on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally and she asked for chips. Then I headed off to Rexburg.

 We didn't have any plans and Rylee asked to go to the Zoo. Since we go to our zoo all the time I thought it would be fun to go down to Pocatello and try out their zoo. They had a super cool tree house slide and other toys to play on. We got there just in time to do the petting zoo. Then we had to hike up a HUGE hill to see the animals. The zoo is on a mountain side so half of the animals on on the lower level then up the huge hill are the cooler animals.
 They had a grizzly bear exhibit. The picture doesn't do it justice with how breath taking they made it. The bear was pacing back and the view was amazing!!
 This picture makes me laugh! BJ climbed up on the bear statute and asked if Rylee wanted to climb up. She is standing there telling him to "get off, not time to play with bear. Time to leave Daddy. Get off daddy!" She was so mad at him for being on the bear.
 They had a sand pit where you could dig for fossils. BJ didn't think she would like it but I knew she would spend the whole day there if she could. She would find the bones then cover them up and do it over and over. It took 4 big boys coming over to play for her to want to leave.
 This picture makes me happy. She was doing her make-up with me for church and got to my stuff without me seeing. At first she didn't care until BJ showed her what it looked like in the mirror. Then she was all sad and wanted it off!
 Rylee is very into Mickey Mouse so when we went to get decorations I let her pick out what colors she wanted. Red. Everything was red. The plates, cups, streamers, balloons. It was a mickey mouse party. I figured a Mickey cake would be easy enough. I think it turned out cute. It tasted Heavenly too. I used a cake mix but instead of water and oil I used real butter and milk and added an egg. Then the frosting was pudding and whip cream. YUM!
 She was dying to wear her new fancy pants. I bought her a Minnie shirt for one of her gifts and they matched really well. I put her down for a nap before her party but it wasn't far enough ahead of people coming that she was still cranky. She has a hard time when there are a lot of people around. She takes forever to warm up and everyone was excited to talk to her which made her even more cranky.  Plus she didn't eat so that didn't help. The only thing that got her through was seeing that people brought gifts. I was surprised people all brought something. Her cousin Lilly had a party earlier this month so Rylee thought Lilly was going to open the gifts. Once she understood they were for her she got very excited.

 She loves opening gifts, but really who doesn't!? She got more then I thought she would. Not much but just right for a little girl.
We love to entertain. I love that Rylee's birthday is Memorial weekend! We had our neighbors come on both sides and Uncle matt, camille, lilly, and BJ's great aunt Barbra. We did a BBQ which everyone contributed too. It was super tasty.
After cake we all sat and talked and had a fire. It was a great night and we got to know our neighbors better. It also showed me what little boys are like. EEK!