Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Rylee's personality

Rylee has such a fun personality. It has really come out since she has started walking. The first month she was still hesitant around people but now that she is quick on her feet so is her personality.

BJ works on campus so we walk over and take him lunch. Rylee loves all the students. She calls everyone "babies". I just chuckle when a huge 6 foot 5 guy walks by and she points and says "baby!" ha I love it. She has to be center of attention. We walk the library and everyone she sees she says "hi!" with a cheesy smile. Sometimes she wont leave the person until they say hi back. The girls can't get enough of her. I'm sure she has brighten many stressed out college students by walking up to them to say hi and give a big smile.

I have an app that is uploading this post so I'm not sure what order the pictures will be posted in but I'll explain them and you can figure out which ones they are.

Uncle Matt brought over a scooter and rylee claimed it as hers. She loves to hold on and go up and down the side walks. It hurts your back after awhile and it scares the living daylights out of you when you hit a rock or crack and she flys off but she loves it.

I introduced her to ooblick one day. I needed to get dishes done and she wanted something to do. She wasnt sure what to think of it but loved making a mess. Thank goodness it's super easy to clean up. She isn't too sure of play dough yet either. She loves it in nursery but at home she can't think of what to do with it. I guess I need rolling pins and cutters to be fun.

She is very into clothes. She has figured out how to take off and put on her pants. She still not sure how to do shirts but is always trying. She lives to help BJ take off his socks and shoes every night too. She gets upset when he does it himself. She is a pro shopper too. When we go to the store she will sit and look at every article of clothing on the rack and hold them up to herself to see what it looks like. We are in trouble!

She finally figured out how to ride her bike. After a few head injuries we put it away and when it started getting cold we brought it into the house. She still likes to carry it around but she can sit and make it go forward and backwards. She Can also walk backwards and every time she does it I think it's amazing.

She now wants to know what is happening on the counter that she can't see. I finally found a step stool at DI so she can climb up and help me with things. She loves helping with dishes but really just ends up soaking wet. She always wants to help with dinner too.

Rylee loves animals. She knows pretty much every animal and what they say. We ask her about a 100 times a day and the list keeps getting bigger an bigger. BJ is dying to get a dog. I'm sure rylee would love one. I put some ribbon on her toy dog and she just had to bring it to church since we let her walk the whole 4 blocks.

Rylee love love loves books. Most parents worry when the house gets quite but 99% of the time if she isn't making noise she is sitting reading her books. I can't tell you how many times we have been woken up by a book being thrust in our face. She brings me a book and says "lap?!" and then we read it. Then she takes it back and we read another it. After 30 mins I say no more she will sit and read until I get up to do something else. She has most of them memorized already. Ry has always loved books though. It's fun to watch her point to everything and repeat everything we say. She getting to the point where I tell her to read it and she will say the main words.

I think I have a lefty. She will use her right hand for a lot of things but if she needs more control she will switch to her left. She colors with her left. Eats with her left says good bye with her left. I wonder if it will last but it's been pretty much her left for the last 6 months.

We call her our mocking bird. Even if she is in a different room she will still repeat what you said. Some words people can't understand but for the most part she can get her point across. I love listening to her sing songs. We have started dance nights with a cd full of kid songs. She love dancing with her daddy and singing.

She is such a ham and still always the happy fun little girl. I can't believe she will be 18 months old next month!!

Family night of fun

We have a huge tree in our back yard that started fall off early for us. The trees leaves fell off way earlier then the other trees. It was fun to look out the window and see the yard scattered in yellow leaves. Rylee and I took one day to rake and there wasn't too many leaves yet so we jut made a bunch of tiny piles. The next week it seemed like they all fell so we went out a a family and raked the yard. We got one huge pile and then showed Rylee what to do with it.

We had a lot of fun. I'm not a fan of jumping in leaf piles. It just seems so icky to me. Rylee had a blast though and we spent way longer outside then we had planned on.

We also found a ton of last bugs in the leaves. Rylee loved them so we found as many as we could and covered her in them. She thought they were funny.