Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Baby Update

We went to the our appointment today and got an ultrasound! Everything is great!

I'm measuring at 7.5 weeks! The due date is May 15, 2011!!!!

The baby is 1/2 an inch long! We saw its little heart beating and got to listen to it!!! BJ and I were were happy to see and hear its little heart beat beat beating!!!

This last week I finally discovered Saltine Crackers! Everyone always talks about how they are great when you are queasy but for some reason I never tried them. I tried everything else which didn't work! Then I ate a cracker and it was simply magical!!!!! I now have a box at work and at home!!!! I still forget to nibble on them when I can't function but as soon as I do its such a relief!!!

BJ and I are adjusting. Saturday I just wanted to lay in bed all day long and do zero. I feel really bad and want to go and run around and do stuff with my husband but I'm so tired all the time. Since I work all week long Saturday is the only day that  I can lay in bed all day.  After a melt down or two we finally were able to figure out what each other wanted to do. Its hard when we are busy from morning til night each day of the week but we are adjusting and BJ is finding things do around the house when I want to go to bed at 9 instead of 10:30.

I'm still queasy all day long. I try and sit with my feet up at work which helps a lot. If I do anything for to long it makes me queasy. Reading small text really gets me fast! Which is bad for my schooling. I'm super behind on all my reading but thankfully I have fall break next week and I can catch up!

 I usually have one day where I just cramp and feel bad. Yesterday was a cramping tired I just wanna lay down day. What to Expect When you are Expecting, answers lots of my questions. Thanks to Misty for letting me borrow it!!! Its told me it was ok to feel cramping cuz its prolly just the uterus growing.

I also found out that the nasty metallic taste I get everyday is another side affect of being prego. That one is weird and so not fun to taste but there isn't much I can do about it. I just keep gum handy!

I'm still not eating very much. I've already lost some weight because of it. I eat all day long but very small portions. At work I eat a plate that we would make the kids and hardly ever finish it. At home BJ finishes his and my plate. Its a good thing he bikes 20+ miles each week.

I'm disgusted by anything sweet or chocolate. I've had maybe one bowl of ice cream and sherbet and thats about all I have been able to handle. If BJ eats a cookie then kisses me I have to push him away other wise I gag in his face.

I haven't thrown up yet! I gag a lot though! The other day I was cleaning out the fridge and was gagging left and right. Finally BJ said, "Please don't clean it out. I will do it later!!" Its pretty funny sometimes!

I crave Subways tuna sandwhiches!!!!! I know I should only eat up to 12 oz of fish a week so when I can talk BJ in to going to Subway I always get super excited!!!! Most of the time I don't ever think about food or want food, but i make myself eat. Sometimes I'll see something like an sign for PIZZA and WINGS and I want it sooo bad but we never go get what I say i want cuz either, A- We will get there and I will get disgusted by the food. or B- I'll eat like 3 bites and be full. BJ just chuckles when I say something sounds good and we move on. I have been craving BBQ for a week now so we finally bought some ribs to make. I'm super excited for those!!!! BJ is too cuz he will prolly get the full rack and I will get like 2 haha so sad!

BJ now goes to the store wtih me when I get food. He makes sure we have our meals and get stuff only for that and not just listen to what I think sounds good and never eat it. We have lots of food that BJ just can't eat by himself.  I didn't make dinner at all last week cuz i just could not think about food. BJ has been cooking this week since i've been sleeping in and getting to work later. Thankfully this year my work schedule is flexible and I can come in whenever I want. I try to get home the same time as BJ but there are days I just need sleep.

Pregnancy really turns your world around! Its fun and so exciting! I always have some fact to tell BJ. Like at week 8 or something the baby is 10,000 times the size it was at conception. Or my favorite.. Pregnant women are working more then what it would be like to run a full marthon! Thats crazy! I've ran and thats exhusting and hard work! 26 miles running is crazy tiring and a lot of work. But pregnancy is worse that that?!?!?! Yeah BJ finally got why I am always tired. HA I love it!!

I will be 20 weeks the last week of December. We plan on moving up to Idaho that week so we are going to get an ultrasound done before we leave so we can know the sex of the baby!!! Thankfully since I have insurance right now and I had it before I got pregnant BYU-I wont see it as a pre-exisiting condition and I will be covered on their plan. That was a big relief!

My next appointment is in 4 weeks. Did anyone else do the ultrasound and blood test to check for down syndrome. I'm leaning towards no... what did you do???

Friday, September 24, 2010


Come the 26th we will have been married for 3 months! CRAZY how fast time flies compared to the 3 months before the wedding.

I was reading a friends blog who just got married and it made me chuckle. All newlyweds go through different things it seems.

BJ and I have had a very easy transistion. The first time we went grocery shopping was when I lived with stephanie and we bought food together because I made dinner for him every night. So when we got married it was just another shopping trip. The difference is when I go by myself or if he comes with me. I've only sent him once by himself. If BJ comes along we buy what we went there for. If I go by myself I always get way more then what I went there for.

This last trip was bad because for some reason I had a sweet tooth. Our house doesn't contain any chocholate, unless they are chips for cookies that we make for OTHER people. Ice cream is a treat we get randomly but mostly we like going out for ice cream. I NEVER ever buy soda, its always simply lemonade and OJ. We had chocholate hugs in the fridge from a wedding present that BJ ate sometimes.
This last trip I bought...... cookies, cream soda, kisses with almonds, cookie n cream ice cream. BJ was soooooooo excited! Idk what came over me. Since i've bought that stuff i've had one bowl of ice cream, and like 3 sips of Bj's cream sodas.

Sweet stuff is not anything that i want right now. AT ALL!!! which is weird!

The only thing about our transition that was weird was BJ got upset that I was going to make him hang up his shirts and he only had one cubby hole. I moved my jewerly and gave him 3 cubby holes and he was happy. No problems since then.

We both take turns cleaning. We both do the laundry. I cook, he cleans up after.

It pretty much is the best living arrangments I have ever had!

We share the bed nicely, he only steals the blankets sometimes and moves all crazy sometimes. He did body slam me one night when he was sleeping and I did kind of go crazy and push him with all my might and thought really hard about kicking him... then he laughed at me in his sleep! Man was i pissed! Then i fell back asleep. He remembered nothing about it.

I control the money. BJ doesn't spend money. EVER. Its like he doesn't have it.  I do all the bills and know how much is in the account every day and when he has a day that he cares he asks me and I tell him. We like to not spend money for awhile then spend lots all at once. We are working on that. BJ spoils me like crazy. If i want something he says, well lets think about it, after 5 mins ok lets do it. =]

We both spend as much time together as possible which means we have no life without each other. We plan everything around each other and never really do things on our own. Thats been changing a bit with me being so sick and tired, its been kind of hard but we are working on it. And he now has his game cube that entertains him, and his ipod.

We text all day long and get home quickly from work just so we can hang out. BJ has fallen in love with Friends, and we watch it as soon as it comes in the mail! We used to ride our bikes and go play raquetball a lot... now I just wanna sleep. But he is always willing to go on a walk or do something sporty when i ask!

He makes me giggle.. laugh out loud.. and shake my head. Everyone tells ya how great it is to be married but you never really know until you get married to your best friend and your days are so much better cuz he is there!!!!!!

Drum roll please!!!!!!

BJ and I are going to IDAHO!!!!

BJ got his acceptence letter today, while I have had mine for a few weeks! We are ubber excited!!! We are still crossing our fingers that Dan gets in!!!! I start in the winter which is in January. BJ will most likely get the winter/spring track as well. I'm so excited to finally know what we are doing!! Just yesterday I asked if we had a plan B or not. Now we don't need it! I'm going to start goodwill hunting for snow clothes! We are going to be COLD!!!!! =] We can't wait for this adventure!!! WOOO HOOO!!! Oh and its a big deal BJ got in! He was excited to get accepted to his first university that he has applied too! =]

Monday, September 20, 2010

And so it begins...

I keep trying to make it to the store to buy a cute journal to write down all my prego thoughts and concerns. Then I realized... how much I hate hand writing things. So this blog now turns into the prego journal that we can look back on some day.

Sometime in mid Aug (i'm thinking it was the 14th) BJ and I went to the temple. I remember having the feeling I was prego again. I was so worried. BJ tried to comfort me but I just didn't know what I would do if I had to go throught all the pain and guilt again. But yet I so wanted to be pregnant and have everything work out!!!I tried not to think about.

Then started the non stop werid feelings. I am a healthy person. I always have been. But now my stomach was always doing something weird and I was always aware of it. Not queasy or pain, but aware of my inner body. Something that made my mind wonder.

Then come the last week of Aug. I always help get the lunch together and take it to the kids. We had fresh cooked mushrooms that day and as soon as I pulled off the tinfoil I gagged. I couldn't stand the smell. I fled from the room and had to covor my nose to take the kids their meal. The rest of that week me and meat were not friends. I mostly ate fruit. That was the only thing that sound good to me.

While working with my students on their pregnancy packet, I thought about a pee test. I didn't know if it would even be time to pee on the stick but thought maybe I should try. I counted the days since I thought it happend (Aug 13th) and realized it would be enough days to get a real result. I then decided I wasn't going to test. I didn't want to know anything until October.

BJ and I were out doing our weekly visits when I finally said, OK stop at CVS we are getting a pee test. Bewildered, BJ pulled in. That was about September 8th. We got home and I had to go so I ran to the bathroom. It says to wait at least 3 mins to get a result. I got it in about 5 secs. I showed BJ and we just kind of sat there. I left the pee stick on the bathtub for the rest of week. I wasn't sure if I should make an appointment or wait it out. I decided I was going to keep my plan and wait until October. Then that Monday I didn't go into work. Lots had been going on so I stayed home and did homework. I thought well its better to be safe then sorry, so I made an appointment.

September 15 I walked in the office and filled out a pregnancy questionarie. I couldn't believe they were having me feel all this out just cuz of postivite pee stick. I kept thinking they would treat me differently with the recent miscarriage and all. I waited til the let me pee and waited for my Dr to come in. I just thought they would a pee test and make me give some blood. She suprised me when she whisked me off to the ultra sound room. I was very timed and praying the while time and too nervous to really show any emotion. As soon as I saw the heart beating I just wanted to watch it the rest of the day. As the doctor talked to me I just kind of sat there with no emotion showing. Then I walked out the door and the biggest smile ever was on my face. I couldn't wait to go to BJ's office and show him. I also was extra senstive about driving all of a sudden. As soon as I got the office I waited to see if he was there and walked back to him. Sitting there showing him and telling him what happened was by far the sweetest experience I've had since the day we got sealed.

The very next day changed my world as I know it. I woke up and felt great then BAM queasy! Nothing but queasy!!! and soo tired. I could function but if I laid down I was out. I take at least 1 nap every day (sometimes 2 on the weekend) and am in bed by 10. I sleep in as late as I can. I now eat little at each meal and snacks through out the day. I smell the most random things and some smell automaticly make me gag. If I'm up walking around and doing a lot the queasier I am. If I sit in the up right postion and read I get queasy. If I lay down and read I'm lucky if I make it 3 pages before my eyes start to close. Not good when I have 6 textbook to read each week. I'm super clingly to my husband. I get asked every 5 mins how i'm feeling from him. I try and tell him all that i'm feeling so he feels apart of it.

All in all I'm loving this. Yeah it sucks majorly and I just want to sit on my butt all day and junk food grosses me out as do most foods unless its been 3 hours then I know i'm going to eat so I can have my 10 mins of wonderfulness. I can't wait until my next appointment and we both get to see whats going on inside. Its amazing how differently I already do things because I want the best for this child. All my books say that once people become parents things change and the grow a lot! Even if they don't want too. I'm starting to understand lots of things that you just don't get until you live it. =]

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Got Balls??

We got one right here!!!
We were planning on keeping this one under wraps until the 3rd month when miscarriage risks reduce by A LOT, but I couldn't keep it in. I was super worried that I was prego again but yet excited. I was going to wait it out. Then I finally just wanted to know if the smells and nausea and dull ache were from sickness or baby. So I peed on the stick (how the heck do you spell pee in the past tense??) It was postive! So then I wasn't sure if I should go see the doctor until I thought I was further along. Most times doctors wont do an ultra sound until at least 7-8 weeks. But I was having a dull ache so I decided it would be best to go in and see what they think. As soon as my doctor walked in she wisked me off to the ultra sound room.
We did the goop on the belly and I was sooooooo nervous!!!! We saw a circle which she told me was a yoke sac. That was very very good knows. Then was the "other" ultra sound and we couldn't really see anything until she said oh wait see that "glob of tissue" thats the baby!!! She played around a bit then......... I SAW THE HEART BEATING!!!! It was hard to keep it on the screen and I had to hold my breath so we could see it for more then one second. I couldn't believe that a tiny heart was beating!!!! My doctor was so excited and was practilly jumping for joy! She is amazing!! They gave me a cute goody bag and I'm going back in 2 weeks for another ultrasound. We coudln't really put a date to how far along or when I'm due. The best guess was almost 6 weeks. So we are hoping in 2 weeks the baby will have formed more so we can measure a more exact time frame.
I ran off to BJ's office to show him. He didn't come with because we thought it was just be a pee test and blood work. He was sad he missed it but is for sure coming next time.
We are hoping and praying this little person sticks around so we get to meet 'um!! I know its still possible for a miscarriage but I am already in love! That was our little heart going a mile a minute and I will never forget it!!!!!! =]
I'm truly gratful for this chance to be pregnant!! I'm even loving all the nausea and smells I pick up and wanting to go to sleep at 8 every night!!!! =] =] =] =] =] =]

Sunday, September 12, 2010

WE finally broke down...


we have been using our projector that we LOVE but since we bought a


We needed a tv so bj could see what was going on when he played Zelda.

"The town to tough to Die!"

We went down to Tombstone for our labor day weekend. The pictures are in reverse order.
Saturday we dressed up in our matchy cowboy girl and headed down to the OK corral.

We watched a really boring gun show.
They have a museum around the gun show area so we took pictures in a cool old buggy. We didn't go on the tour with the real one cuz we ran out of money. So this had to do.

We stopped at Boothill graveyard. IT was just a bunch a rocks and tombstones. But this picture made it worth it. Look closely. its "Winers and Balls"

On Sunday we spent the day hiking and hanging out. After our hike we stopped off in the very small town and had a lunch in the cute gazebo. The town reminded me of the Gilmore girls.We tried to find some mountains to hike but we couldn't so we hiked in the desert. At the end of the hike BJ found this cool spider wed. It was like a tunnel. He was pretty impressed by it
I got sunburned the whole weekend. Forgot the sunscreen.
Friday night we got to go watch some bull riding. The guys were just little boys really so no one stayed on the whole 8 secs. The thing i thought was most impressive was this lady. she was at least 60 years old and she was out riding the horse and doing tricks. The horse did a bunch of tricks too. Like lay down, bow, count. It was pretty cool.
The law dogs and ladies were in town so we stopped to see their show. They are from California and they did 11 segments from the movie "tombstone". I had never seen it but they did a good job. This gun fight was really fun to watch!!!! We also had dinner there and they had the best hamburgers and tots around!!!
This is our little campsite. THERE WERE TONS OF FLIES!!!
This is our brand new tent!!! I was very very impressed by it! I thought it was going to be really small but had room for our queen air mattress and room to spare. You can't see it but we are on the very back end of an RV park. That was the only place we could find to camp with potties. We also had a pool too!