Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Nurse Krystal

I am fulfilling my dream to become a nurse!

I found out on Friday that I could pick up my letter to see if I got rejected or accepted into the BYU-I Nursing program. I didn't get to the office before it closed. I had a whole weekend of what ifs!

Everyone thought the nursing ship had sailed away when I got rejected last year. I thought it had too but it wasn't a real rejection. I didn't meet most of the requirements so it was more of please try again and this time have everything done.

This time around I had finished all the classes I needed and had a 3.9 GPA. (stupid A- ugh)

I had a very serious talk with Heavenly Father about doing the nursing program when I applied back in December. I knew I was a pretty good contender this time around so I left it all up to Him. If I was going to get in, it was because being a nurse is what would be best for my family and what I need to do. 

I was happy with my degree of Early Childhood Development because I found PAT and working with PAT is something I have really wanted to do all along. If He said no to nursing I had my field of study and a way to use it and was okay with that.

There were parts of me that didn't want to get it. It is going to be HARD! I am worried I wont be smart enough a fail out of it. I then have to pass the NCLEX after all the classes. I will spend a ton more time studying then I ever had before. If I make it through then I have to start working and how will that work with Rylee? I felt it better to not have to think about it and not getting in would solve that.

I do however really want to be a nurse. I want the knowledge. I want to help those in need. I want to be able to support my husband while he struggles through school. I want Rylee to see that her mom does things for others and cares for people around us. I also want to feel like being in school was worth the knowledge I have gained. I want to prove to all the dumb statistics that a girl from a low income neighborhood can succeed and did become more that what the numbers show. I want to prove to myself that I have been given talents and that I can utilize them in my life. 

This next year and half is going to be crazy. This semester has already been nuts but we are all doing just fine. I know I married BJ because he will and can support me in everything I do. I know Rylee came to us because she was meant to be in our family and will thrive with me in school and working. 

I'm sure there will days when I don't think I will make it. For now I am working on getting all my paper work in and finishing this semester. I am going to take it one day at a time and before I know it I will be writing about how I am an official RN. 

I am so totally excited once I stop worrying about all the details!

Who knew that I would ever become a NURSE?! So not in my plans as a child! For now just an RN is fine but I am going to work towards being in the maternity ward and help deliver babies. That is like the best job in the world. Maybe someday after Rylee and if other siblings come our way are in school I would love to become a midwife. That is in the way future though so I'll just work on becoming an RN.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rylee update

I haven't done a Rylee update in a while so I thought it would write down some stuff I want to remember

Rylee 8 1/2 months old

  • Loves to give kisses. She has to grab your face and with open mouth on your mouth or noise then holds it for at least 10 seconds. 
  • Now says Uh-oh when she drops something.. or throws something over the edge
  • Has to always be jumping. Now in her hair chair she can scoot it forward because she is jumping around so much
  • Wiggles so much its hard to hold on to her
  • Loves peas. She laughs the whole time she eats them. I guess it's funny to catch it and eat it
  • Understands sign for more and eat but isn't close to doing them
  • Laughs when you bark like a dog
  • Loves "Down on grandpa's farm" and "Old McDonald" and "Bingo"and "Baby Beluga" when played on youtube
  • Loves her puzzle book with farm animals
  • Loves going on walks at night
  • Not a fan of baby food. She wants to feed herself
  • Eats bananas, yams, green beans, bread, yum yums, peas, anything really
  • Loves to drink water hates juice
  • Fake laughs to get peoples attention
  • Has to have everyone look at her 
  • Knows how to make people smile
  • Finally has hair to put bows in and leaves them in
  • "talks" like crazy
  • Growls at us.. don't know where that came from
  • Thinks Daddy is sooo funny no matter what
  • Happiest when both mom and dad are home
  • Still sleeps through the night
  • Gets slap happy at night and laughs like crazy
  • Found her toes and will eat them
  • Has to have a diaper in her hands when we change her
  • Loves bath time or taking a shower. Washes her own hair. Drinks the water out of her wash cloth
  • Hates getting dressed
  • Hates her car seat
  • Will snuggle when tired
  • Pushes her lips out and makes angry faces
  • Will imitate any noise we make
  • Copied us blowing on hot food and will blow on her food sometimes
  • HATES Tummy time 
  • Still not mobile
  • Now rolls over again when put on tummy
  • Trying to pull self up but hasn't yet
  • Loves her magnets 
  • Loves pulling the books of her shelf
  • Understands ledges and will scoot to get over or throw something off
  • When she is done eating will pull her food a part into small pieces and throw it off her high chair
  • Loves cords and yarn balls
  • Has 2 bottom teeth
  • Shakes her head all the time
  • Loves to pull stuff out of the diaper bag or toy box
  • Just started putting things back into bag or box
  • Pretty much happy all the time. Only cries when tired and thirsty 
We LOVE being Rylee's parents. We had one night where we think her ear hurt. She wouldn't lay down at all and kept touching her ear. I fed her and fell asleep around 10-12 with BJ playing with her. Woke up to her crying and I tried putting her to sleep but she was not happy. We gave her some meds but she just wanted to snuggle. I walked around the house (SOO happy to have a house I can walk around in!) for an hour. I passed her off to BJ to sit down for a minute but she just wanted me. I sent BJ to bed at 2 turned on Beauty and the Beast. She isn't into TV but loves music now. She fell asleep snuggling me so I slept in my rocking chair. She woke up crying every 45 minutes and I would walk around with her until she fell back asleep. She woke up around 6 happy and wide awake. I woke up BJ and passed her off and fell asleep until 9:30. I woke  up to them asleep in the rocking chair. It was a long night but not that bad. 

We love watching her learn new things and we laugh all day long at funny things she does. She is such a ham these days and always fun to be around. 

Project Table

I sanded down my table. That took a long time. I did it all by hand. 

I think it turned out good. I didn't take a close up of the table because it isn't done yet. My sister Kim said to try stain to make it the color I want. We haven't found the right stain yet. Hopefully our next trip into IF I will be able to finish it. I think it is fun having a bright spot in my dining room. I love how my chair turned out too. 

This is where I got my idea from. My sister Kim sent me the Ball picture for Christmas. I loved the color of it so thats why I painted my table blue. My mom also gave me a blue tinted Ball jar for my wedding that I have always loved. I love my dining room. Now I just need to do something with the rest of the place!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New place

Our living room is HUGE! It is about the size of my old living room, dining room, and kitchen put together!!! I love the fireplace, which we can't use for some reason, and built ins. The heat comes from the ceiling. I guess there are a bunch of coils that heat up and send it down into the room. It feels like the sun shining down on you. I just hope it doesn't cost too much to use!

Our stuff looks so tiny in this huge room! I also found drapes at the thrift store for my big window. The table is not in this room we were just moving stuff around.

Our dining room. I love how big it is! The built in china cabinet is awesome! I got a ton of white serving dishes when we got married so now I can display them! We also put our desk in this room. Its nice to have a place for the printer now.

My kitchen is already amazing! It didn't have a dishwasher so we sold our old snow tires and got a portable one. Its nice because I can push it off to the side and fill it up then bring it to the sink and turn it on. It also acts like an island for extra space when cooking.

This is 3rd bedroom space. It doesn't have a heater so we just use it as our storage/ pantry room. I'm going to set up my sewing machine in here too.

The laundry room is shared and downstairs but it is large and nice to have.

The backyard isn't fenced but there is a ton of space. We are hoping the lady lets us put in a garden this spring.

I have my linen closet! Our room is about the same size as our last place but Rylee's room is bigger. We finally tracked down 2 dressers to use. Why do they have to cost so much?!? Thankfully we found great deals at D.I. and other thrift stores.

The tub is bigger than the last place and has cool little shelves too. 

I found these gems at the thrift store. I'm painting my table blue so these will be perfect to add some color to my china cabinet! $5 for a set of 6. You can't go wrong with that!

We bought new chairs because we broke 2 of our chairs that go with the table. I upholstered the seats to match my table.

BJ found this fabric and I was so excited. It reminds me of things I see on HGTV.

In the process of sanding and painting. So far the blue I picked is brighter than I wanted so I'm trying to find ways to mute it a little. I still think it will be an awesome pop of color though.

All in all we love this new place. Rylee adjusted really quick. She loves that she can play with her toys in the living room and still see me in the kitchen and vise versa. We have already had our neighbors come visit us too. An older lady lives under us in the basement and she is kind of crazy but we rarely see her. Unless of course we park on her side. She will come tell us to move every single time. If you want our new address let me know!