Sunday, July 17, 2011

one BIG post

We don't have internet so I have to post everything all at once while I have some time.
MY sister Kerri has an underwater camera and when BJ saw it when they visited he just had to have one.
My nephew sam helped us break in our new camera!

You can't really see it but she has on a polo. I love the cute collar on her!

She always holds her bink when she sleeps. She has done this since she was born. I love it!

Aunt Michele has a swing in her yard but I think Rylee is still a tad to small to play though

Rylee was spoiled and got 3 4th of july outfits. This one my cousin Jessica made for her. We wore one each day of the weekend.

I love when she eats and holds her arm up like this. I think it's so cute

She smiles all the time now! I LOVE IT!!!

I love that face!!

Aunt Kim made her some super cute bows. This is her 2nd outfit from GG topped off with her festive head band by kim! 

Dad getting ready for the fireworks

We spend the day in Prescott and had a blast! and Really really yummy food!

Family photo... I know we are so cute haha

Bubba held Rylee during the fireworks so I got to enjoy the show!

Rylee working on her tan

Mom gave me this swim suit. It says for 12 months but it fits better then her 3 month one. baby clothes are so weird.

I've been able to hang out with my friends Tasha and Jessica and Tasha has a little girl that is a few months older than Rylee. They liked sleeping together =]

Cutest picture ever! Dad bought her this cute pink dress and tights. I topped it off with one of Kim's headbands and pink shoes! LOVE IT!

Tasha and Allie!!! We have LOVED being able to spend time with these girls!

My old house on Keim that I grew up in. They put up fences and made it look so different. How I miss that house!!

LOVE that she smiles and laughs!

All time favorite picture! 

She is just starting to like looking at toys but not for too long

This was the other outfit from misty! BJ loves it and puts her in it all the time

I was watching a soccer game and she wanted to watch too. She kept arching her head back to watch it so I picked her up and then she was interested. When I put her back down then she wanted to watch again. I guess it was a better game watching it upside down =]