Monday, May 28, 2012

Birthday Girl and her BIG day

My sister Kerri called awhile back asking what the plans were for Rylee's 1st birthday. I hadn't even thought about it. The more I thought about it, the more I saw cute things to do for parties on Pinterest. Then I realized A) Rylee knows like 2 kids her age and they are all terrors and mean B) I am way to busy to worry about planning a party C) She wont know what is going on.

So we picked something we knew she would love and enjoy on her birthday even if she didn't remember it for the rest of her life.

We went to the Tautphaus Park Zoo. 

Sadly it was freezing today but Rylee could care less. She just loves animals. We also scored because it was field trip day and Rylee loved watching all the kids run around.

At first she wasn't sure what was going on. She was more interested in watching the kids then watching the penguins eat. So we thought we would steer away from the kids for a bit and show her what the zoo was all about.

She saw the peacock and thought it was so cool.

Then she saw the monkeys.

She was so excited! That was start of the zoo fun! After that she realized whenever we pointed there would be a new animal to see. She stopped caring about the kids and was focused on trying to see what we were pointing at.

BJ was making fun of me because my wing span is 6 foot 1 inches. Maybe I was Golden Eagle in a previous life.

Close but not close 

Hopefully Rylee takes after her dad... 
unless she plays volleyball and wants to play middle then she needs to take after me.

I told Rylee all about how I grew up playing with those big old tortoises. 

She was very impressed and wanting to play with them too

She was so gentle when petting the goats. I am always amazed and how soft she is

She loved standing up to see the animals. The donkeys had a place her to put her head. She was there for awhile sticking her head in and out to see them.

I think the wild dogs were her favorite. Or anything that made a noise when she was looking for them.
She loved the Zoo. It was the perfect size. We spent like an hour and left. Her little nose was all red by the time we left. We found a little tiger ring in the gift store. It was the cheapest thing in the store and we wanted to get her a suvioneer. She didn't care and lost it before we even left the parking lot. Good thing it was only $1.50. I think BJ found it but I no idea where it went since then.

We headed to Chuck a Rama for lunch. We figured it would be the best place for Rylee to eat. She wasn't interested in food though. I think she is teething. She wouldn't eat unless BJ was sitting next to her. She didn't eat much either.

This is how she eats all the time. She always has her foot up on her tray or is leaning back relaxing while she eats.

We let her pick any dessert she wanted. She loves Ice Cream but only had a few bites.

I have a friend who takes her kids pictures everyone on their birthday at the time they were born. I loved that idea so I planned to do with Rylee.

May 23, 2012 at 2:53 pm

BJ gave her his hat in the car and she put it on her face and fell back asleep. 
I guess she just partied too hard.

We spent the rest of the night jumping 

and playing on the couch.

She played some games.

At about 8 that night I finally made my mind up and bought stuff to make Rylee a cake. I let her pick out the flavor and the sprinkles. I just had to get the 1 year old cake shot!
She was not a fan of the cake. That girl makes me laugh!

She gave the nasty face the whole time but kept trying it. 
She was not a fan at all.

Notice the leg again. I guess she just has to be comfortable while eating.

I had to document that she wanted to eat peas over cake!

I must admit I'm sad to see my baby isn't a baby anymore but I am so excited to see all the new things she gets to learn and watch her grow up. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

1 entire year

1 year!

WHAT?!?! How did that happen? 
My baby is now a considered a toddler. Tear!

I must admit I have loved loved loved this last year. To be honest, it was so much easier then I thought it would be.

I also have to admit that Rylee has been the best baby ever! I'm not just saying that either. As my friends have had their babies and I have met people with kids the same age I am blown away at how easy we have it.


  • I can count on one hand how many blow out diapers she has had her entire life. 4/5 of them were on BJ too BONUS!
  • I stopped carrying a spit up rag when she was 2 months old because I never used them
  • She used to be able to wear the same outfit all day and all night if I was lazy. (Not so much anymore now that she feeds herself)
  • Maybe one week each month we were up with her at night. She sleeps at least 10 hours.
  • Eats anything I put in front of her.
  • Super quiet!! Other kids her age will scream when they want something and it actually hurts my ears because Rylee is never loud. Ever.
  • Will sit at my feet the entire time at church and never cries. I have only walked out of class to change diapers or if she falls and hits her head or if kids smack her with her own toy that she hands to them over and over. 
  • Will look at me for permission to get off her blanket otherwise she will stay on it until I tell her to get off.
  • Doesn't chew on anything (weird for a baby I know!) Only puts random things in her mouth after she tries to give it to me first. 
I could go on and on. I have just noticed these the last month or so. I don't know if this means we are in for it now or in the teenage years, or if she is like my sister Kerri and will dubbed the "Angel Child". Either way I'll take it!

I feel like she changed into a new person over night. Between 11 months and now she has had an explosion of milestones. It's like she was saving them all up to do at once

  1. Climbs over everything now
  2. Signs - more, water, eat, milk
  3. stands ups, cruises when she wants and almost stands up on her own
  4. she got 2 more teeth. her left front tooth and her left incisor. She looks so goofy I love it!
  5. Loves to drink out of straws
  6. Gives hugs and kisses to all her stuffed animals
  7. Still loves to sit and figure things out like how to close something or put tops onto things
  8. great helper with trash and putting things away
  9. loves to read books. When asked she will read anything to you
  10. Loves to pull everything out of wallet
  11. Walks in the stroller or bike trailer happen for hours on end
  12. Loves her sandbox!
  13. Figured out how to go down her slide
  14. Still scoots but can go super fast when she wants something like her daddy or food
  15. Drinks water all day long!
  16. Has to eat when we eat something or drink when we drink something
  17. Can go up and down stairs
  18. Knows work the tablet
  19. knows how to call people
  20. Finally figured out that I am mom and bj is dad
  21. Loves to watch kids and will give them everything she has and never tries to touch or hit them
  22. Loves opening and closing doors
  23. Loves to pull out her close and put them away
  24. Loves the bathroom! eek
  25. Bath time is her favorite
  26. Can meow, moo and bark
  27. LOVES cats and dogs
  28. will watch anything with a cat and dog in it but if they aren't on the screen she isn't interested
  29. Loves her fish
  30. Favorite pass time is to pull all the moves out of the entertainment center
  31. Helps to get dressed and undressed
  32. Knows cars go vroom vroom
  33. Stood for an entire second on her own
  34. Blows kisses

Thanks Aunt Kerri for sending a package. Rylee enjoyed pulling things out for an entire week!

Thanks for Grandma and Grandpa for her sandbox and slide. She plays with them every day!

We are eternally grateful this girl was sent to our family. We don't know what we did to deserve her but we sure couldn't imagine life without her!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day

My first official mother's day was here and gone. I thought it was the next weekend so I have yet to mail out my mothers and mother in laws gift. That is on the top of my to-do list. I'm not really into the random holidays. I don't really see the point. Its nice to have a reason to spend money I guess. BJ bought me an XBOX 360 with the Kinect and 2 games. It was more of a steal then a mothers day gift. And we are planning on selling the will to pay for it but I have enjoyed it.

When I was talking to my dad he asked how my day was. It was just like any other day. I think it will feel more like mothers day when Rylee can make me a card or give me something because she loves me. Then it will be a real mothers day.

I'm grateful for my own mother. BJ tells me all the time that I am my mom and I think that is the greatest thing anyone could tell me. As I do things for Rylee I ask BJ about his childhood. We grew up so differently. I love having his examples and trying new things. But I'm telling you my mom knew what she was doing, even if she didn't know what she was doing.

Being a Parents as Teacher Educator I have met many people and learned a lot about the research done about raising children. I have stopped being surprised at the things my mom and dad did for us that go along perfectly with what I'm suppose to teach my families. Granted I can't remember 1-4 years of my life and what went down but I'm grateful my parents raised me the way they did. I'm grateful BJ had wonderful parents and taught him many valuable lesson that he is passing on to Rylee. I am amazed everyday by who we are and that all goes back to our parents.

As much as I love my new game system I think the best gift I got for mothers day was

Being able to put Rylee's hair into pigtails for the first time!

I have waited almost an entire year for this day to happen! I got a bow in and everything! They lasted until sunday school which was amazing! 

She also amazed me later that day with showing off skills eating with a fork. Granted she stabbed the food then pulled it off to eat it, but its progress.

She even graced me with MAMA and not BJ.

Did I mention that BJ was trying to get her to say mama for about a week since she has said dad since she was like 6 months old. Well she says it, but it mostly means DAD. She will go around in circles calling for MAMA and when I answer she shakes her head and keeps searching for MAMA. BJ comes home, she yells MAMA and scoots as fast as her legs will let her. It is super cute and I really don't mind. Starting on Sunday she now has figured out that I am MAMA and DAD is DADDY. Glad we got that sorted out. =]

I started reading this girl's blog Spoiled Eggs back when  I was pregnant. She is infertile and has a blog telling all about it. Around the same time I had Rylee she adopted a cute little boy. They are about a week or 2 apart. I feel like she is one of my friends. I read her blog all the time and compare our kids. She wrote a poem that touched my heart! I feel the same way as her in this poem. She also says is so much better then I ever could.

A few thoughts I had tonight, formatted into a poem with no title:

Last year’s Mothers Day
Was very bitter sweet
We were 2 weeks out ‘til baby boy
And my heart was at my feet

Anything could’ve happened,
My mind was running wild.
The unknown so unsettling,
Yet we were so close to a child.

I celebrated Mothers Day
With precaution, hope, and joy.
It wasn’t sad like years before
Because we almost had our boy.

I wanted to enjoy it
For the first time as a wife.
So the day before, I worked and cleaned,
And pondered on my life.

As I scrubbed the bathroom,
I thought of motherhood,
And as I swept and mopped my floors
I dreamed of all things good.

I planned for perfect days to come
With toys and walks and fun.
And all the while I washed and scrubbed
‘Til my job was finally done.

I sat back and admired the house
I’d just spruced unto a home.
Then kicked back and waited patiently
For Mothers Day to come.

And it did, it came and went
With flowers, cards, and all.
But looking back on that day
There isn’t much that I recall.

I know my house was spotless
Everything put away.
But nothing else stands out to me
About that Mothers Day.

Fast forward one whole year to now,
My word, how life as changed.
We’ve moved across the country
My whole life’s been rearranged.

But perhaps the greatest change of all
Is sleeping in his bead.
With a lamb and blanket by his side
Sweet dreams filling his head.

I look at him with Mothers Day
Coming in the morn’,
And my the difference he has made
Just by being born.

Instead of a picture perfect house
With nothing out of place,
Tonight the pile of laundry
Could reach to outer space.

And rather than a dish-rack full
Of sparkling silverware
My kitchen has exploded and
There are green beans in my hair.

The bathroom in and of itself
Is a special work of art.
The floor is wet, the counter and the sink,
Well I can’t tell them apart.

The family room’s another story
Strewn with books and toys.
I’ve tripped in there 5 times today
On a dumb toy that makes noise.

To sum it up, my house is gross
Nothing like last year.
But a filthy house means more to me,
Because it means that Nolan’s here.

Toys left out, train tracks around
And books left on the rug,
Means that we got to read and play today
Which means I got a hug.

Suds and water on the floor,
Of a bathroom filled with grime,
Means we splashed and laughed and made a mess,
And that’s worth all the slime.

And my dirty kitchen, though disturbing
Tells a story too, you know.
Of a full tummy, and a smiling face,
As he tastes some cookie dough.

So when I look back, one year ago
To a childless Mothers Day
And how I thought I’d done alright
Because my house looked fresh as day.

I get a tad bit jealous,
That my home had circumspection,
But all it takes, is one looks around
To know that this life is perfection.

I’d never trade a dusted shelf
For my play dates with my boy.
And between the two, a crisp made bed,
Is second to that noisy toy.

There’s more to life than ironed shirts,
And gourmet dinners in the oven.
There are games to play, books to read,
And an awful lot of lovin’.

So as I look around tonight
At my home in disarray,
I know that tomorrow, without a doubt,
Will be the best 1st Mothers Day.

Her blog

Saturday, May 5, 2012


The place we moved into has a section of the yard fenced off and a garden already dug and all the tools needed. I have been wanting to try my hand at gardening for a long time. I had one once growing up and didn't know what I was doing. I got like 3 one inch carrots out of it. BJ has been gardening his whole life. My mother in law has an amazing garden and always gets a good harvest.

I started my seedlings inside but I started way to late. They are still inside because the day I started getting them use to the outside sun it snowed. Go figure. So they are back inside trying to keep going. While looking for flowers for my flower bed we came across grown seedlings. SCORE! We planted those so we can at least try and get a real harvest. I'll plant my other seedlings in about a month. We will see which way is better, growing my own seedlings, or buying already grown seedlings.

We planted: a ton of tomatoes both regular and cherry, strawberries, cantaloupe, romaine lettuce, cucumbers, broccoli, sugar snap peas, and pumpkins.

I think my cucumbers have already died. They might not like the warm then cold weather. My strawberries already have little ones growing though. I really hope my pumpkin produces at least one good size pumpkin to carve come halloween.  My neighbor gave us one of her seedlings that was really strong so we planted that one already. I started another seedling that looks pretty good so I will plant that one soon as well. Arizona has pumpkin patches everywhere to get a pumpkin to carve but up here most people already have harvested by then so you have to go the store for one. That isn't as fun so we really hope we can grow our own from now on!

I love going and looking at it each day. I have noticed that birds pecking around so we need to find some metallic pinwheels to keep them away. We also have little kids come play in the yard everyday and we noticed they were playing around the garden. BJ was pretty upset about it so we bought some locks to keep them out.

Now that I know how to can have the supplies I hope all my tomatoes come in and I can start a real food storage from my own garden. The whole idea just makes me giddy!