Friday, December 30, 2011


Rylee's Christmas dress was from her cousin Lili. We went through her old clothes and found this. I'm glad Lili was the first grandbaby and that Kim kept all her clothes so Rylee can have cute stuff.

She is such a ham these days. Sticking her tongue is normal around here.

BJ had Rylee help him decorate the tree. She loved it! 

She played with  tree almost everyday. She broke one of the ornaments by accident but that was my fault since I have her a wooden one to play with and it flew out of her hand on accident.

Christmas Eve we went sledding. She didn't mind as long as someone was pulling her while the other sled down the hill. We had a lot of fun. There was hardly any snow but it was perfect for sledding. We then rented Cars 2 and Super 8 to watch that night.

Christmas morning was fun. Rylee loves grabbing everything so we just put her gift in front of her and she grabbed it and once we got it open she played with each thing before she opened the next gift. She loved the boxes too. I love how she learns so quickly. Kerri sent her a train that you push a button and balls go around inside. It took her less than a day to figure out how to push the button to make the balls go around. At first they went to fast for her to grab but she figured out all she had to do was push it over and they would roll out. I love watching her play with it. 

We had fun opening presents from our family. BJ got his gift early which was shot gun and .22 bullets. I got my steam mop and have been loving it! Aunt Marsha gave us money for an exersaucer and with some money we got from my parents we went for the jumping one. She loves to jump and she figured out how to turn around and play with each toy. Whenever she jumps it plays music. She loves it! 

For Christmas Eve we wanted hamburgers so we went and got a camping grill. We made Cheeseburgers on  ciabatta bread with Henry Whinehart Rootbeer. I'm pretty sure we will do this every year!!! 

Christmas day we went to Church which was amazing! We had our own concert with french horns, violins, cello, oboes, piano, with amazing singers. I was so impressed! We came home and had lasagna with Matt and Camelle (who by the way are having a girl!!!!! and Marie is having a boy and and girl!). We had a lot of fun and enjoyed our time as a family. We hope we can make it down to Phoenix next year since we wont get to be there this summer. 

I wanted to take pictures out in the snow but there wasn't really very much. It hasn't snowed in awhile and right now there is non to be found at all. 

Friday, December 9, 2011

Biggest Winner

Chase (Trainer), Natalia, Mary, Me, Elizabeth, Angela (Trainer) not pictured Hannah

The Biggest Winner team that WON! 

After a semester of working out and having many ups and downs I lost 10 pounds. Everyone asked me if I felt stronger and better during my work outs and all I could say was no. I guess the program was different for me. Most of the people have taken a life time of not working out and being unhealthy that this program changed their life. Me, I just had 9 months of growing a baby and am not close to being back to my active healthy lifestyle. This program was a great jump start but it didn't change my life. I wish I would have realized this half way through. I had many many many complaints about the program and ways it wasn't working for me. After the closing ceremony and listening to a girl go on and on about finally getting healthy and feeling good about herself for the first time, I realized oh that was the point of this. For example, she was over the moon excited that she could run a mile in 11 minutes and I was super depressed that I ran my 5k with 10 minute miles. The point of this program wasn't shed as many pounds as you can and work out as hard as you can. It was learning to be happy with your body and to see that you can do hard things. Even though I was far above everyone in the workout sense and wished for better work outs and more weight lose, I had a good time. 

Our team some how won the whole thing. Mary, my teammate, also lost 22 pounds and 3% body fat! We got a backpack, a single serve blender, and a water bottle. I gave mine to Chase my trainer since they were one short. But I did get a shirt and that is by far better than anything. I love getting shirts!!

Overall I made great friends and I'm working on getting back to pre pregnant Krystal. I'm getting there and it is fun to see results! 

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Rylee loved her uncle "cookie" (garrett tried to get me to name her cookie and when i didn't he became her uncle cookie. My sister kim has her kids call him bubba and kerri has her kids call him nacho. It confusing but he loves it) 

Jessica's boyfriend justin joined us this year. 

My favorite part is when we go around and say what we are thankful for. It always starts out funny then gets cheesy then really touching. I love it! I look forward to it every year. This year we did it a day late so BJ and I could join them and it wasn't our normal game filled pool diving day. I liked it though. We all were together and enjoying our time but didn't have the pressure to make it THANKGIVING cuz it wasn't but was for us.

Of course we sang happy birthday to Garrett and ate chocolate cake.

This year we went Black Friday shopping. BJ got money to buy new jeans and he had some left over money so of course the princess got a toy with it. Grandma had some blocks and Rylee loved pushing them over so we got her some blocks to play with. 

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday with family. Well other than the 4th of July. I'm thankful I have amazing family who love us and we always have fun. 

I am also thankful for my little family. I am super blessed to have my husband and daughter and couldn't ask for a better family!