Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I can hear the bells!

Can anyone else hear the wedding bells?!?!!


NOW is the time to bombard me with anything and everything cute I can do for the wedding!!!!! had SOOOO many cute things!! After looking at this site i want a cute DYI wedding!

NO plain and boring! I have 2 months with nothing to do for the wedding! I've been such a good bride! I've bought everything for the wedding and there is still 2 months to go! NOW what? sit and wait!?!?! I THINK NOT! I need pictures and ideas!!! I want cute cute things and things that are cheap and easy to make!!!

Guest book- I want something cute! Like a quilt to have people sign, or a platter the you bake it and can keep it, or this

Cute ideas with the thumbprints!!!

So this means every one who has said the words, " what can i do to help?" Just let me know if you need anything!" NOW IS THE TIME!!!! email me, text me, facebook me! I need cutness people!!!!


Mr. Artful Doger!

Bruce did a FANTASTIC job in the musical! I don't kn0w how many people have come up to us and say how great he was and how perfect he was for the part! It was a great hit! We are both happy it is finally over and we have our thursdays and weekends back. I also got the "So he sings and can dance (not that he dance at ALL in the musical) what can you do?!" hmmmm well I did everyones make-up! =] I gotta remember to have a good excuse to why I'm in the next musical.. like having a kid or work on the backdrop or something!
Don't worry for all of you who missed out they have a dvd of the play so you can see it when the wedding rolls around =]

One down... endless to go

May 2, 2009 started the best year of my life! Why you ask?!

  • That's the day this handsome man asked me to be his girlfriend!
  • That's the day we sat on his couch in the wee hours of the morning talking about our childhood, our dreams, how we wanted to raise future children, where we were at in our lives and why, what things we wanted to work on and change.
  • That's the day Bruce jokingly said, "Shoot, what am I waiting for?! I should just ask you to marry me right now!"
  • That's the day we both laughed and knew in our hearts that we would spend forever as one!

I know this post is a few days early but oh well. Since my birthday has rolled around we have had a few one year marks. The 18th- me inviting him to my party and spending like 6 hours together. The 25th- our first kiss. Now on to May 2nd- One year together!

I am extremly blessed to have Bruce in my life. I tell him all the time that he is my movie man! You know how you watch movies and think man I wish my boyfriend/husband would do that!!! Well, since I've been with BJ I've yet to watch a movie and say man I wish I had that. I have it all!! T-59 days until I am forever sealed with me best friend! Through all the ups and downs and turns and twists and bumps and grooves I know that he will be standing right there next to me holding my hand! I couldn't ask for anything more!

22 years old

I'm one year older... and I think wiser too!!

Bruce took me horseback riding! I love going horse backriding!!!

We got to go through this HUGE pipe!! For me that was the coolest part!!

You can't really tell but my horse was the slowest. We were lucky enough to get just me, bj, and the cowboy! I was at the back and we just took our time! The wildflowers were in bloom and it was breath taking!!

My 21st year of life was something I have been looking forward to since before I can remember! I'm not sure why, but i always thought life the way i wanted would start at 21. Boy was I RIGHT!!

  • I fell in love with an old friend who quickly became my all time best friend ever!
  • I moved back out on my own and after many bumps I got my very own apartment!
  • I got a full time job at a high school working with teenagers and little kids. Best job ever!
  • I became engaged to the best friend and have started planning out our lives together!!!
  • Signed up for classes at ASU

What more could a girl ask for?!?! I always said I would be married at 21. I didn't hit that mark but whats a few months! Dad asked me what I wanted now that I made it to what I've always wanted. I didn't know how to answer. I have forever been dreaming about my life at the age of 21 and where I wanted to be. I made it! I'm here! I've passed it.... now what?!? Then dad went on to give me his wise thoughts. I've always figured I'd be married and starting my family. Now I am getting married and since the only things left on my list is to graduate from a university Bruce and I can plan out our life and have shared dreams together!