Thursday, February 28, 2013

The "No thank you" rule

When BJ and I first started dating I would always tease him. He was always a good sport but when he got to his limit he would say "Ok No thank you." I would laugh and keep teasing him. He then would get really mad because he said "NO thank you" and that meant I had to stop.

His family rule growing up was you could tease and play with each other but as soon as someone said "NO thank you" you had to leave them alone. I thought that was a silly rule but I guess it worked for 8 kids.

Sad to say but it took me many months and many fights before I started to follow the "NO thank you" rule with BJ. I don't say "NO thank you" to him to get him to stop but he still to this day will say it when he is just done.

I never really realized that I have started to incorporate that rule into our own family. I never really had any intentions to use it until last night when BJ and Rylee were playing.

Rylee didn't get a nap so by 7 she was losing her temper faster then normal. BJ was rough housing with her and she is usually always a good sport about it. Last night it was just too much and while playing Rylee said No daddy! and he kept playing so she broke down in tears. I told him not to scold her and that she didn't have a nap and she came running over to me. I held her and told her to just tell daddy "NO thank you" and he will stop. Through her tears she shook her head and said "No thank you daddy!!" BJ sat up and told her he was sorry and that he would stop.

That's when it I realized that I have told Rylee several times to just tell her daddy "No thank you" when she didn't want him to do something and he would stop. He always stops too. Anytime Rylee says "No thank you daddy" he apologizes and stops whatever it was he was doing and finds something that will make her happy.

I guess the "No thank you" rule isn't as silly as I thought it was. I think it will always be a part of our family just because BJ still abides by it. That's how he was trained. I wonder how it will work with the baby and if the kids will use it the way BJ and his siblings did. Only time will tell I guess.

Oh and Rylee is so into Tinkerbell these days. Mom gave us 2 of the new Tinkerbell's and we watch them all.the.time! This is Rylee and BJ "flying like Tinkerbell" through Wal-Mart.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Crazy enough to be us

BJ and I have finally been convinced that we are crazy. Since we have been married 3 years ago this June we will have had 9 cars and moved 6 times. All of them with me pregnant minus 2 when Rylee was 8 and 11 months old. Yeah we are crazy.

This move I think will be worth it but there is always something that makes the move suck. We are moving to Idaho Falls which is about 30 minutes from Rexburg. BJ is off track next semester and needs a job/internship and since IF is a bigger city he felt it would be a better bet then Rexburg. I wasn't convinced we should move. I love our place, it takes less then 10 minutes to walk to school, we just got help with paying for our babysitter here in Rexburg. I didn't see why moving would be a good idea. BJ of course started looking for places and I had my list of had to haves and we weren't finding anything. He found 1 place that kind of matched my list but was above our price range but I agreed to go look at it. While looking we came across others then BJ found something that hit every single thing on my list plus it saved us money.

$700 in rent with all utilities included, washer and dryer hook ups, 2 bed 1 bath, basement, garage, fenced yard, walking distance to a park, and no signed lease that keeps us there if we need to move. It is perfect. Or so I thought.

I has a loft that was turned into a 1 bed rental. The owner said a guy lives there and keeps to himself. I wasn't really worried about it until we met him today while moving some stuff. We get the garage and he has been storing some of his toys in it but the owner told him he had to move it out. We also found out he owns a pig that stays in the back yard. The owner wasn't happy to see it and said there are no pets allowed. I took Rylee in the back yard to look at it and find the trash cans and the stupid pig attacked me. I was really scared for our lives. I kicked it like 10 times and it kept trying to knock me over as I was running away from it. The guy said he would have his stuff moved out by the 1st when we really move in and when I asked about the pig he got all defensive. I asked if there was a way we could make it a pin so we could go back there and he got all mad. He said he thinks he should get the back yard and we can have the front. I just laughed and said no we will be using the backyard everyday. He feels he should get something and it's only fair he gets the back yard because he has been there for 2 years and we should just use the front. I told him no we have yard toys and Rylee isn't allowed to play in the front yard and we will just have to figure out a way to share the yard. I told him the pig attacked me when I went over to the trash cans and he just shrugged and said he would make it so I could take my trash out but he wasn't pinning up the pig. BJ was livid. He said he was just going to shoot the pig. I don't want to make that guy our enemy but we were told we get use of the back yard and the shed back there and the guy isn't even suppose to have the pig. I guess I will try working it out with the guy and split the yard with him some how. I really don't want to make him get rid of it because he is an older guy who lives alone and I know what pets can mean to people. He might have a pile of our trash on his door step if we don't figure it out soon. I'll give him until summer but Rylee needs a yard to play in. We might not get to stay there if it gets to be too much. There are plenty of places to rent and we don't have a lease but I really like the place. Why does he have to have a stupid pig!?! UGH

Something always goes wrong when you rent. I dream of the day when I can own my very own house and deal with problems that don't involve other tenants.  BJ said we should just remind the owner about the pig and maybe he will make the guy get rid of it. I guess time will tell.

IF really is a great move for us. It will make our lives a lot easier and even though moving sucks it really is worth it. BJ sold my Jeep so we could get a commuter car. I was so sad to see it go. We made 1000 bucks on it so it was a great deal for us but I really loved that car. BJ is all giddy to be looking for another car. He loves loves loves buying and selling cars. We have never lost money so I guess I'll let him have his fun. He is nice enough to put up with me crying for no reason and no cooking/no cleaning for weeks on end. He can have his cars. As long as I have something to get me from point A to B back to A I really don't mind.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Life update

School has been a big challenge so far. Not that it is harder but it's the fact that I have crazy teachers and I just don't care about the subject manner. I really just want to get through this semester and get to 4th for Labor and Delivery. I care about that subject. I don't care about learning the blood components, how to suction a trach, or deal with traumas. I have to keep on trucking. I just need to do well on my tests and I should be fine.

One highlight this semester is that BJ isn't working. I wish we could be rich and never have either of us work more then a few hours each day. BJ is kind of going crazy not working but I love having him around. He has lots of energy which is great for Rylee. Poor thing gets so bored with me. I try to be fun but it only lasts for so long. Rylee has lots of energy these days since we don't spend it outside anymore. I try to take her to the store to let her run around but I don't last long. I'm hoping my energy comes back super soon.

Rylee is amazely fun these days. She talks in complete sentences which still amazes me. She is super clear in everything she says. She tries really hard to say it the right way. She likes to demand that I do things. That part is not so fun. I try so hard not to laugh and tell her to be nice but it is so dang funny. She now says she wants to do things or doesn't want to do things. She has started bargining to get out of things she doesn't want to do. Example, it is nap time and she says, Don't want to sleep. hmmmm how about play play dough. hmmmmm read books, hmmmm go sledding. She will keep coming up with things until she has a melt down that it is in fact nap time or I give in and let her play for a bit.
Things Rylee says a lot

"ummm no I don't want to"
"I like HIM!" referring to her daddy
"What you want do tonight?
"Walk in IF?"
" Broliums or walmart hmmmm walmart"
"I like that!"
"HEY its my turn!"
"Play play dough in nursery, nursery pretty fun!"
"Play Sydney, Tiffany, Tammy?!" (People who have babysat her)
"Rylee's Chair"
"Mommy I need help"
"Go in tent"
" Juice all gone need fill up"

I could go on and on. She says everything but those she says cute.
She has picked up "mine" from the kids she is around. BIGGEST pet peeve. I hate it. We do NOT say mine in this house. It drives me nuts. She says everything is her and she "needs it!" "Rylee needs that!" Everything big or little she needs it. Funny but gets old fast.

Rylee has a tent that she loooooves to play in. She always wants us to play in it with her. My legs cramp up so bad after awhile so BJ built a huge fort for us to play in. Rylee loved it. We took naps in it. We watch movies. We played. It was fun. It got old having my entire living room be under a fort so it only last 2 days but it was a blast.

She learned how to roll roll roll the play dough. We play with it a lot. I made a huge batch and found a ton of cook cutters at DI so that's one toy that stay out on the table so she can play with it whenever. I tried putting it away but she asks about 20 times a day so now she knows where it is and can play when she wants.

She is very into Mickey mouse clubhouse. She likes it. Thanks to youtube she can watch like 5-6 different episoides. She loves Tinkerbell. This is sad but she like to watch Friends with us. She knows who Joey is. She knows "ungai". It is so funny. I have needed TV time and we only watch 2 shows on Hulu plus so Friends it is. (we have all but 2 seasons)

We kind of are working on potty training but not really. We are just introducing the idea to her. If she wanted to she could be already potty trained but she would rather have a diaper on. She has all the signs that she is ready. She isn't even 2 yet so I'm not pushing it. We let her go without a diaper just to air out and we always have accidents. I'm ok with it. I figured she knows when she is going she tells me, she knows what the potty is, she knows what to do, it is just a matter of her wanting too. I'm not stressed about it at all. I haven't really tried. BJ gets a little frustrated but I'm letting her take the lead. I know it will either happen before the baby then she will regress or she will wait until after the baby. I'm fine with her waiting until after the baby so we talk about it and she knows all about what to do so when the time comes she will be ready.

I have been doing a blog for the baby since I figured it would be easier  to keep it all seperate for his or her baby book.

Baby #2's blog 

If you wanna read up on the baby. Not many posts as of now but that's where I'll put my pictures come 16 weeks as well as facebook.