Thursday, December 27, 2012

Decorating gingerbread houses

Our friends the Stinnetts invites us over to make gingerbread houses for FHE. Ive never really done that so I was down for playing.

I don't think we will make it one of our traditions. It was really hard! Everyone called mine the Mexican house because it was all red. I had no idea what I was doing. Rylee started helping until she realized we were using candy to decorate then it turned into her pointing and asking for candy while BJ tried limiting what she could reach.

It was a lot of fun. All the kids hated it because their parents were really into the houses and ignoring them. Doesn't help that rylee was the oldest.

I had my dad buy the rice crispy train for Rylee to decorate. I think Rylee will have more fun with that. Less candy distraction and she isnt a big fan of eating rice crispy treats.  We will see how that one goes.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Best spent $5

Notice the green and white bracelets she is showing off? 
 (she is also really into hats right now)

On Fridays we usually go hang out with BJ while he is working because he sits at a desk and does nothing. We take lunch and sit with him for a few hours. Last week he got in trouble because we were there. He got a new faculty over his department so lots have things are changing. This week we just took him lunch a walked around the MC. The Manwaring Center, MC, is a big building that has the Crossroads or cafeteria, University book store, bowling alley, ballrooms and such. We walked around the store for a bit then we started looking at all the themed Christmas trees they had up. 

The business students each semester have to come up with a buiness and sell their product all semester to see who can make the most money. Today is the last day so everyone had their product on sale. A big thing up here is paracord bracelets. You know the rope stuff they use for parachute? Yeah they use that to make all kinds of stuff. Rylee liked their booth because they had pretty lights. Then she noticed the bracelets. They had a tiny green one which Rylee just had to try on. She walked away with it. The girl laughed and said they were 2 for $5. Rylee came back and tried all of them on but just wanted the green one that fit and a white one that she could slip on and off herself. Normally I say it was fun to try on now put them back. But since they were on  sale and she really liked them I figured I could regift them to someone, so I bought them.

Little did I know I had just spent the best $5 ever!

We went on our way looking at the Christmas Trees and we ran into someone we knew. I stopped to say HI and Rylee came over and showed off her new bracelets. I thought it was cute and we kept walking. We went through where all the college kids eat their meals. Rylee stopped at each table with kids and showed them her bracelets. I just laughed and explained they were new. Each table, guys and girls alike told her they were pretty and we went to the next group of kids. She stopped at every person who was sitting to show them her bracelets. We then met BJ after he got off she proudly showed him. He gave me the stink eye for spending $5 but I told him it was worth it. 

Rylee wanted to show BJ the trees so we walked through the MC again. He laughed when he saw her walk up to a table and stick her wrist out until the person acknowledge her bracelet. Then she went on from there. Some people were studying or eating and didn't notice this little 18 month old standing at their table with her arm out waiting for them to look at her new bracelet. I would try and get her to move on but she would just stand there with her arm out until they felt our presence and told her pretty bracelet. 

I kid you not she showed about 50 people her bracelets. We got the biggest kick out of it.

I don't even care if she never puts them on again that was so much fun for me to watch her going around proudly showing off her bracelets. She never ceases to amaze me by the things she does.

She also fell asleep in like .5 seconds when we got home too.