Monday, December 21, 2009

O Christmas Tree

Bruce wanted to buy a real tree! I was all about that idea! We went and walked around and i found THE perfect tree, but it was prolly over $100 and bruce said maybe not this year lol. Then we found a tree that fit us perfectly (see picture above and to the right). The guy told us the price and we said hmmm how about a different one. We got Ted (our tree) for some what of a good price and he looked just like this tree so we were happy!!!

Good thing we have randy! Ted fit perfectly in him!
Bruce was putting the stand on Ted. Who knew how hard it was to put a stand on a tree and have it stand up right. Ted leans a tad but it works for us
Bruce's mother had lights for us so we put those on right away

Then Bruce and I went to Big Lots and found cute ornaments for pretty cheap. I let bruce decorate the tree. I still have this image of putting on the ornaments as a child then later having mom come and rearrange them so they looked good lol. so i put the hooks on while bruce placed them.
Bruce made me pick out my favorite ornament and put at least one on Ted. If you can see the tv we just had to put on a christmas movie while we decorated the tree... Cool Runnings. =] idk where it came from but its the movie we watched!
Here is Ted in all his glory! Bruce wanted a star for the top and even let me put it on! Well i put it on then he thought it was on wrong then he tried putting in on then broke our cheap plastic star and i had to fix it and then put it on. I think Ted looks amazing next to our baby grand! I love it!!!! Bruce is the best!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

More engagement pictures!

Here is a few more pictures that took. If anyone wants to order these beautiful pictures of us then go right ahead. lol you will also be getting one or two in our annoucements =] enjoy

Engagement pictures!!!

Bruce and I went and had some engagement pictures taken a week ago at the Boojum tree. Coolest place in Phoenix!! I think everyone should take pictures there!!! Sloan Photographers took the pictures. They made up a slide show of some of the pictures they took and sent it to us.

Check it out! Once we get the right link I'll post it so you can see all of the pictures we took that day! My favorite is the circle mirror one!!! Let us know which ones you all like =]

Friday, December 4, 2009

Baby grand anyone?

Introducing the Balls-Hebner Baby Grand piano!!!!!

Yup you read it right! I now own a baby grand! Well Bruce and i own it together!! Syl and Cliff didn't want to store or keep it so we gladly took it off of their hands! It now has a home in Bruce's parents guest house, where bruce lives, until we get our place! I LOVE IT!!! It is my new happy thought!!!! I have a piano! and its a BABY GRAND!!! It needs some tuning and some of the keys are jammed from how it was stored but we are more then willing in saving up some money to get it all working. I want to paint it green! it needs a paint job... what do you think? =]

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Vegas Temple

On our way home we stopped at the las vegas temple. It was super pretty!!!
Bruce told me how to sit then set the timer and ran and posed us like this! He is so super amazing!
I love to see the temple, WE'RE going there some day! (k bruce has been... but i mean like marriageness)

(check pictures at temple from road trip like kim and nate took... just checking off the mental check list of things my sisters have done that i just have to do too =])

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Changes in Life

Right now Bruce is working 2 jobs and going to school. He gets up early and goes into work at his dad's business. Then at he heads into where he watched men pee and gets home around 6. On thurdsay's he goes to school from 6 to 10. He's been stretched pretty thin lately.

His boss at his dad's business offered him full time!!! We sat down and weighed out all of the pros and cons of both jobs. I am ALL for him going to work at his dad's. If he starts from the bottom he can work his way up and maybe someday take over. I'd be ok with that! Bruce now is thinking that might workout for him. So he put in his two weeks notice and next week will be full time with his dad!

Today i found out that his mom told him about a job at university of phoenix. I guess they are hiring and his mom knows someone who knows someone. If he worked there school would be free for him and 80% would be free for me! How great would that be! We don't know much about it and he said he has to talk to the guy... but I wouldn't mind that! Didn't kim and nate work there when they first got married???

Everything is still the same with me. I love my job! I love the hours! and i'll love bruce's new hours too!!!

YSA Ward Calling

So I really don't care for my ward. Since Bruce and I are engaged now one really wants to play with us. It doesn't bother me... i'm not the best at making new friends. I'll stick to just having bruce, but it doesn't make for feeling like you are apart of the ward.

Ever since i moved out of Rose Lane Ward I have never felt like i had a ward family. Being a single and moving lots (on i'm on 7th move since 2006) You can't really get in the mix.

I thought this ward would be different since i'll be here for awhile. I knew some from being in the ward before so i thought it would be an easy transition. I was wrong.

I was thinking of just going to a family ward with michele since bruce and i call our selves in-betweeners. We are single but not really... but not married... so we just don't really have a place.

Guess the Lord has other plans for me!

I am now a Ward Missionary! I have no clue what that means! Whenever i heard people being called to that growing up i figured they just got a calling to have a calling but it wasn't much of a calling. I groaned inwardly as the bishop was telling me about it! I'm not social, i have no clue what that calling is, i don't know the ppl that are ward missionaries already.

I wanted a calling to feel apart of the ward. I got one. Now i just gotta step up to the challenge. After complaining to bruce (thats bad i know...) i realized that the Lord knows me. He knows I wanted to be more involved and feel like church was more then just 3 meetings on sunday. He knows that i don't get along with the main pack of singles that run the ward. He knows that i need help talking to people and being social and nice to those i don't know. So maybe this will be a good thing. I only have 7 more months in a single ward so hopefully this helps me out some! Idk what it all is and what it really means but i guess i'll find out!

Wedding dress!

So my mom and bruce and old roommate ( did i ever mention i moved again? i now live with bruce's sister Michele... just fyi) went shopping for dresses and found this one.
It is a bridesmaid dress so i can get it in white. Its a horrible picture because you aren't allowed to take pictures and i snuck this one. I like it a lot but i went online looking to see if there was anything else. Cost $170 not including extra material for sleeves.

I then found this dress! This lady custom makes her dresses. She has the orginal and then you can add, take off , or do whatever you want to it. One lady did this custom dress. I thought it was super cute. I'm not a lacy person though. But this is the first dress with sleeves that i actually like. Cost around $550ish.
Then i kept looking and found this dress!!!!! sooooooooooo cute! Its a knock off from a designer dress. Michelle Roth's Maya dress! I love it! I looked around and found that i could get this one for $400. Its online so i'm super ify about it about its cute!

This dress is the Michelle Roth orginal. I found a store in California that sells it. Cost $1,500 to $2,000. YIKES! i like more then the knock off. But i would take the knock off. However its shorter but is it to short? How could i find material to match to put sleeves... would it look cute with a jacket.... lots of questions right!!?!
Then i did more searching (which is surprising cuz i am the worst person at finding things online) and found the Michelle Roth Maya dress for ................ $330 and they will sell you extra material!!!! All in all it would be $350 for my dress shipping and handling included! I'm still worried about it being online but the site has a return policy and they ship in 25 business days. I figured i can buy it a little bit bigger then it get taken it to fit me. I love this dress! Mostly cuz it fits! Krystal Balls in a poka dot dress! Come on! Its amazing!!!!!!! Now i just gotta save up after all this holiday spending money stuff and I can order it whenever! I want it now just cuz I do but I think i'll wait til about Feb or March to order it.

Update for the past bit

If I ever get to a computer that has interent hooked up to it I will post the amazing pictures that i haven't posted. they included..

Mom's birthday and video

Bruce's and my date on the lightrail

THANKSGIVING! (everyone is in for a treat with this. the Hebner Lister Nys and now Balls Thanksgiving is always AMAZING and everyone should be sad they miss it!)

Trip to Las Vegas

There is lots to post but my computer and bruces just aren't letting me post them. My body will not allow me to pick up wirless internet if the router isn't right in the house. I cut it out for some reason. It is quite annoying. Since Bruce and I have blackberry's (love my blackberry! i'm now a blackberry freak!) we can plug it into our computer as use it as a modem and get internet. Problem is, you have to have great service...which we don't in either of our houses... and have lots of time... which we never seem to have.

Someday look for posts with pictures!