Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Full Term

I never got around to taking maternity pictures. I should have took them at like 30 weeks when I was big but didn't feel like I had 20 layers of fat on me yet. I didn't know that. I also could care less to put make up on ever and its minimal what goes on for church even. So no cute pictures for me. There is website my sister Kim got me hooked on called Pinterest. I love it and there were a ton of cute maternity ideas. Since my sister Kerri is here I had her take some to see how they would turn out. 

There was one with the boy holding a pumpkin and it was the same size as her belly. So stinkin cute.
My belly is bigger then this seedless watermelon and not nearly as cute as the one I saw.

This is a work in progress. Once the baby gets here we'll take another one in this same shirt and hold her in front of me. We'll see how it turns out. 

There are other ones I wanted to try and do but I just don't have the means to do them and I don't feel like paying someone to take pictures of just my belly. 

~ Nothing new same old same old

~ Having my sister Kerri here has been fun! I am now in her shoes that she was in almost 4 years ago! Its been fun to see the other side. I have loved every minute of her being here and playing with Kaci and Forrest. Uncle Bruce is the favorite sadly but since I'm not too much fun these days I'm just glad he is around to play with them and make them happy. Kaci loves Bruce. Its so cute to watch them play. 

~I lost most of my mucus plug so that means some of my pain has been worth it.

~ The first night I woke up to Forrest crying I realized I think I can wait a little bit longer for my baby to get here. Then I started to hurt and I'm worried about the no sleep but I'm ready to be done. 

~ My midwife said I need to exercise and lay off the sweets so instead of changing my eating habits I just walked a few miles each day while BJ played basketball. I ended up losing a pound. Go me!!!

~ My sister in law had her baby Tuesday night. They always wait to be surprised on the gender and she had a little girl!!!!! I am so happy my daughter will have a girl cousin to play with that is only a few days to weeks older than her! I hope they will become the best of friends but if not at least they will have someone to play with at family gatherings.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy birthday to me!

This year I wasn't really all into my birthday coming. First time ever! It ended up being amazing thanks to my wonderful husband!

~He let me sleep in since we have been waking up early everyday the past weekend.
~ After we dropped off my mother in law we got to go shopping at my favorite grocery store WINCO!
~I ate half of an amazingly good chocolate muffin!
~ My sister in law Liz sent me a gift card for Applebee's so we got to go have a very yummy lunch!!( and dinner because we had left overs)
~ I got to pick what show I wanted to watch while I drifted off to my nap
~Thanks to my Dad, mom, and friend Jessica I got a fancy pedicure. Since people sent me money I went for the fancy one which included getting my toes done, getting a yummy fancy drink, a plate of chocolates and candies, and a nice warm neck thingy. It was a great pedicure. They did so much that I'm not used too. My toes turned out really cute too.

 Me at 36 weeks. Nothing really eventful has happened this last week. Thanks to my mother in law we got everything moved in to our new place and everything is unpacked. She is still getting bigger and the midwife finally said I needed to stay away from sweets and try to slow down the weight gain. eek!  I want to spend the rest of the week getting her room ready then I want her here! BJ told me about a dream he had of her and ever since all I can think about is her and what it will be like once she finally gets here!!!!!

BJ got me flowers too. He had them in the car when he picked me up from my pedicure
I also got my diapers in the mail that day! 
The spa place even gave me all the scrubby tools they used on me and flip flops

We had Danny, Matt, and Camille over for cake and ice cream. I wanted to make it look cute so I used my serving dishes. They sang to me and then we watched Eagle eye that I fell asleep in.

I told BJ that my 22nd year was the most eventful year I have prolly ever had. 
I got married
I got pregnant
I moved to Idaho
I worked full time, went to school full time, and was pregnant

Thats a lot! I'm looking forward to my 23rd year as it will be my first year as a parent!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I've been thinking of switching over to the midwives up here then sticking it out with the doctor that wants to cut me up. But I wasn't sure how to go about doing it, and I felt weird changing doctors yet again.

After talking it over with lots of people I felt justified in at least getting a second opinion. So I had a consultation with one of the midwives today.

As soon as I told her what my doctor said her mouth dropped, she starting shaking her head and said "oh no honey we make sure everyone gives it "the old college try" before we even think of slicing you open". 

We talked for a long time about it and she made me feel so much better that I wasn't going to be putting my child in harms way by wanting to avoid a c-section.

She then asked if she could measure my belly. She had my lay down and felt around for the baby. She told me where the head was and that it wasn't engaged yet. She pointed out her back and where her little booty was (it was what the ultrasound lady said and  the midwife was just feeling my stomach!).

 Then she said "I would guess 5 1/2 maybe 6 lbs." I measured between 35-36 weeks. She looked at me and said " Honey I wouldn't even do an ultrasound on you. You measure spot on and I'm not even worried she would be more then maybe 8 lbs."

I must say I love that lady! She kept looking at me and saying "poor thing to have the doctor scare you like that for no reason!"

She even set it up to where I just signed a paper and they do all the dirty work and I don't have to feel like I'm 5 inches tall and tell them I'm switching. 

Talking to her was the most I've done at any of my doctors appointments. I had more of my questions answered without even having to ask. She also said that the midwives stay with you from active labor until the baby and I are set and able to get some rest. I don't have to worry about talking to nurses I've never seen and be in labor with random people and only see the doctor when I'm pushing. That made me feel a lot better about going into labor. Plus 70% of their patients do natural so they are willing to work with me and help me get through it without meds. 

Thanks to all my sisters and sister in laws for helping get a second opinion. I feel lots lots better now!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


This is the only shot I've been able to get of my lopsided belly I still think its so funny when she does this!

Monday, April 11, 2011

week 35

~ A little over a month left to go. I pray every night (and morning and just about every minute I think of it) that this little girl feels the best time to come will be the last week of April or my 37th week.

~ We decided to move up the road into a townhouse at the married student housing the school offers. There were a lot of pros and cons about the move and it took me a few days after signing the contract that I felt right about it, but I'm exited.
- Its a TOWNHOUSE! It has house in its name! No more apartment, more homey feeling. 
-Lots and LOTS more storage (this place has zero and I was getting worried)
- Closer to campus we don't have to drive meaning no more parking passes
-The church building is down hill and closer so we wont be as sweaty by the time we get to church!
(so can not WAIT to walk to church every Sunday!!!)
- Separate living room from dining room and kitchen so you can actually entertain people
- Same price we are paying now
- We can wash clothes or run the dishwasher as any time of the day and not have to wait until 11 pm!
( so much better since I'm doing cloth diapers!)
- Bigger washer and dryer
- Has real tile and soft carpet you actually want your feet to touch
- Has a playground close to our building
- We will have a pantry that is huge!
- 1 and a half bath so guest have one downstairs too

- We have to supply our own washer and dryer
-stairs take up living room space and I have to climb them more
- Kitchen is smaller and still not many cabinets 
-Long and skinny and not open
- no covered parking for winter
- no assigned parking
- moving again and unpacking again

All in all it was a good trade. I'm glad I put our names on the waiting list last semester and that BJ was on top of things and called to get us in. We scored big time getting a townhouse. There aren't as many and the flats aren't worth the trade off. So I'm a happy girl even if I have to move again while pregnant.

~ I'm having many days of pain. One girl at church freaked out and asked if I was in labor and if I needed my husband. No I'm not in labor just a whole lot of pain. 

~She is perfecting her dance moves. She is getting better at them everyday and never fails to put on a show when music is playing that she likes such as church music and rock.

~ We finished our birthing classes. The last class she gave us baby dolls and walked us through how to give our baby a bath. The dads were the ones practicing and it made my heart happy to watch BJ be super gentle with the baby doll and carefully follow each instruction. He was the only dad that actually did each step. He also grabbed the biggest baby in the pile by passing the smallest one. He said that baby was more realistic for his daughter. haha so true. 

~ I was going to use this week to make the baby's room all cute and ready for her but now everything is in boxes. I guess I'll do her room next week.

~The closer it gets the farther away it seems! I keep daydreaming of cuddling with her. BJ keeps telling me all the things that will be different once she gets here. I think he is a tad worried he will lose his partner in crime but I keep trying to reassure him he just will have 2 now instead of one. =]

~ Realized today that I am so so glad we were sent a little girl. I finally got to see Tangled and BJ could not stay out of my face the whole movie. I can't even count how many times he got in front of me and covered the screen. I realized having a boy would mean double that. We shall see how much this girly follows her daddy. Hopefully not too much! lol

~ I am now taking one class this next semester. As I tried to defer they informed it was not a good choice and by taking at least one class I can do fast grad and not have to worry about starting to pay off my student loans. I thought I had to take 8 credits but w realized it would just be cheaper to pay out of pocket for 2 credits. I think I can handle one class! 

~ My birthday is in a week! BJ's mom is bringing Danny up for school and will be here this weekend and she flys back on the 18th so BJ said he would take me out to eat at a real restaurant (IF has lots Rexburg has 2) and then I can go to this tiny spa up here and get my toes done. Thanks to my friend Jessica Clerc for spending me money I get to do the fancy pedicure and I couldn't be more excited!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

End of the semester

What do you do when you the end of the semester ends on a THURSDAY!!??!

I woke up Friday morning and thought "hey no school = book reading time that isn't a textbook!"

So I pulled BJ out of bed and we head off to the library for me to find a new series to read. I only really like reading series because I always get so sad when the book ends. I'm one of those creepy people that get really attached to the characters in the book and if there isn't a series where it keeps going it hits faster and I don't like that!
Its a cute story. Its from the Young Adult section because that is all I like to read. It is only a trilogy but that's fine with me. I read the book in one day. Easy reading but that meant I had to go back and get the other 2 since the library wont be open on Sunday.

What did BJ do all day?
This was like his favorite game growing up and he found a way to download it onto his computer. He played the whole time I read. He is still playing and loving it.

We also took time to clean which we stopped for finals. We also started packing up the place because BJ scored lots of boxes. I took all my decorations down and I'm hating all the white walls. I do not know how people live this way!  I'm getting excited for our move! I think it was a very good choice even if we might (most likely we will) lose some money in the long run.

SCHOOL IS OUT! NO SCHOOL UNTIL FALL!  I decided to defer for next semester. I was starting to get worried I wasn't going to be able to handle giving birth and taking care of a newborn with a full load of school work plus moving to Vegas for the summer. I was going to because the money we would have gotten was going to be our safety net until BJ started working (I find out more each time I go to the doctor how much money goes into having a child). Then I found out I'd only get money to cover tuition and books and we wouldn't have our safety net. That made it easy for me to "use wisdom in deferring my one semester of choice". I think having baby is worth deferring. It sets me back yet another semester but I might get on Fast Grad during the fall and go right thorough until I graduate.

Here is to lazy days of sleep and reading until baby girl completely consumes my life! wooo hoo!!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

34 weeks

~ Hands down the hardest week of my pregnancy. Even including all those weeks of being sick. My belly is just so heavy these days I hurt after 3 steps of walking. It feels like some kicked me in the crotch every single day. Any time she moves it comes with pain somewhere. You name it and it hurts!

~ Tried figuring out what contractions were this week. I'm pretty sure I'm having either braxton hicks or they are the real deal.

~ The doctor told me I was still big and next appointment he was going to do another ultrasound to see if she will be a 10 pound baby. He then said they would prolly do a c-section. After that all questions went out of my head and I forgot to ask about contractions.

~ After a day of crying my eyes out I figured I'd just change over to the midwife if the doctor feels a c-section is the way to go. I am not for that at all! So I will talk to my birthing class teacher who has worked with all of them and see what she says.

~ Pushing out a 10 pound baby sounds fun huh!

~ Toured the hospital! Its super nice! They have everything and do pretty much anything for you. All rooms are private. The labor room is huge! They have tubs I can sit in during labor and after if I want!

~ Took 2 baths today because I just hurt. They felt amazing and I will prolly take one every day from now on... if not more!

~ Finally figured it was time to wash all of her clothes and blankets. This picture pretty much makes my heart happy! It drives me NUTS when people fold their clothes and leave it on the couch. I refuse to fold my clothes there but it made me feel all grown up. Plus I don't have anywhere to put her stuff yet because we have yet to prepare her room for her!

~ LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL!!!!!!! I made it through my hell hole of a week and only had one melt down. I'm so proud of myself. I went 11 weeks of school being pregnant and had only one melt down and being stressed about school. One melt down is unheard of for me!

~ Checked out "The motherly way of breastfeeding" this week. My birthing class said, "If you haven't read a book on breastfeeding you are behind and need to get one tomorrow. NO matter what!" I guess I was pulling the rookie card thinking you have a baby and she latches on and eats. The more I learn the more I think WOW becoming a mom is hard work and takes so much out you! Its no walk in the park! We now are signed up for a breastfeeding class this next week or two.

~ I'm already leaking! Its not huge leaks but BJ thinks it is so funny. It started awhile ago but only happened a few times I didn't think anything of it. All I have to do is touch my boob and stuff comes out. Its kind of weird.


This song is by India Arie. Pretty much gets me through everything! I love it!

I’m having a private party
Ain’t no body here but me, my angels, and my guitar singin’ baby look how far we’ve come here
I’m havin’ a private party
Learning how to love me
Celebrating the woman I’ve become, yeah

I’m having a private party
Ain’t no body here but me, my angels, and my guitar singin’ baby look how far we’ve come here
I’m havin’ a private party
Learning how to love me
Celebrating the woman I’ve become, yeah

I tried to call my mother, but
She didn’t get where I was going
I called my boyfriend and he said
Call me back a little later baby
I hung up the phone, I felt so alone
Started to feel a little pity
That’s when I realized that I
Gotta find the joy inside of me

I’m having a private party
Ain’t no body here but me, my angels, and my guitar singin’ baby look how far we’ve come here
I’m havin’ a private party
Learning how to love me
Celebrating the woman I’ve become, yeah

I’m gonna take off all my clothes
Look at myself in the mirror
We’re gonna have a conversation
We’re gonna heal the disconnection
I don’t remember when it started
But this is where it’s gonna end
My body is beautiful and sacred
And I’m gonna celebrate it

I’m having a private party
Ain’t no body here but me, my angels, and my guitar singin’ baby look how far we’ve come here
I’m havin’ a private party
Learning how to love me
Celebrating the woman I’ve become, yeah

All my life (all my life)
I’ve been looking for (I’ve been looking for)
Somebody else (else)
To make me whole (ooo)
But I had to learn the hard way (ooo)
True love began with me (ooo)
This is not ego or vanity (ooo)
I’m just celebrating me

I’m having a private party
Ain’t no body here but me, my angels, and my guitar singin’ baby look how far we’ve come here
I’m havin’ a private party
Learning how to love me
Celebrating the woman I’ve become, yeah

Sometimes I’m alone but never lonely
That’s what I’ve come to realize
I’ve learned to love the quiet moments
The Sunday mornings of life
Where I can reach deep down inside
Or out into the universe
I can laugh until I cry
Or I can cry away the hurt

I’m having a private party
Ain’t no body here but me, my angels, and my guitar singin’ baby look how far we’ve come here
I’m havin’ a private party
Learning how to love me
Celebrating the woman I’ve become, yeah

Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday
Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lets go fly a kite

Everyone here has been dying for spring to come. I've been sad that the snow was going away. It was pretty much was gone, even the HUGE piles in the parking lots were tiny old things now. I was super sad.

We woke up Monday morning to the entire town covered in snow! It snowed all day and stuck! It had been snowing but just melted and turned to rain by the end of the day. It made me so very happy to see the town covered in the beautiful white snow! The next morning we woke up to the sun shinning and the snow gone.

Thats when I decided to embrace spring with open arms. Thanks for my last beautiful snow fall!

The locals says it snows up until May but we will see what happen.

The next day the wind was blowing like CRAZY!

For one of our FHE we got free passes to Fat Catz (movies, golf, bowling, arcade place) and while we were waiting for our movie to start we spent $2 to play some games. I got us enough tickets for a small prize. BJ and I both wanted to get the alien parachute guy and 2 small candies. BJ showed me the art of throwing him and I was amazed! We had so much fun throwing him off our stairs before church one day. We were waiting for another windy day to throw him again. We found a really nice one at the store that had a fabric parachute with a real army guy attached but I didn't think he was worth the $5. BJ then said if we couldn't get the cool parachute guy that we should go to the $1 store and get kites.

I've never really flown a kite before. I always break it or it doesn't fly and I give up. But the day was perfect so we got some kites and invited Matt and Camille to come fly kites with us.

I started putting my kite together and.... i broke it =[ I helped BJ put his together and Matt did his. Camille hadn't gotten there yet so I took her kite and tried to fly it. I ended up breaking that one too.

Matt got his up for a bit but ended up breaking his too. He tried putting it back together but it wouldn't stay up very long.

BJ couldn't get his very high up. He kept trying. His was the only intact one by the end of the day.
Then Camille joined us and she got Matt's broken kite up in the air. She got it to the end of her string even! It was a Spring Miracle!! BJ watched her and ended getting his up and got to the end of his string too! It was fun to watch them flying. BJ made me try it one last time and I got it for a bit but couldn't get to the end of my string.

Maybe some day we can get real kites that I can't break so easily and we can master the art of flying a kite.

We drove past Porter park and there were people there! Like a ton of people! Some kids playing on the play stuff, some running the paths, others sitting on blankets, some playing frisbee, others playing games. It made my heart happy to see people out enjoying the sun!

I was amazed and BJ laughed and pointed out that we never see that in AZ. There wasn't 1 jumpy place, there wasn't some corporate event, no  fundraiser, no free stuff, no birthday parties, no homeless people. 

Wow I never realized that people really use a park for well a park! 

I love Rexburg! I'm now finally embracing spring and looking forward to the wonders of the season I have never known. Flowers are even starting to bloom! In random places all over town! Its amazing! I might get to see flowers in full bloom that don't die in a week! BJ says the grass turns green and the trees stay green until fall. WHAT?! This I can't wait to see. Right now it looks like AZ with yellow grass and no leaves on the trees.  I do believe it can happen because I've seen little sprigs popping up already. 

Spring I might even fall in love with you. Please don't disappoint! =]