Thursday, October 28, 2010

few days shy of 2nd trimester!

Our oh so cute baby!!!!

We had our doctor appointment yesterday (where i also got to see my cousin Arla!). I'll be in my 2nd trimester starting next week!!! I was hoping to get an ultra sound because I saw someones 10 week ultra sound and you could see that the baby finally looks like a baby. We went in and my doctor said Ultra sound or just hear the heart beat? We of course picked ultra sound!! We had to wait like an hour extra because someone else was in there but it was oh so worth it!! This shot is soooo cute!! The baby was waving to us!!! I'm always super nervous to go to the doctors so I'm always very quiet. I look forward to seeing the little heart beating! It makes me feel so much better to see it pumping away!! BJ was excited that it looks like a baby now. The doctor commented that the baby is really long. Maybe we'll have a tall kid?!

It finally has hit home that I'm pregnant! Yes I've known and yes I've seen it but now its a baby baby!!!! The umbilical cord is functioning. The baby is growing and developing! It makes me oh so happy! I've been so worried to make it to my 2nd trimester! I've kind of been waiting for that milestone to really believe I was having a baby and to stop worrying so much. Now that I've seen the baby and the doctor says everything is great I'm soo overly excited. I want to go buy something for the baby. I don't have anything! Its hard not knowing the gender but I'm pretty sure I'm going to buy something for the baby soon because I'm just so excited!! We are getting a baby bouncer thing and bath tub so thats something but I'm ready for the baby stuff to pile up! We will prolly wait til idaho to get stuff but i want it all now!! =]

Things are getting better too. I'm hungry again! Which is an amazing feeling! I never thought I'd be excited to be hungry! I'm not really eating bigger portions but I am wanting to eat more often now. I have to get back to eating healthy stuff again. I got to the point where certain things made me feel better ie roman noddles, salty chips, that I would eat those and not really eat that much at dinner. Now I need to focus on meals and not so much the nibbles to get me through the day. I have so much more engery now. Its amazing how all of a sudden I'm awake and want to do things. I can make it through work without getting sick if I don't over do it. I still get sick at night but it has started later like around 7:30-8ish instead of 4.  I still want to be in bed by 9 every night but I can stay up later if I have too. Each day is different but so far I can see and feel and change which is what i've been waiting for. And thank goodness because this is going to be an action packed weekend! (Friday is a chili/trunk and treat with maybe a scare farm, Saturday is boating all day, Sunday is huge halloween dinner!)

Yesterday I had a really good day and had a very normal work day where I think I over did it too much so by the time I got home from the doctors I felt blaha and tired. We were watching our Friends disk and I didn't feel good at all. BJ was rubbing my tummy and asked how I felt. I made the comment that we should be able to take turns. I'd be ok if he got sick one day and me the other. He chuckeld and said " I feel like the number of kids we planned on having is slowly slipping away to a very small number." hahaha I said I'd be ok with lots of kids if he could take a turn or two! Everyone keeps asking how many we are shooting for. I just want to make it through this one first! In a few years we will talk about the next but i'm not throwing any kind of numbers out there. What ever happens happens but I'm just thinking of this kid for now!!!!

Oh and we found a name that we really like if its a boy! BJ made up his mind that he does not want to have a third! WOO HOO!!! He met a third and made fun of the guy for it and realized he would be doing that to his own son so he doesn't want to do that anymore. I was more then ok but then I got worried because I've never thought about boy names before. I have plently of girl names so if its a girl that wont be a problem at all. But a boy?!?! I started going through names and then a friend of mine made a comment and I fell in love with the idea. I'm not going to say what the idea is until we know for sure because its one of those things where I'll say it and everyone is going to give me crap for it. So until we know if its a boy or not I'm not saying what it is but If it is a boy I'm like 90% sure we will name it this because I love love love it!! I don't care what crap people will give me when they find out because it just too cute not to use! And if my kid hates me I'll just say well your dads name is BJ and I'm Krystal Balls so get over it! hahaha And to be honest no name I ever pick will make having the last name Balls any better! =]

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sail Boat

 ( yes tom saw me taking pictures and flexed his oh so amazing muscles and he pretended to keep working)
Isn't she a beauty?!?! Bj's sister's fiance Jack, gave the 4 boys a sail boat. Its been sitting in the yard since before we got married. Now that its not really boating season but the weather is nice we are taking a family boating trip on Saturday. The boat was super oxidized and needed to be waxed and buffed. BJ's mom put the boat in her and BJ's name since we are the only ones taking care of it and are the most likely to ever use someday later. BJ skipped class so we could go make the boys help us wax it up and get it all ready for Saturday. His dad bought a buffer which made it so much easier to wax. Some day BJ and I are going to strip it and paint it a dark green and make the wood on the inside all pretty. But we don't have the time or money to do that now. Jack is bringing up his brothers boat and is going to let everyone ski and teach us how to sail our boat. We also are taking up the dune buggy. Idk how much fun I'll get to have fun at least the weather is nice and we will be able to have a day of fun at the lake!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Balls commerical!

My job

Metro Tech is the LONGEST job I have ever held! It was neck and neck with Fry's, even with the months off in hawaii and summer break, but it has pulled ahead to be the longest job on my list. I don't know how people work at the same place for 20-40 years?!?!?

I'm itching to get away from this place. I'm just a need change kind of girl. I also cannot wait to be a stay at home mom! So much to be done that never gets done cuz I work full time! I promise BJ all the time I'll be the best stay at home mom ever if i never have to go back to work. Then I tell him how I wanna work at my kids schools when they all are in school. LOL

I really do have the best job even though i belly ache over it all the time. When I got pregnant the 2 teachers I work with stopped giving me stuff to do and started doing all the little tasks I always did that they could have done just didn't. At first it was nice. Now I'm bored. I sit and read blogs all day long and look stuff up online. OR I just stare at the kids doing work. Its nice that I don't have to walk and get up and down as much when I'm having my super queasy days but all I do is grade papers now. Thats not fun. Another thing is I've become super anti social. I blame it on the fact that I feel like I wanna puke and I don't want to be in a situation where I have to act all nice and fake when I just want to sit and not talk. If  I don't feel good I can't fake it! If i'm annoyed by you, you will get the ugly face not the straight i just wont say anything face. ITs so much harder to fake it when you feel yucky.

I know that sounds really really bad but i work with 2 very annoying teachers. They just aren't my kind of people. One is super lazy and other tries to take as many short cuts as possible that it ruins whatever she is doing. I've gone into my hole at work and only interact with them when need be. One asked me if she had done something wrong.  I felt really bad but I just told her I just needed my own space. Before I got pregnant i would just do whatever it was and roll my eyes later but now its sooo hard not to just be like hmm hello no! I try really really really hard but if they keep pestering me I finally break down. I know its part of the whole maturity thing i have yet mastered and i'll look back some day and realize how bratty i was but right now I'm sure its them and they need to stop being lazy and taking short cuts!!!

I do have to give a shout out to my co-worker Debby! I love that lady! I love all the ladies in the Day care. I get along really well with them and they never annoy me. They also are super hard working and are my kind of people. If I could go into the day care all day I would. I never got my finger print clearance card though so I try not to over do it.

I get free lunch every day! And its almost always is really good! Today I ate my plate and sat here wishing i had put more on because I was still hungry when Debby came in and set a plate down of more chicken and potatoes then came back with more strawberries and tomatoes! I love that lady!

This job really is amazing and I'm super super lucky to have it. The people I work with aren't really that bad, but I'm super excited to get to Idaho and either find other job to try out for a bit or not work at all!! ( lets just hope BJ can find a super good job!!)

Monday, October 25, 2010


                                                                This is my pumpkin
This is BJ's pumpkin!
His pumpkin is HUGE!!

We love halloween time! We wanted to go to a pumpkin patch but we couldn't find one where you can just pick a pumpkin. All them had fees to get in and stuff that went along with the patch. We just wanted a pumpkin! So we headed over to Fry's and found the 2 best pumpkins!

My husband really is the best! I love that he gets excited for things that I love to do as well! We got our pumpkins on Fri and he asked me several times a day when we were going to carve them. I was waiting til Sunday because we had an action filled weekend.

Here's some TMI for ya! BJ thought it would be better to carve them naked. He said it would be so much better because we could just take a shower after and it didn't matter if we got the guts all over the place. That meant NO pictures of the carving process haha. It was all fine and dandy until our home teachers came over right as we were finishing our pumpkins. We had to run and get our robes then get super embarresed as BJ opens the door for them and tells them to find a seat and laying all over the couch in plain view.... my bra, our G's, our church clothes! Yeah that was tad awkward.

We did get really good pumpkins this year! We got a ton of seeds and not so much stringy guts.  Bj is the perfect person to carve pumpkins with because when he starts a project he finishes it and does it the right way. Me, I get excited then get bored half way through and do a pretty poor finish job. My pumpkins always have stringy guts hanging down and you can see them when you light it. I never like scraping it clean. Thankfully my husband does not allow stingy guts to be left so I cleaned it until I got bored then he took over and finished it for me. I finished mine carving mine and he hadn't even finished cleaning his out yet. But that worked out great for us because that meant I could eat and watch him and then feel up to cleaning up afterwards. I hate cleaning up right as you finish carving. It took him forever to carve his face which gave me time to be ready to clean up when he was done.

Now I just need to find a copy of Hocus Pocus!!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What did you do a year ago today?

BJ and I carved pumpkins and I got a pretty shinny diamond ring!!!!
(I still love that my roommate was there and took pictures for me!!!!!!!)

Its fun to look back at stuff that happend this time last year. Almost daily I'm recalling something we could or couldn't do last year that we are doing or not doing now. Last year I was at work and BJ informed me that my ring was finished and that he was picking it up before he went to work! Ya know cuz he still worked at TASC and didn't get off until 9 pm and I just had to sit around and wait for him to finally come over!!! I remember I just wanted him to hand it over. I was so over the cute asking by that point cuz I know he had the ring. I was a good sport though and played along with the whole pumpkin carving event. I love carving pumpkins and had been looking forward to it but I think that was the fastest I have ever carved mine before.

(I just saw the ring inside and I'm looking at my roommate like HELLO there it is!!!)

I remember seeing my ring for the first time and it really hitting me that I was going to get married!!!! BJ was so nervous! I remember laughing at him and just kissing him because he was so cute! He totally forgot my name and he was shaking! I have no clue why since we had already said this was going to happen for like 4 months! I guess saying the real words and having a ring makes it more real. We both were just so excited and happy!!

(I carved <3 love <3 to get him to hurry up with the ring hahah who knew he was putting the ring in his)

A year later we are even MORE HAPPY and EXCITED to be with each other! I fell asleep super early last night. I figured I would try and get up when BJ does and spend a little bit of time with him without me feelings so sick. During my work hours I feel great and only sick once or twice. But as soon as I drive home it hits me and overwhelmes me the rest of the night. I'm not the best at waking up in the mornings but BJ was nice enough to let me sleep til 6:15. He always gets the grumpy Krystal in the mornings. He wakes up at 5 and kisses and cuddles me til he really gets out of bed at 5:30. Sometimes I sleep through it and other days I kiss him once roll over so I can contiune sleeping. Then he comes back and kisses me again right before he leaves and I grunt out I love you and be careful with a kiss. He comments that I never am happy when he wakes me up. I'm just not a morning person. I always try to wake up before him on the weekends so he can wake up to a happy loving cuddly wife.. its happen once since we have been married. I tried getting up when he does today but baby said it was to early so BJ let me sleep a little longer. I did wake up happy though!  BJ did go in an hour late to work but thats ok. We were able to enjoy breakfast together which never happens during the week! That was the most we could to celebrate the day we got engaged! We are to busy during the week to do anything else but it was nice to have my husband next to me all morning and to eat with him! I love that man sooooooo much! I still don't know why he is so willing to put up with me but I am forever gratful that he does!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

The happenings

Life is pretty much getting back to normal. The week off for Fall Break was AMAZING! I had a really hard time last week coming back to work. I made it through without too much complaining.

I am offically 10 weeks! The say the baby is a little over an inch long and the size of a prune. Almost everyone but dad thinks I'm having a boy. BJ is convined that its a boy. He only refers to "it" as "he". I think all guys are like that. We have 10 more weeks until we get to know for sure!!!

Some engery is coming back to me. Last Saturday we went to clean the church and I vaccumed the back half of the building. We woke up and headed right over then after we cleaned we came back home and I took a 2-3 hour nap. It pretty much zapped me all my energy for the rest of the day. This saturday we went on a 6 mile bike ride and ran errands all day long and even went to the movies. I only took 2 one hour naps! Thats a huge improvement! Sunday was bad. We didn't have time to eat breakfast and when I don't eat that just means bad news! By the time we got home I just threw myself on the bed and cried because I was so sick and couldn't even move. My loving husband jumped to make me something to eat, let me eat in bed, then let me sleep it off for 3 hours. I had a few more gagging episodes that day and couldn't really get off the couch but thankfully it was Sunday and I didn't have too!

For the most part I've been getting less sick which is nice. I have longer periods of relief during the day at work which is good, but I'm still really sick at nights which isn't good for my school work. My emotions have started to become a tad crazy too. I'm also even more antisocial then I was. Its hard for me to enjoy work when I don't want to be around anyone. Its weird but I blame it on not feeling good.

Me and food are starting to be friends again. Some days not so good of friends but we are getting there. I still eat half of a kids portion but I'm wanting to eat that at least! I've discovered that I love potatoes cooked anyway. I can eat potatoes all day long!!!!

Popcorn always is good and always sounds good to eat and I can eat a whole bowl by myself. Pizza always sounds good even if I only eat a slice. I still can't go grocery shopping alone because I want any and everything at the store but will not eat it once I get home.

The craziest thing I've discovered was cinnamon. Ever since I can rememeber I have gotten sick whenever I smell cinnamon anything. I get a very bad headache and if i smell it long enough I will throw up! I always hold my breath as I walk past cinnabon at the mall. I just can't handle the smell. Its weird! I walked in Fry's last week and they had an apple cinnamon candle in the flower department. I stopped and took a deep breath and thought YUM that smells soooooooo good!!!! I didn't want to walk away. Then it hit me that it was cinnamon and I freaked out just a little bit! I must be pregnant if I thought cinnamon smelt good!!!!!

BJ and I went to walmart to buy a boom box for the drive ins. I have been wanting apples and carmel for awhile so we were searching for the carmel when I smelt something heavenly! I had to have it!! I found BBQ pulled pork and thought thats what i was smelling and told BJ I had to buy it. Then we kept walking and the smell was so powerful that I went in search of it cuz I just had to eat it. I found a lady sampling chill and I told her I had to have some!!! BJ was laughing the whole time! He thought I was a tad nuts for tracking down the smell. But there was no way I was leaving with out eating whatever smelled so good! =]

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wedding pool party

 ok doesn't BJ look like a Chip n Dale hahahaah not the cutest pictures but it does the job

Thanks to BJ's cousin who took all these shots for us! I didn't have anything of my center pieces and she caught some fun shots from our wedding pool party! Thanks Tasha!!!

Amazing Lang photoghapers

Yeah we are almost 4 months married, 2 months prego but we couldn't pass up the amazing Lang's capturing us in our wedding glory! I love taking pictures and the Langs were amazing! We had a lot of fun and got some amazing shots i think!!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010


BJ got his track assignment. He will be on the Fall/Winter Track. When I first read that I was floored! Why wouldn't they put us on the same track?!?!?!?

Then after thinking it through I was glad they did that! BJ will start in the winter with me and then he has off until September. We will have enough money saved for our 1st semester but then we will need to get a good job. Now BJ will be able to work through the spring and summer. He will be able good before all the summer kids start looking for jobs. And if he needs to drive a bit into a town to get a better job it wont be during the worst snow time. Which is very good news. Also the baby is coming right in the middle of spring term. Which means i'm going to have to adjust to having a baby and try to finish my term. Hopefully we can figure out BJ's work schedule and my classes so one of us can be with the baby. It will be interesting. Its also nice after June I wont have class until Jan. I hope to finish by next winters term. We will see how it works out.

BJ and I went looking at coats and boy oh boy are they going to cost a pretty penny. I'm thinking i'm going to either have to buy a really big coat or see if i can find a good deal on a maternity coat. I told BJ I want a cute jacket and a coat. Boys only have boring stuff. We only checked out one place but we are starting to hunt for warm clothes. I looked in our "coat closest" and in my "winter box". I am so doomed!!!! I'm hoping my little own personal heater helps me through my first winter up there! Everyone keeps telling me how frigid it is there. I'm starting to get a tad nervous!!!

These just don't look warm enough! But they are cute!! i'm going to have to wear things like sweaters and buy long sleeves. How weird is it to think that I'm going to put warm clothes on and not regret doing it by 1 pm. I need sock and real socks and slippers. I might acutally wear them! Thats a weird thought! I'm excited to try out a real winter but I don't think i'm ready!