Sunday, January 22, 2012


Giants going to the super bowl! YEAH BOY!

prince amukamara #20 DB

I still say he owes me for all those ankles I taped, all the ice bags I made, all the heat packs, filling all those water bottles. 

Way to make Apollo High School proud!

Super bowl party here we come!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


In my Child 310 class we were asked why we picked Early Childhood Development as our major. I thought about it and at first I thought, " Well I like kids. I do well with kids. That's why!" Then I had to dig deeper and I wondered why I did choose to learn about children. 

I realized that the real reason I wanted a bachelors in  this major was because I feel that children deserve the best. If we can enrich their lives early on then we can help them to become more successful and achieve more later in life. We need to give them the best foundation possible. Everyone knows how to play with children but not everyone knows what milestones they should reach when and why and what to do if they don't or how to disciple in the best way. There is no set right way how to raise a child but there is a for sure set way on how to NOT raise a child. I want to help children be able to grow up in happy non abuses homes. It's not enough to just raise my children that way. I want to help my community as well. 

Idaho has a great program called Parents as Teachers. When you have a child they ask if you want to sign up for it. I did and love it! What is it you ask? is a website that explains it better. Mostly you get home visits each month and someone will bring information on the age of the child to help you better connect, raise, and play with your child. 

I found out that they were doing training here in Rexburg for the first time in 8 years and I could do it as an internship! I get trained in Feburary then I will get 5 families that just had a baby and I get to take information to them each month and help them give their child the best resources that they might not have been able to give them otherwise. 

I am so excited.This is the reason I am still in school. I'm kind of over the whole nursing thing. Mostly because I HATE being away from Rylee the 5 hours I am at school. BJ has been a great help but for some reasons Dad's just aren't as good at the Mom job. He is great with Rylee but can't seem to figure out the whole keeping up with the house part too. I told him since we are both in school and working we needed to split the house work too. He agreed but I still seem to stay up doing everything. I think its funny listening to him say how hard it was to make phone calls with Rylee yelling at him. I think its good that he gets to see why I have been struggling figuring out how to do stuff. He gets it now. I just chuckle when I come home and do the dishes he said he was going to do 2 days ago. At least he will never be the husband that asks what I've done all day =]

Monday, January 2, 2012


This is the first semester in my entire life that I have not wanted to start school. It makes me sad but then I do homework at night and realize that it's ok to be over the whole school thing.

I know I will finish even if in my head I am already done. It has taken me sooooo long to do school. Its my fault for moving around so much but goodness I didn't realize how much it would take out of me.

After a day of cleaning and taking care of BJ and Rylee I really don't want to spend hours on the computer doing homework. I want to read my book and do nothing. Tis not so anymore.

I started reread the whole Inheritance Cycle again. The 4th book was released in November and my brother in law Matt had the whole collection so I figured I'd read it over Christmas break. Since it has been a year or so since I read the other 3 I re read them and sadly I realized I can't read like I used too. I can sit and read an entire book with only food and pee breaks. It took me 2 weeks to read 3 books. It never takes me that long. Now I am on the 4th book which is the one I haven't read and school has started. I'm sad it will take me all semester to read it. I've never had to read a book so slowly before. I hope I don't lose interest in it. The only reason I read Eragon was because everyone said it only had 3 books and I wanted a quick read at the time. Since I hate books that aren't in series it was perfect. I got to the end of the 3rd book and realized there was going to be another and  I was mad. Now that it is out it is going to take forever to get through it. Oh well maybe this will help me learn to read a book in more then 3 days.

I recommend the series if you like magic and olden days with elves and such. I'm not a huge fan like Lord of the Rings but these books are fun because its about a kid learning to be an adult so quickly and learning about the world. I like them even if I skip whole paragraphs at a time because I don't care what the sunset looked like.

I think I also am doing an internship this semester too. I need to make sure I still can. BJ dropped some classes so that he can help take care of Rylee and milk cows too. Plus he didn't get good grades last semester so we figured it would be best to go slowly and get good grades then fast and get bad grades.

Lets hope we make it through until April!