Saturday, March 27, 2010

Forever and Always!

Bruce and I got tickets from his dad to go to the suns game. we were 14th row from the bench. This is without zoom. Games are so much more fun in real life!!!!!!!! I don't think I have ever been to a game without working it! We had a blast!

I have wanted an orange nash jersey for i don't know how long! I told Bruce we should get one with a tax return money. He was all for it!!

You can personalized it now too! We have been saving up to get soccer jerseys with forever and always on the back and when we saw we could do this we went for it!!! How sweet are they?!?!?! we love them! We play basketball more then soccer and they were right there so we think it was worth it! =]
Bruce's parents went to Vietnam for 2 weeks for business and we asked for a silk robe. When i remember i'll take a picture of bruces. His is the reason we wanted one. The got me this one which is the girl one. I love it! Its soft and the perfect robe.

I like that is red and simmers green!! Its amazing! You prolly don't think much of this but wait til you see bruces!!


My Friend from high school got married! We went to the shout house which is like pianos playing and they sing any song you request (with a tip we found out). I bought her the shown nightgown. When she opened it she said, " OOOO can i wear this with jeans??" I said," sure if you want but its a nightgown." Then we all laughed. I guess if you wear silky strappy shirts this would be a shirt. I don't so I knew it was something to sleep in. IT was a classic K8e thing to say!!

We now have a picture at hers and bres like this... sad to say bre might not be at mine to take this picture but we'll see. we all have been friends since freshman year! Thats almost 8 years people! Its crazy! We all played a sport together at some point. Freshman and sophmore year was basketball for all three. Volleyball for me and bre. Track for me and k8e. then soccer for me and k8e. Its thanks to k8e that bruce and I hung out after my birthday party and got the whole dating rolling! I love these 2 girls!!!

Sleep over weekend!

Since I moved into my own apartment, I invited Jess and Brooke over for a sleep over! After the fair they made pizza dough then hung out while we went to a wedding. We came back and ate pizza then started the wedding cake! I told jessica we would attempt to make a cake to see if we could do it.
I bought cake pans and cake decorating kit. It took 5 cake mixes to get this. We bought frosting and fondant. We finished it around 2 am! We also went hot tubbing while it all cooked. What do you think? Think we should be cake boss???
This was what we were going for. Looks alike huh??? =] I think so.... and no we wont be making our own cake.... needless to say! =]

Renaissance fair

Bruce and I donated blood and we got free tickets to the Renaissance fair! Bruce had never been before!! I gave him the quick this is what I love here and made him do all those things. When we first got there this lady was shooting marshmallows at us. It was pretty funny. We kept walking and i was telling bruce they always have cool stuff you want to buy we we just look.
Then we found this baby! Its a MARSHMALLOW cannonpulte sp?? It handmade and you stick the marshmallow on it and it will fling long or short distance. We got free amo and could go back for more. We had fun trying to hit people and everyone figure what it was!!!! ( Bruce and i later had a marshmallow fight at the park for FHE! We have the best park cuz they have fake rocks you can climb in under and on top of!!)We only watched one show but it was SOOO FUNNY! it was a pirate show and the best one to show Bruce just how good they are. The shirts they were selling made us want to buy them! The one bruce wanted me to get said on the front with a treasure chest, "Nice chest!" and on the back it said with the treasure chest open, " But the booty is even better!" hahah we thought it was funny!! The other one looked like the state patrol shirt and on he back said "booty patrol" We were out of money so didn't get them. But they were awesome!

I didn't remember this part of the park before. They had a place set up like a village from back then and they were making food and the king and queen came to eat. They had a real blacksmith making stuff. They had a food area where they thought you how to cook. This lady had REAL WOOL and was REALLY spinning it into yarn! IT WAS AWESOME!!! It looked like how they would be living. They had kids running around playing and "parents" yelling at them to do chores. The bowed to the king and served him. It was fun to watch! and I sooo couldn't have lived then!

I told bruce about the wax hands and he was all for it!!! This my all time favorite part!

He liked to doing it. He picke how to have it colored. They now give you a perservation kit so you can fill the mold and if the wax comes off you have like stone hands. Its pretty sweet!!Of course we took him to jousting! While we waited for it to start guess what the kings court was playing?!? Bochee ball sp? The game we play every year at thanksgiving! I thought that was cool! Bruce enjoyed every minute of it! For lunch we all had soup bowls! I had bruce eat a icee on top of an orange and i got a pickle while he ate jerky. Jesscia and Brooke came with but they didn't seem to enjoy it as much as we did!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I took the plunge! Bruce has been asking me what I want for my birthday. I said I wanted an upgrade to an itouch. Then he asked when my contract was up and so I called up tmobile. Turns out it was up the start of the new year! That meant I was free to get whatever phone I wanted!!!! I loved my blackberry but wouldn't an iPhone be cool?!? We went to the store and with the amazing tax returns got an iPhone! I love it! It's so modern and fun!

Blackberry and iPhone pro and cons
blackberry has no touch screen
iPhone is only touch screen which some times can be frustrating but always cool
AT&T gets dumb service!
AT&T has 3g which is super fast
iPhone has better Internet
blackberry has spell check whenever you type!
iPhone has a guess what you're going to say but no spell check grrr!!
iPhone is longer but slimmer
blackberry ha longer battery life
iPhone has better apps and are way cool
iPhone only runs on apps
blackberry has a flashing light when you have a message
blackberry does bluetooth for songs and can send songs for ringtones
iPhone only does Bluetooth for heads free set
iPhone less likely to get virus
blackberry tether! ( meaning it can be used as a modem for your computer to get Internet)

All in all I'm happy with it but I miss my blackberry sometimes. They have touch screen blackberries but we figured iPhone is a mac while blackberry is like a pc. It depends on what you like better i like both the same so I'm happy!!

And yes this post was done on the said iPhone! Once I get the app I can upload my camera pictures on here but til then we just have to use the laptop when I have fast wireless!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Welcome, Come on in!!!!

Welcome to my apartment. I know this is a lame picture to start with but hey its what you see first! I'll give you a tour with my commentary! Come along!
  • When you first walk in I have a closet that now holds a very old vacuum i stole from Bruce. I also have my jackets and fabric in there! A whole closet just for that stuff!! I'm so in love! I also have my cool pictures hanging up with mostly Bruce and myself but also some of my siblings.

  • This is the Bar that has no bar stools because that is where I park my bike. I need to get a carpet runner so not to ruin the carpet. Its not very cute I know. I also have my "the best things in life aren't things" board up! My K and B which could be for Krystal and Bruce or Krystal Balls. I love it!!! I also got that cool "etc." sign at a garage sale and I am going to paint it red!

  • Then you enter the living room! First you see my baby grand! Which I love but I'm sure my neighbors hate it. I can't wait for it to be tuned and painted a hunter green! That has to wait though! I told Bruce he had to sing me a song and play the piano for me at our open house because he can sing and plays so why not!). Last Sunday he started composing my song! I love hearing him play the piano while I do my make-up!!! Notice on top of the piano is my Daisy bush! I don't think they are Daisy's but they look like it so I love them! Bruce bought them for me for my place could have pretty flowers!! Also above them is the BEAUTIFUL picture that Tia took and gave me for Christmas! My & sign I am going to take pictures with is cute between our glamor pictures we took, I think so at least! See the little table... we got 2 of them! They open in the front and on the back is a magazine rack. We picked them up on the side of the road. Red chair comments next.

  • Bruce and I found this at a yard sale! I love my red chair! It turns and rocks!! I think the light behind looks cute. I need a black frame to put our red phone booth picture in but I think it works so well with our red chair and couch!!! Oh course my giraffes have made a home there until I can make a pillow for it!

  • Geoffry lives again!!!!! Notice the sweet couch! It is way comfy! It has 2 seats and then the chaise! If you look at the little table that's the magazine side of it with our ensigns. I like my green stars next to Geoffry! I love the bookcase!

  • I have cookbooks, textbooks, book books, church books, scriptures, and games on the top shelf along with my giraffe piggy bank. The 2nd shelf hold pictures. Yes Kim there is a picture of me a kerri but you also have a picture with me and you on the black frame by the door!! The 3rd shelf holds one of my flower decorations for the wedding and my K krystal. I also made that number 10! its a block calender i made out of paper!

  • You have to go through the dinning room to get to the kitchen but its coming. The kitchen is a nice size for me! I have a pantry which is the door holding my oil painting I made with my sister. I have a ton of cabinets that right now hold my 2 plates and 2 bowls and 5 cups. I have my sisters old silverware and some kitchen tools from EA. Hopefully people will be nice and give me lots of kitchen stuff for the wedding so I can fill these babies up!!!
  • Welcome to the room that is fast becoming my favorite! Don't you LOVE the huge mirror!?!? I DO!!!!! Minus the fact that Bruce watches himself eat and makes weird faces while doing so. Bruce found the giraffe print cushions and bought them for me. I had the fabric from my old old place so I put up the border and made the table cloth. My desk sits in the coroner with my sewing machine and laptop. The other side holds my wedding flowers on a bookcase that will hold something sometime. I think this room is so cute and fun!

  • This is the little hallway to the bedroom, bathroom, and laundry room. The door on the left goes to the laundry room. It is BIG but full of drying jeans right now.

  • This is the bathroom. The tub is nice and the water pressure is GREAT! I'm so picky about the water pressure when I'm taking a shower. My towels and rug don't match Bruce's curtain but I figured we would wait til we got married to see if someone would buy us a cute bathroom set to use. Gotta hold out and see!!

  • This is the sink and toothbrush cabinet. (did you know you aren't suppose to use the "medical cabinets" for medicine because it is to damp for it and should be kept in a dry location.) Becky gave me my giraffe soap pump back when I first went to college but I never have used it. I pulled it out and kept the giraffe theme going to each room.

  • This is a closet right next to the bathroom that holds extra stuff. Mostly thing I don't have a place for or blankets and purses. Its nice to have!!!

  • This is the vanity in my bedroom! Its right when you walk in! I love it! My bathroom never will have hair and make-up stuff all over. If people come over, I just close my bedroom door and I already have a clean bathroom! I have yet to figure out where this stuff will live but I use it everyday so I'm ok that is still a tad unorganized.

  • This is my walk in closet! I love the shelf around the top! In the corner you can see my hat tree which is for necklaces but I like it for my hats. Bruce was worried there wouldn't be any room for his clothes but I left the back rod open for him. He jokes that half his clothes are here anyways. I only stole all his srubs, some shirts, 3 pairs of shoes, and some basketbal shorts! He still has tons of clothes at his place! I'm only using the side bar and the other 2 side bars. If he needs to he can squeeze some stuff in there too! It also has 5 shelves next to the door which is nice too. I even saved him one for when he moves in!

  • My room! I thought once we put the bed in that it would be lots smaller. There still plenty of walking space! The lamp in the corner is the one Bruce's bro in law makes. I'm using my sisters old frame that my bro brought from her and is letting me use. He says I have to give it back, but we'll see about that one =]

  • I love having a place to keep out the ironing board. Bruce is now my ironer! He loves to iron. It says it relaxes him. He takes FOREVER to iron but everything looks amazing when he is done. He cringes when he sees my 5 second jobs. I love having it out so I can run it over the big stuff and not to wrinkly all day!

  • I also have a porch. The storage place is pretty big too. Most of Bruce's stuff will go in there. =] All of his stuff is in boxes and is from the mission so it just needs a place to sit. It works out good.

I love my apartment! What do you think?!? Its a good thing Bruce is ok with all the green and giraffes! He loves it. Yes, I asked if he liked it before I moved to the next project. He will be moving in, in less then 4 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait! I'm so happy having a place to myself but I'm ready for him to be my roommate!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Will there be enough room??!!!
We have something painted on all of our walls on the way to the preschool. One wall is a sea with fish and sea horse and octapus. Another wall is a pond with a frog and sun. Back at Christmas we started the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom tree. The students started the palm tree and letters. Then they never finished. Today was a half day for them since spring break is next week (YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) So I took it on as a project. What did I do for 8 hours? Well... F-A werent even up yet so i drew them on (free hand i know i'm good!) I also had a nine year old helping me. She painted E B and D and i did A C and F. It took her one mintue to do all three... me... an hour! Lets just say i pulled a verda and sat with a paint brush and made the letters the size i drew on. Its water based paint so it comes off if you add water. Which is sweet! Then i traced some letters that never were traced. I also went back and took off half of the other letter's tracing cuz it was super thick and looked way bad. Then I went along and added green to the palms to give them texture. I was then told to paint blue for the sky. Then i added clouds and the sun and some birds. After that i added texture to the sand. 8 hours later....
TA DAH!!!!
I should have took a before picture but didn't think about until i saw how cute it looked all done!!
I love my job!
Funny side note... We had like 5 kids here for their class and about every 5 seconds one would come over "Ms. ... i need.... Ms.. will you ...Ms. .. can I ) The nine year old said. "Man all day all you hear is MS! huh! Thats annoying!" I just laughed and said yup thats my job! =]
( the students call us MS. and only add Hebner or Coone or Percell if we all in the room. I guess its culture and polite to call your elders by their title. it took me a long time to get use to it. I bet next year everyone will call me Ms. Balls and not just Ms. lol)