Friday, July 23, 2010

Video's of the wedding

My dad kept trying to get me to have a videographer for the wedding but i wasn't feeling it. So he went and bought a small video recorder thing and recorded the day for me. Brad and kim went around asking people to say stuff. Here are a few that stood out to me. I love sitting and watching all the videos! THANKS DAD!!!

The starting off... Daddy

Jessica's Advice... well story

Nate Clavery's Advice
I'm so glad brad had him documented that BJ got his hair on fire the night before the wedding. He was playing with a stick of fire and it dropped on top of his head! He told me at the temple right before we went into the sealing. I felt his head and sure enough it had the burned hair feel. He is so lucky it didn't do more damage. hahaha

Mason's Advice

Cutting the cake

Nate the Younger's Advice

There are a lot more but these were just a few I couldn't help but smile at them!

4th of July

We had a ton of fun in Heber. Really it was the 3rd but we got our matching shirts and went to the town parade. BJ got pulled over but we just got a warning thankfully. The parade was kind of lame but we went had the the greatest pizza ever and then went to an Art festival. We found sheets for $40. 1500 count!! We love them! Then BJ got a do a sand bottle. You know the kind when you were like 8 where you had a bunch of colored sand and you pour it into a jar and make all the different layers. BJ had never done one before so we stood with the 8 year olds making our sand jar... which we ended up losing anyways. We got yummy homemade root beer and kettle corn which is our favorite. We also found my Crystal Ball finally!!! Those festivals usually aren't much fun cuz you don't want to spend your money so you just look at stuff but wish you could buy it. Well we bought whatever we wanted when we came to it so it was the best one i have ever been too =]

We didn't know how things happened there so we went to the high school at 3 to see what the game plan was and we had to pay to park. We paid then laid in grass in the middle of the baseball field for 6 hours until the fireworks. Thankfully we had gone to the dollar store earlier that week and we had like 3 board games and 3 different card games. We played our travel Sorry! like 8 times that day. We finally wised up and got our chairs out to see the show. It was an amazing show! WE were 100 yards from them and they were HUGE! We also got to see the payson show the next night which were just as good. Any fireworks i see i love! They are just the greatest invention ever made!!!


We took BJ's shot gun with us
And for his wedding gift I got him a .22 ruger. We took them both out shooting.

We set up army men and cards to shoot
At first the .22 was fun cuz we got to see one little guy fall or we could see what cards we hit or didn't. Then we pulled out the shot gun and the first shot everything went flying!! We had sooo much fun blowing up army men and ripping up the playing cards!

Snowflake Temple

I had never been to snowflake so Bj and I took a little ride over to do a session. This temple is super tiny but I LOVE IT! We got there as a session was closing but we had plenty to do to fill our time. It was a very sweet experience for us. It was our first time as a married couple going to the temple and we had our hopes conformed while there!

This temple will always be a special place to us.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cabin Fever

This is our cabin we got to stay at. CABIN FEVER! One night it even rained and we sat on the porch eating stake and potatoes and veggies enjoying the rain. It was pretty much amazing!
The cabin didn't look that this we when got there. In the bedroom it was super hot and the tv wouldn't work. So we just took the mattress off and had sleep overs in the front room. We rented Our favorite scary movie and some others when the city got dark. It was so nice not having to clean until we left. It cleaned up surprisingly fast!

We also had our own spa. That was way nice to have! One night it has rained so while we were in the tub little drops would drip on us but it was nice!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pre wedding moments

My whole family.... the howards, calls minus brad, the listers, the hebners, and my man all went to the circus! IT WAS AMAZING!!! we had good seats, got yummy mexican food, and saw the coolest stuff. Best prewedding family date ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My sister in law, sister, and niece all went with me to get our nails done for the wedding, Kaci loved it!

She did so well sitting and getting her dones and waiting for us to finish our nails.

Kaci and nate were fun to watch play together. All the cousins loved playing with each other. Kaci and nate are cutting their fruit for breakfast.
The listers girls and me and mom were sitting on the bed relaxing and dad came in to give us entertainment. Did you know you have to be in high school to wear colored bras. Until then you should just wear white. =]

All in all the weeks leading up to the wedding had a lot of fun happening going on. I'm so glad my sisters and their families were able to come home to play!!!