Tuesday, May 31, 2011

1 week at Dr

Her cute hands always have to be out of the blanket. No swaddling this girl. She is always putting her hands in some cute way. I love when she is nursing she will hold my boob or hang on to my bra. I love it!

8 days old
8.44 lbs 67%
21 in. 86%
head- 14 in. 54%

We have a cute cute baby! We are still learning but loving it! Found out today that i didn't get into the nursing program. I was a tad disappointed but hugely relieved that i don't have to worry about that right now. I'll leave it on the back burner. Now I have to figure out if I want to go to school next semester or wait til Jan.

Fun story... I always put down something, towel changing pad, when i change Rylee's diaper. I just know i always need something just in case. today we got back from the doctors (i saw one i didn't care for. I wish i was rich so i could get off the schools insurance and get a good one that allowed me to not go to a clinic. Oh well I at least know i like one of three so far) and she needed a diaper changed. Lately she hasn't liked changing time and after screaming her lungs out at the docs i tried going fast. We were on the love sac and i was changing one of her bigger ones when she starts pooping! On the sac! On the cover i just washed 2 days ago! I just laughed and tried catching as much as I could with a wipe. Figures the one time I don't put something down she poops. Gotta love it!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Rylees first week

Daddy with his glow worm baby. She is the princess of the house. The love sac is now her's =]

She loves her car seat but hates being swaddled 
GG bought this dress the day we found out we were having a girl. 
We went to sacrament today so she got dressed up

Daddy was playing with her and took lots of pictures

These pictures don't even come close to capturing how cute she really is!

Her face is starting to fill out. she loves her milk =]

This is their silly faces =]

She only had to be our glow worm to 2 days after the hospital. I was glad to take it back because now I can cuddle with her!
Oh and this is my placenta! The midwife saved it for me so I could get a good look at it. I put on a glove and BJ and I poked and played with it for a bit. I just think the placenta is so cool! 

Rylee will be 1 week old tomorrow. I can't get over how cute she is. She hears it all day everyday! I just love that little face!! My favorite time is when I burp her. She is always milk drunk and makes the cutest faces. 
Once my milk came in she couldn't get enough of it. She eats a ton then sleeps it all off. She sleeps for a good 3-4 hours then is up for about an hour to two hours eating and looking around. It works out great but can be hard when I'm read for bed and she is ready to be awake. But then she sleeps great so I can't complain. She really is the best baby! We are lucky parents to have her! 
I feel great. I have to remind myself that even though I finally have energy I have to take my time. I just want to go go go but then I get really tired and sore. 
BJ and I are loving being parents. Its everything and more then what we thought! 
Now BJ just needs to get a job and life will be perfect!!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

more pictures

Daddy holding his daughter for the first time
We got to snuggle for awhile
(she is about 5 minutes old here. I was still in shock!! She didn't cry at all. She is very chill)

First family photo

Uncles and Aunt coming to say hi

Grandma Verdi and Rylee

We got a stake dinner with shrimp and the works

We had planned on leaving Wednesday morning but she ended up being really jaundice.
She now is our glow worm baby!
 She is really yellow so she has to lay on this bed of lights all day to get her biliruben count down. We also had to supplement her with formula to help her have more dirty diapers to get it out of her system faster. 

she has to wear cool glasses to protect her eyes

She is one cool kid!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Birth story

Rylee Aden Balls
8lbs 6oz
20 1/2 in long
May 23, 2011
2:52 pm

Some of the details are starting to get fuzzy but I want to get down what I remember before too late.

Sunday I was getting ready to get everything done on Monday so we would be all ready for Tuesday. Sunday night rolled around and I kept having little signs that I was going to  go into labor on Monday. I had my mental list of stuff to do. I was going to wait to do everything so I would have stuff to do to pass the day on Monday. I had thank you notes I needed to get out and planned on waiting but I ended up being not lazy and writing and getting them into the mail box. Then I finished my book so I started to read one that my mom had picked up and the dog in the book was named... Riley! I thought it was interesting. Then my husband started to oil the doors because I asked him to do them on Monday since every door squeaked and I didn't want the smell in the house when we brought the baby home. Randomly later that night he went and oiled all the hinges and I thought it was weird. It kept popping into my mind that I was going to go into labor but I wasn't going to fall for it again. I wasn't even having pains. My sister Kim texted me at 2:50 am asking if I was in labor. I told her no but I was having this weird sharp pain I had never felt before. I wanted to tell her that yeah I was most likely in labor but again, I wasn't going to fall for it. I woke up through out the night with those pains and having to pee. They weren't super strong but they were way different than anything I had felt before.

I woke up at 6 am with a big pain and sat up in bed. BJ woke up and sat up with me and said, "You are in labor huh?!" I wasn't sure but we got the ipod out and the contraction timer and they were lasting 46- 60 seconds each and coming at least every 3-4 minutes. After about 30 minutes I had BJ start making a big breakfast that we had planned for Tuesday. I sat and breathed through the contractions and then they started getting stronger. I woke up my mom and had her take over making food so BJ and I could get everything we needed. I ended up eating about 2 bites of my food. We left to go to the hospital at about 7:30 am.

They checked me and I was at a 4 1/2. They left me hooked up to the machine to get Rylee's heart rate for about an hour then finally took me into my room. I had to stay on the monitors but I sat on the birthing ball and had BJ rub my back. Rylee hadn't woken up yet so I tried drinking OJ to get her going. After awhile the contractions started to get stronger and I was not liking them at all. I started thinking that I just went through 41 weeks of being in pain and uncomfortable why am I going through this?!? They made epidurals for a reason! But I knew I didn't want one so I tried breathing through them. I told BJ that I was done but he was truly amazing and helped me through everything. Finally I was done and asked BJ to call the nurse to get me an epidural. The midwife then reminded me I could try the jazzuzi tub. So they checked me and I was at a 6 by about 11ish. I got into the tub and they were getting worse. I had to wait for my IV to get down to a 5 so I waited it out but I still wanted an epidural. By the time I got back to my room I was done. Walking and having a contraction is the worst possible combination ever!!!!! I got back and they had me go pee before I got my epidural. I ended up throwing up the few bites of food I had that morning. I wasn't hungry though! I then got into the bed to wait for the guy to get there and the contractions were at their worse! I was crying and yelling through them. I didn't get much down time because there were some that were 30 secs apart some 1 minute apart. The doctor finally got there and we got the epidural in place. I started to feel better and then only felt pressure in my booty. It was around 12 and the midwife checked me once the epidural was in full effect and I was a 10 and 100% and as she was checked me my water broke. Rylee was still in a stage -1 so they let me have more contractions to get further down before I tried to push.

I waited for about an hour and they even gave me some shot to slow down the contractions because they were so close together. At 1 we started to try pushing. I did not like the way my body felt. I was numb from my boobs down and tingly. I couldn't really lift my legs or move. I felt nothing so it made pushing really hard. I didn't really know what to do. We tried laying on my back and laying on each side. The nurse even brought in a mirror to try and help me push. After an hour my arms started to get tired because I was holding onto the bed rails to try and push harder to get her out. 2:30 came around and my midwife finally came into the room who was delivering another baby and we tried different things to make me push harder. I was starting to get my feeling in my legs which helped but she still wasn't coming out! They got really concerned because Rylee's heart rate kept raising. They finally called a doctor to do a vacuum to help get her out. Her heart rate got up to about 200. I had been pushing every other contraction because they were so close I wouldn't have had any rest in between. I changed to every contraction along with the vacuum. I still took 3 contractions and finally her head came out.

One last contraction and 4 pushes later she finally came out! She had meinconium in the womb meaning she pooped inside, so they tired not to make her cry in order to get it out of her before she sucked in all into her lungs. I couldn't believe it when she was laying on top of me. I was in shock really and they took her off to the side to clean her and I watched as the placenta was delivered. They then handed her back to me and we cuddled while I was sewn up. It took a long time because I tore in a bunch of little places. I just snuggled her and once I was done we tried breastfeeding. I was worried how that would go but she latched on perfectly and ate on both sides with no problems. I was amazed! I passed her off and ate my hamburger then I was able to take a quick shower and head to my other room.

The epidural wore off but I still felt good. I was glad the itchy tingly feeling was gone! If I hadn't got the epidural she prolly would have come a lot earlier than 2:52 but I didn't know that. Next kid I'll try to remember to wait out the last half hour. I was so set on natural but was and still am fine that I got the epidural. It made the hour waiting to push so much better and gave me the strength to push for 2 hours. Who knows if I hadn't got on if it still would have to push for that long but I'm glad I didn't try. She still might have needed the vacuum who knows. Over all I am very pleased with how labor went and was super grateful I didn't have to be induced.

I couldn't have made it through without my husband. He rubbed my back non stop for 5 hours. He helped me breath through those horrible contractions. He made sure I was okay getting an epidural and tried to help do everything I could without one. He has been amazing with Rylee too. I'm grateful I have him! I'm also super grateful for the power of prayer and feeling close to the Savior throughout the whole thing. It really was a huge comfort to me.

Even now, I day later I can't believe I'm a mom. I think Rylee is the cutest baby I have ever seen! She makes me laugh with the cute little noises she makes. She doesn't really cry unless you don't respond to the squeaks she makes. I love them! It makes my heart happy to see her cute little face. I think she is so tiny! I love her!

Rylee Aden Balls
8lbs 6oz
20 1/2 in long
May 23, 2011
2:52 pm
Like I said, Cutest baby ever!!!!

I love love love her huge feet! 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The date

She will for sure come out on May 24th. 

I knew my midwives would wait until after week 41 to induce me. We checked to see if there was any progress and I was a "loose 3". She said she couldn't make me a 4 but the head was still engaged. She then said it was up to me what I wanted to do. The 27th was the latest she said she would let me go and would have to make an appointment to induce by then. So I figured I'd give my body some chance and go with the 26th. Turns out every pregnant lady up here wants their baby on the 26th so we had to pick a different day. She gave me the choice and I liked the number 24 so she set it up for us. I'm to wake up at 6 am and call the hospital so they can set up my room. I was told I wont get turned down because I will be in  my 41st week and it is now a "medical issue" so other women will get bumped. I am to eat breakfast (I'm going all out for my last real meal before they only let me eat ice chips!) then make it to the hospital by 7. I will start my IV and then hopefully wait an hour or 2 before they break my water. We'll see how long it will take for her to finally come out. 

I'm a bit (ok hugely!) disappointed that my body wont get things going on its own. I've always wanted to experience my water breaking in a random situation. As my sister in law said its my first and my body just doesn't know whats going on. There will be more chances with future kids. Now that I know for sure that I will be in labor in 6 days I have mixed feelings. I took the scooter out by myself and realized it will be awhile before I can go out and about freely. Everyone keeps telling me to "live it up" but to be honest I'm so bored these days. I've given up so much being pregnant that I'm ready to have something to do again. I'm getting anxious about labor too. I've been in pain for awhile but thats going to be real pain for a long time and I'm forcing myself into that pain. Its scary to think about. Whenever I let my mind think about it I start to freak out a bit and think "I'm to young to be doing this!!" Then I change the subject and try not to think about it but about holding a cute little (ok huge!) baby. 

I'm excited to finally know she will be here. I'm excited to go to the hospital. Its kind of nice being able to plan it out. I don't feel guilty for inducing since I've given her all the time she needs to grow. I'm excited to see her. I'm excited to watch BJ during the whole process. I'm excited for him to become a dad. I'm just plain excited! With of course a lot of anxiety, worry, and freaking out along with it!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wide load

WOW this picture makes a want to gag!
It doesn't look much better from the front either
40 weeks and counting...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Kerri came to play

My sister finally blogged about her stay here so now I can steal her pictures to put on my blog for those that don't read hers.

I was soooooo excited to have Kerri come play for the week. When both of my sisters were pregnant in Hawaii I flew out for 2 months to play and help out once the baby got there. I was really sad that I was the youngest and no one was going to come play with me since they already had families they had to take care of. Thankfully Kerri's sister in law got married in Utah so she would only be 4 hours from me and because she is amazing she was willing to trek up here by herself with  her two2 tag a longs to play!

Bruce was excited because he LOVES having visitors. My niece Kaci just loves him. I was worried she was going to steal him away at my wedding =].

notice the braid. we did our hair the same this day =]

BJ bought me stuff to dye eggs for Easter and we never got around to doing it. BJ hates hard boiled eggs so I waited until Kaci got there so he would have fun dying them with her and wouldn't care how many eggs we used. Kerri and I got to enjoy eating all the egg sandwiches!

The first night they got there BJ pulled out the guitar and sang the famous Balls camp songs to her.
Whenever the Balls get together to go camping or are sitting around the piano they have a list of songs that they always sing. BJ sang the great big feather bed for Kaci. That is the family favorite. I don't know the words because I never sing around the Balls but Kaci got a kick out of it. I'm sure I'll learn it soon enough because our family will have that same list and I'll throw some of my favorites in too.

We all went swimming and it was Forrest's first time in the pool. Funny how Kaci was a Hawaiian baby and was at the beach weeks within being born and Forrest is an Alaska baby is was 7 months before he set foot into a pool. I love the way swimming feels so I was all for going.

Kerri must have brought the cold with her because it was windy and even snowed while she was here. The day after she left the sun came out and the wind stopped. We haven't gotten that cold since! We spent a lot of time in doors and just chilling. I was ok with it but Kerri didn't really get to experience Idaho. Maybe next trip she will be able to have more fun.

Thanks Calls for coming and playing. We really do need to live in the same state at least!!!! (i'd prefer same stake though!)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

39 weeks

I've been really worried about what my hair will look like in the pictures of me holding my baby after she is born. I've been stressing really. Doing my hair is the last thing on my mind and it was looking really really bad. Finally I brought it up to my husband and he said to cut it. I've been growing it out since we started dating (2 years ago!!) because he likes "princess hair". And I have always wanted to have hair long enough to cover my boobs completely. Weird I know. I couldn't take my hair being ugly and my bangs were driving me crazy.

I was worried to go get it cut because last hair appointment I just cried in the chair when she finished. I warned the girl this could happen and this time I was super vocal and explained in great detail what I wanted and made her keep going until I loved it. 
What do you think?!
I woke up this morning and looking in the mirror and i didn't think "wow my hair sucks." I hope once my fat face goes away it will look even cuter on me. BJ approves it too! 

* I'm still not use to being in an LDS community. I have never sat in a hair salon and truly expressed how I felt when I was preparing to serve a  mission and how my testimony grew the most during that time. And I've never been offered the Ensign to read while I wait to get my hair cut. It still catches me off guard but I kind of like it! Its not in your face but its there.*

I am HUGE! 
~ Going walking hurts but I keep going then I feel better. UGH

~ This is one of the only outfits that fits me still. My cute grey dress shows off my fat suit now and is no longer cute. Most days its naked time all day long and I dread leaving the house. I'm really really hoping she gets here soon before guests arrive and I shed some weight to fit in clothes again so I don't have to wear the same thing every day while people are here. My mom might just have to endure naked time though.

~ I have pain all day every day.. well at least the past 2 days. I think its finally the start and then it goes away and I feel just fine. Its getting hard to deal with emotionally. I don't know how much more pain I can go through then feel fine then pain and so on. Its really hard to deal with. 

~ She is so very heavy to carry!!!

~ I'm starting to feel bad for her. She feels so scrunched inside of me. There is something that she rubs her foot over that sends pains down my side. It happens 3-4 times a day. I can't hunch over ever either. 

~If I go to long without eating (i don't know how long it varies which makes it harder) I start to over heat and get really really bad stomach pains and I start shaking. Its weird.

~ If I don't sleep well or get enough my pains are worse.

~ I know this sounds like all complaints but I just want to write it down so I can compare with future kids. I'm really really nervous for her to get here. I know I wont sleep and that scares me. I worry about walking up and down the stairs with her. I worry about not taking enough pictures. I worry about my husband. I worry I will have way too many nights of not knowing what the heck to do. 

~ I just can't wait to hold her. I can't wait to see BJ meet his daughter for the first time. I can't wait to change diapers and run out of clean clothes for everyone and be over my head. What an adventure! I just want to experience all of it to the fullest!! 

What do you do when its raining and 39 weeks pregnant and not working? 

We find a craft to do. 
We learned how to tie hemp bracelets and necklaces.  

After going to the library for BJ to do some work for his dad, We had nothing else to do. TV gets old fast we found out. BJ said we should do a craft. He wanted to tie dye some shirts. Some day we will! We keep trying and it never ends up happening. We went to the craft store and ended up leaving with hemp.

We spent 4-5 hours today learning how to do it. We both now have ankle bracelets and matching necklaces. It was fun and we have lots to make more when we get bored.


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mini Baby shower

So I wasn't planning any baby showers since I know zero people here and I'm away from family and friends. My sister Kerri has sent me a few packages with stuff I needed and I got a surprise package from my mom one day. 
As I was opening them I thought to myself " This is like a mini baby shower!" 
Then I read a note from my mom and it said," Hope you enjoy your 'mini baby shower'!"
 I told BJ and he just laughed and said "You are your mom, you know that!" =]

My mom is by far the greatest. She can sew like no one knows. Remember this beauty..
When shopping for wedding stuff we came across this sheer daisy fabric. I fell in love and knew that I needed that for my wedding dress. Dad didn't want Mom to make my dress because it would just be more for her plate but I did not like the way any dress fit me in the stores. Plus we found an easy-ish pattern. My mom said she was up for it and made my dream dress! I can't even tell you how much that dress made my wedding. 

She did it again folks. My mom out did herself!
This is Rylee's blessing gown!
Cutest, Greatest Dress she will ever own! 
When I pulled it out I got tears in my eyes. How perfect that my mom used the left over fabric from my dress to make my daughter her blessing gown! I love love love love LOVE it!

She didn't stop there either! 
This is the fabric from my dress and the braids maid dresses. I fell in love with these colors when I found them and even though the fabric was a pain to make into dresses I still LOVED them! 
I don't know if Rylee will ever really use this blanket. I might just keep it for myself but I still love it!
If I do a hope chest for her it will be put in there.

My mom's amazingness doesn't end there either. 
A Giraffe diaper bag! 
Not only that but a matching nursing cover, diaper changing pad, snack bag, and a car seat insert.
I was searching for a giraffe diaper bag and they all cost so much so I figured I could just make one. After finding everything I asked my mom if she would be up for it and she had already made this one! 
See I told you she was amazing! 
As soon as I pulled it out BJ commented that I was one lucky girl and all the ladies up here were going to be so jealous of my cute bag. =] So true so true!

Thanks Mom! You are the best!

BJ's side of the family did end up throwing me a baby shower last weekend. I have pictures of that to post as soon as I get un lazy and go through my packed hospital bag to find the camera. 
(at 37 weeks I thought I should pack my hospital bag and now its driving me nuts having it packed because I keep getting into for stuff!)

~My unofficial due date is the 7th. BJ keeps telling me that she will come by then. I'm sticking with the 15th so I don't feel super overdue. 
~38 weeks and I don't know for sure if I'm dilated or not. I have been losing my mucus plug so that must mean something is happening. My midwife didn't even ask if I wanted to be checked, which I didn't. No point in knowing if I'm not even having contractions.(Plus I hear it hurts to be checked. I'm in enough pain as it is!)
~ Sunday I had contractions for 40 minutes. They were 5 minutes a part and getting stronger. Then they stopped and I haven't felt anything since then.
~ I lost 4 lbs this last appointment. I guess walking 2 miles everyday and playing full on basketball means you shed some pounds. I hope its that easy after she gets here!
~BJ made one of the JV basketball teams. After an up down week of trying out he made the team and has been going to practice at 6am. He is super excited to play and I can't wait to go cheer him on!