Sunday, March 27, 2011

33 weeks

~ Its crazy how one day you can feel completely normal... as far as normal is when prego... and other days you just feel pregnant. I had half and half this week.

~ We went swimming and it felt amazing! I felt great the whole time in the pool then got out and waddled the rest of the night because she just felt really heavy.

~ She found my ribs and has decided that is her new favorite spot. I wouldn't mind so much if it didn't pull my muscle in my back and make it to where I can't breath. Thankfully my husband is strong and can relax the muscle for me since I can't reach it!

~ Its pretty bad but we found out that if BJ pounds on my back when she is hurting me she will move. I guess she doesn't like it. It makes her move though so when all else fails thats what we gotta do.

~ We learned about labor this week in birthing class. Did you know you can have your baby without breaking your water. Never knew that one! Learned what stripping your membranes means too.

For A&P I get extra credit for going to Body World. We went down to IF and Matt and Camille came with us. We had fun looking at all the cool bodies and then went to see the rest of the museum. 
The kids place had this cool horse outside.

They had a bunch of different antlers so BJ tried them on

They had some clothes the Indians wore

Matt and Camille both tried some on * note matt's arms*

He got stuck and couldn't get out of his shirt. It was pretty funny
* i wasn't suppose to take pictures. I found out later and had to delete some they saw me take oops*

BJ finally thought he would try out Guitar Hero so I sat and ate my breakfast while he was playing. I think the combo of food and music gave Rylee the thought that she would have her own little dance party. Whenever BJ was playing a song she was kicking like crazy. Then the music would stop and she would stop. The next song she was dancing again. I thought it was super funny.

**Watch the first part really close.
**Don't mind my gross stomach.
**I couldn't believe how much she was dancing.
**Can you see my stomach moving?!
**This is the first of many videos of her that I love and everyone will wonder why I posted them =]

She really likes music. We went to Savior of the World at school and she was awake the whole time. At one point she tried to come out of me through my stomach. She was pressing out more then she has ever done before. It was during a Men's Song. BJ said she is just like me because I'd rather listen to men sing then women. She has good taste in music already! 

One week left of classes
Then Finals week
Then  a week off
Then my BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!
(this is the first year I can remember I haven't had a count down for my birthday. The count down to her getting here is more important this year.)

I just think this picture is funny. Some day I'm going to put a basketball under this shirt and compare them to see if my stomach really is the size of a basketball lol

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Waiting waiting waiting

I can't stop thinking about labor and the many different ways that could take place. I can't stop thinking about how different my life will be in less than 2 months.

BJ had a seminar that was about 3 hours. I had homework and a quiz to study for but slept instead. We then stayed up and made cookies until midnight. BJ then woke me up at 5:30 am as he was finally going to sleep and I couldn't sleep anymore. I laid in bed for as long as I could and thought about labor. Then I really wanted a great breakfast! Eggs, toast, hashbrowns, bacon, orange juice, a bowl of fruit. We had egss and that was it. So I got up and went to the store to do our weekly shopping and to buy what I needed for my breakfast.

As I was shopping with no one else in the store and the stockers giving me evil eyes as I twisted around them to get the product I needed, I couldn't help but wish that my baby was here and shopping with me. She was awake the whole time I just wanted her in my cart instead of in my tummy. As I came home and made my big meal and ate alone I wished her turning all around and kicking was next to me in a bouncer.

I talked to a guy once about "being ready" for big events in your life. He felt that no one was really ready for marriage until after it happened. He also said no one can be ready to be a parent until the kid is in your arms. I 100% fully disagree! I was more then ready before my wedding day to be married. I also feel that I have been ready to be a parent since the day I got married. I really feel strongly that I'm ready to be this little girls mom. They say you aren't a mom until you push them out but heck I've been caring for this little girl for 33 weeks. I know her, I know her wants, I know her needs, I am her mother!

With each day I can't wait for her to come. I keep telling her she isn't ready to come yet and to not get any ideas but I am so ready for the reality of being a parent. I can't wait for the experience of going through all that pain just to bring her into this world. I can't wait for those loooooong nights and days of no sleep. I can't wait to hear those cries and try my hardest and figure out why she is crying. I can't wait for the day when BJ will come home and we both are crying because I am so over my head I have no clue what to do! I can't wait! I can NOT wait!

I'm going to have a constant little buddy depending on me. I'm going to have to learn to juggle school, husband, wife, mom all at the same time. I'm ready for that. I'm so ready I just want to blink my eyes and have be May!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lastest Ultrasound

Can you see my sweet girl!?
 ( yes its is a girl! BJ has been telling me it will come out a boy) 
I love ultrasounds!

I went in for my regular monthly appointment today. We got our hamburger first then waited for the actual doctor to get back from delivering a baby. I'm at a women's clinic and so far I have only seen the nurse practitioners. There are 3 doctors and I'm suppose to meet each one because we wont know which one will be on call when the baby comes. 

He was super rushed and I didn't get to ask him any of my questions. He measured me and started looking through my file. He asked if I had done a 20 week ultrasound and said non of my records showed it. I guess they forgot to included my last appoinment information in phoneix. He said he wanted do an ultrasound and make sure things were okay and he wanted to see what was going on since they would be delivering the baby anyways. I'm all for doing ultrasounds buts thats money we hadn't planned on spending.

The ultrasound tech lady was super chatty and took her sweet time. I love when they are in the mood to just look at the baby. I haven't seen her since I was 18 weeks and loved every second of the 20 minute ultrasound. It was crazy to see how big and different she looks now. The lady kept commenting that its really hard to do a 20 week scan on a 32 week baby because they are so big. I finally got to see how she was laying and figure out what has been poking me. Her head is down which I knew and I could see her little feet snug under my ribs. Her hands and feet are on my right side and her booty is facing my left. Thats pretty much  what I figured. I love when I'm right about her! 

She showed me that I was measuring at 34 weeks and that she was 5 pounds. Thats in the 80th percentile. 

BJ and I sat down and looked at dates and charts and figured that my real due date should be May 6th. That would be more accurate to my measuring and conception date. I guess we will see what happens. I'm putting out in the universe that she will come the last week of April. 
April is the best month anyways!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

32 weeks!

8 months down 8 weeks left to go! Woo Hoo!

I'm getting excited for these last few weeks to go by. I have finals in 3 weeks then a whole week off! I plan on doing the baby's room that week. I need to move a bunch of stuff around and make it so I can put all the baby's stuff away and still have room for guests to sleep.

We finally got to go shopping for all the little stuff like blankets, wash cloths and such. BJ's cousin Janette went with us and she kept grabbing all pink stuff. I kept putting it back and grabbing yellows and greens. She looked at me and asked "Aren't you having a girl??" lol yup but I don't think girls should be all in pink! I like pink and think its cute but when it comes to buying it I like other stuff.

 Does it look like I'm having a boy?? The bright orange yellows and greens are so much cuter then pink and purple. Don't get me wrong I love all that stuff too but I just couldn't bring myself to buy it.
 I think I saw a picture of my nephew in a duck sleeper once. My poor little girl is prolly going to be called a boy the first year of her life. Oh well. I think its cute. I have some skirts and dresses I'll put on her but everyone thinks babies are boys anyways.
 I did finally find giraffe girly things. Most giraffe stuff is yellow  or on blue. I don't get that. I tired getting everything with giraffes on it but everyone vito that idea. They said it was all way to boyish and I had to buy girl things. Dumb but I caved.
This was the only "girly" thing that I bought. I think they are super cute but I wasn't planning on buying them. Janette put them in the cart and said "well you can leave them at the counter if you end up not really wanting them." I felt like that meant I needed something that is for sure for a girl so I bought them.

I love love love all the girly stuff and will gladly dress her up in frilly everything but when it came time to spend my own money on that stuff I didn't want it. I also don't like how girl stuff makes it seem like they are brats and stuck up. Like shirts that say "I know I'm cute!" Thats gay.

We are still loving our birthing classes. I have learned a lot that seemed like such simple things but I realized I wasn't living them. One of the things she taught us was not to hold our breath when we were in pain. She said when you hold your breath, baby holds its breath. Duh right?! Well I realized that I do that exact thing when the baby hurts me. I hold my breath and breath in fast and quick until it goes away. Thats exactly what she told us not to do. When it hurts, take a deep breath and try to relax and be calm. Duh right?! Yeah I can already see the difference when I remember to breath and relax. She told us its important to start trying now with little pains so during labor its what we will try to do instead of waiting and saying thats what we'll do when it comes time.  I figured her way was best and I shouldn't wait until labor day to try and deal with pain. Since I'm in pain almost daily I get good practice! Just another way to help me through natural child birth!

Baby Updates

~ She scared the poop out of me this week. I know this little girl very well but the dumb doctor scared me so now I get worried about stuff that didn't worry me before. She has a day once or twice a week where she sleeps pretty much all day long. I call those days her "growing days" Like when you were little and your knees hurt and you were hungry all day and the next day you seemed like 3 inches taller. Well I usually am super tired on those days too and I got up super late. Then I started doing homework and the day slowly slipped by. I realized I hadn't felt her move at all. I commented to BJ and he wasn't worried but then I remembered the doctor saying if I didn't feel her move at all in a day to come in ASAP. So then I started to worry. I drank some OJ and laid down. She loves oranges and usually goes crazy in seconds. I got nothing. So then I was really worried and started shaking my belly and poking her to wake her up. She gave me a few weak kicks and I kept trying to wake her up. She gave me a few stronger ones. She went back to sleep and i figured I had felt her so I didn't need to call the doctor. She slept the entire day then around 7 she woke up and went crazy. She was up the rest of the night and through out the next day. It seemed like she didn't sleep at all. I knew I was right and she was just super tired but that dumb doctor had to put the fear of God in me!

~ Finally figured out that she does not like strawberries. I get sick every time I eat them. I kept eating them because I love them and am tired of oranges but then I gave up. Its not worth getting so sick. BJ doesn't like strawberries either. Can you tell this is his daughter!!

~ She now likes to show off. Not only does she want to be a part of the group talking she has to push out on my stomach and make it look funky to get peoples attention. It works. every. single. time.

~ She loves the sound of a basketball being dribbled. Its funny to watch a game and feel her stop moving as the ball gets closer to me then as it moves away she starts going nuts then calms down as it gets close again. She will prolly be a baller.

~ She hates it when I lay on my left side. They say to lay on your left side for better circulation so I try too. I prefer to sleep on my right side and I guess so does she. She hangs out only on my right side and at night when I lay on my left she will kick me until I turn over. She will chill out if I'm on my right but gets mad when I change back to my left.

~ I can see now why some women say they miss being pregnant. I love feeling her kick and move all around when she isn't hurting me. I'll miss watching my stomach do its own dance.

~ My all time favorite is the fact that when I cuddle up to my husband in the morning he can feel her kicking on his stomach. I love that!

~ I still love that they play the poking kicking game together (she will only do that with BJ). I love being the middle man and listening to him talk to her and give her lovins

~ I have an appointment this week then it starts the going every 2 weeks instead of monthly. Oh joy

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Rexburg has a total of 5 stores. Which means very very limited on anything. People always ask where you got something in Idaho Falls because thats where you have to go if you want to shop.

Well we decided to drive extra and visit some family in Pokey. Its about an hour and a half but BJ has a cousin there. I love hanging out with that family. It like hanging out at the Listers. We stayed with them when we first moved up here and I've been wanting to go back and play.

BJ's cousin is like 40, Janette who is married to Doug. They have 5 kids, Danielle 15, Devanne 13, Paker 11, Alexis 7, and Oliva 4. They all are amazing. They are from the Balls side and are super laid back and funny. I wanted to get all my baby stuff and thought it would be nice to have someone tell me yes get that or no you don't need that.

We drove down and headed over to Costco for some pizza. I have been wanting it forever! It was sooooooo good! We got some stuff then headed back home to meet up with Janette. Then we headed out and went to 4-5 stores looking and getting all the little stuff.  Then we went back and had dinner.

I have been dying for some Panda Express but its only in Idaho Falls. Doug is an amazing chief and made homemade orange chicken for me. He fried it and everything! They even made lo mein! It pretty much was the best meal I have had in hmmmmm FOREVER! Then they made homemade custard. Pretty much We all were in a food coma!

Rylee went crazy after I ate. She hasn't tasted such great food ever!! She also was showing off for her cousins  by pressing out against my stomach as far as she could. My stomach has never looked that lopsided before. She was going crazy over that food. They tried getting me to eat more but I wasn't about to give her any more and make her even more crazy.

I think I got most of the basic stuff. Now we wont be running to the store every day trying get stuff as we figure out what we need. There are a few things I still want to get but aren't a huge need to have.

All in all it was a great day! I'm glad we got to spend time with family and get to know them better. We might go down again next month depending on how I feel and when the baby comes!

Friday, March 18, 2011

St.Patrick's Day

I woke up knowing that it was St. Patrick's day. I didn't have anything fun planned. My class was cancelled so we thought we would go for another bike ride. BJ wanted to watch March Madness and said that they were going to play all the games up at the school ( He never really knew what it was all about. He has never made a bracket before or anything. I've never really been into the whole thing but he has been so excited learning about it and watching the games that I've had fun watching too. We didn't do a bracket but he said he wants to next year!)  We got dressed and rode our bike up to school.

They had a HUGE screen down and projected the games on it! It was amazing! We stayed there pretty much all day watching each game that came on. BJ would watch the other games on his phone. There have been some pretty awesome plays! We got hungry so we left and got some food then came back for the BYU game. It was fun watching it with a ton of people all around cheering and booing. We then left again to eat dinner and went back for the last game. I watched while doing my 13 page take home test and studying.

My A&P teacher gives this HUGE test every semester over the heart. The study guide is like 4 packets long each with at least 5 pages and the test is super hard. He said that most people take 3-4 hours taking it in the testing center. The longest someone took was 5 hours!! I was sooo no looking forward to the test. There was no way I was going to be able to sit in the testing center with no food or water or able to go pee for 3 hours! THANKFULLY heavenly father prompted my teacher's son to ask him on a Disney cruise for a week. That made him willing to give us the test as a take home test! Thank goodness! I've spent 2 days on it so far and still have about 1/4 more to go!

My pregnancy brain almost got me again! I knew it was st patrick's day but while we were getting dressed I forgot about. Half way in to the first game I realized BJ wasn't wearing green and starting pinching him. He then tried to pinch me and I was covered head to toe in green. He got all booty hurt that I didn't tell it was st patrick's day when we were getting dressed. I told him I forgot about until just then. He didn't believe me. IDK why or how I ended up in all green but I did. I truly forgot I was suppose to wear green but thankfully I have a lot of it so take that pregnancy brain!!!!

I also got my pack in play or play yard this week!!! BJ made fun of me because as soon as it arrived I set it all up. He thinks its funny how excited I am for all this baby stuff. I put his mind at ease and took it down. He thought I was going to leave it up til the baby got here. This was the cheapest one I could find. I don't think I'm going to like the changing station part of it. It seems more of a hassle to use it then not but we'll see. 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

31 weeks

9 weeks left. I'm down to the single digits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I officially signed up for classes. I have all online courses. 2 seem like they are going to be really hard. They were the only ones I could get into though. So I'll just be relying on the Lord lots this next semester to help me get through it with a newborn! 

Tomorrow I turn in my application for the Nursing program. First time I'll ever really go through with applying. It makes me super nervous to actually apply. I really really want to get it in!  I also really really don't know if I'll make it through the program if I get in so it makes me not want to get it. My feelings keep going back and forth. BJ is all for it and is making sure I apply. I guess we will see what happens. I will be super sad if I don't get in. But not surprised.  

Notice how fat my face is getting?! I told BJ I'm getting rolls on my neck. Idk if she is going to fit inside of me much longer. I really don't know if my stomach can get much bigger.

I realized this week that it is very obvious that I'm pregnant. I put on a shirt I haven't worn in awhile and told BJ it kind of hid my belly. Matt and BJ both looked at me and stated " Nothing can hide your belly!" It hit me that I am huge! No matter where I go or who I talk too someone always comments about pregnancy. 

I have added yet another pillow to sleep with. Having a pillow between my legs grantees a good nights rest. Other wise my hips ache all night

I'm so grateful for a husband who willingly makes dinner for me when I can't get off the couch

I realized this week that our lives are going to change. While making eggs one morning she was kicking me and I wondered how I was going to make eggs if she was crying. Then today I woke up starving and took a shower but felt horrible so we both laid back down and slept for another 2 hours. When I woke up she was kicking and I wondered what we would do if she was awake during that time. 

Hopefully we get to make it down to real stores and go shopping soon. Since it is finally march I can start buying all the little things she is going to need.

I ordered my pack n play! Should be here this week!

I was talking to my sister Liz and she told me about epi-no.

Anyone ever heard of it or used it? She said she used it with her second and it made a world of difference. I'm looking into it but wonder if its worth the $200. 

Friday, March 11, 2011

Great day!

After a week of school and playing with my brother in law Dan then a weekend of taking care of my brother law Matt on top of 2 tests, 2 projects and little sleep I was pooped!!

I was pretty much done with school by Thursday. My a&p teacher was extremely nice and gave us a take home test for the biggest test of the semester. I played hooky from class since he already gave us the test to start working on. I was able to sleep until my body said get up. My hips didn't hurt at during the night so I slept the full 8 hours! I had enough time to make myself a real breakfast! I even watched an episode of "in plain sight". During which I got a huge craving for a doughnut. I checked the temp outside and it was 45!!

I have been DYING to ride my bike for over 2 weeks now. The snow has started to melt then it would snow again. Its to the point where the snow is almost gone and the sidewalks are finally clear.I talked BJ into riding our bikes to the doughnut shop. It took some talking but I won! We rode our bikes the 2 miles to the doughnut shop
I got a Blueberry crumb doughnut. Most amazing doughnut ever! It tasted pretty much like a muffin. It was exactly what I was looking for!

Then I got hungry so we found a pizza place that had a $5 pizzas. Lucky us the BYU game was on.

Everyone and I mean EVERYONE talks about BYU basketball here and or about Utah State and since we don't have tv and I dont like watching sports we never have a clue whats going on. Since we had free time we ate our pizza and enjoyed the game. ( they won by the way!)

We then rode home and I was pretty much done for. I realized how out of shape I am when I'm dying going up a slight incline. I felt like I had ridden 20 miles instead of 4.

Danny bought guitar hero for the Wii and left it here for us to play. When we came home and I had time to play some before it was time to go to the temple.

Our calling is a sealing couple. We go once a month and do sealings. We have been wanting to do sealings since we got married but never knew how to go about doing them. Now we get to do it once a month. The sealer was a very cute old man. He had a story to tell after each set of sealings. One that was interesting. He said in the year 2010 that temple had done about 1.7 million ordinances. Of those there were only 748 mistakes. That was something like a .04% error. He said they went back and fixed every single one. Crazy that out soooo many there was less than a 1000 that had an error!

After the temple BJ got to go play church ball. He looks forward to it every week. I watch while doing homework most of the time.

All in all it was a great day! I needed a day to step back so I can adjust back to our regular routine!

Monday, March 7, 2011

What a day!

All three of these pictures plus way way more were me today! What gives?!?!

My first class I was super intense and so into everything the teacher said (not normal that class is a zzzzz) 

2nd class I cried the entire time. Some guy commented that as a family they would go camping and it was some of their best memories as a kid. Super touching right?! Yeah bawled my eyes out too. 

Went to the grocery store not 5 minutes after class and I seriously wanted to ram my cart into anyone and everyone in the store. If I were a cussing kind of girl I'm sure more then one would have heard the lot from me.

Made a list of the 5 or 6 items I needed for dinner. Looked at it maybe twice before the store, then once while in the middle of shopping. I still forgot 2 items on the list. 

I get home and start making dinner and I'm crying again. 

Dinner conversation:
Matt: I think I might go to FHE
BJ: Well should I give you a ride or is Camille going to take you?
Matt: Either way is fine. The doctor said not to drive for a bit
Me : (Listening intently and was there when doctor said not to drive for a few days, completely serious) Matt why don't you just take our car?!!!

I blame the hormones! 

Fun filled Sunday

My brother in law Matt sent a scare through us on Sunday. His girlfriend called and told us he was in the hospital after he had a seizure.

We stopped dinner and rushed over there. We then waited for 5 hours or so before they took him to a room to stay over night.

I offered my husband to stay with him. At the time I didn't think anything of it. As I left the hospital alone I realized that my husband and I would be a part for the first time ever at night.

After a mire 5 hours of sleep it wasn't so bad. BJ got to "practice" sleeping on those chairs that pull into a bed. He didn't sleep at all because alarms kept going off.

Matt is doing good now. The doctor doesn't know why this happened but we all agree that he just pushed his body to the max and it shut down. He had been going on 2-3 hours a sleep for a few days and spent the day fasting. On top of being stressed at school, having a girlfriend, and being elder's quorum president, playing hockey, being a single, cleaning the temple late at night, he just needs to rest.

We kidnapped him and are making him spend the next few days at our place. Single life is just not calm and  I knew he would try to go right back into the full swing of things.

So all is well, and we get a little bit more time to get to know his girlfriend! Always a plus!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

29/ 30 weeks

I noticed on Friday that my stomach is all of a sudden super super round. I don't know where it came from but its HUGE and ROUND these days!

Baby updates

~ We have liked the name Rylee Aden since we found out it was a girl. Last week I wasn't sure it was what I was going for so I started the search again. Then we got the Wii and I wanted to make a Mii for the baby. Since she didn't have a name I went back to Rylee. Then I met up with BJ while he was in his study group to get the car keys and as I was leaving one of the guys said " Bye Rylee!" It pretty much melted my heart. I'm still not 100% but I am at least 95% now.

~ I signed us up for Birthing classes. I wanted to do hypnobabies but after talking to the lady I realized that her regular class was more my thing. We went to our first one. I was sure it was just going to be review for me and I just wanted BJ to go and understand stuff. However, I learned so much! It was AMAZING!!! She puts a huge emphasis on being able to do everything all naturally and learning to listen to your body and relax during the labor process. We practiced holding ice in our hands and then she gave us pointers and how to overcome the coldness. It really worked and made the time go faster. We also practiced different positions to give birth. I always figured I'd do it just like my sister and be in bed while pushing. After going through different ways and trying to relax I found out that I can't relax at all when I'm on my back. That was a huge eye opener. In the birthing videos people seem the most comfortable when on their backs but looks can be deceiving. Next week we are going over birth plans which I'm all for! I already have mine started so I'm excited to get more insight on stuff I just don't know about! BJ also liked it and learned a lot too.

~ My honeymoon phase is definitely over. I'm tired all the time again. I can be starving but only able to eat half my food. Then I have to wait an hour or so to finish it. My hips ache whenever I lay down for too long which makes sleeping a pain! I also am getting days of queasiness again.

~ Its fun to play games with the baby now. BJ was laying next to me one night and he would squeeze my tummy and she would kick. They went back and forth for a good 10 minutes. BJ then fell asleep and had his head resting on my tummy. She wasn't done playing with her daddy and sat and kicked him. He didn't wake up so she used all her might and did one really big kick. It startled BJ awake! I just laughed!!!

~  I was bored in class one day so I started rocking forward and backwards. I did it three times and she kicked me back three times. I kept doing it and every time she would kick me. I could tell I was making her mad and it just made me laugh. I would bet a million bucks she is going to come out stubborn with a temper. She is for sure her daddy's daughter!

~ Bending over is now really hard to do. Its always been hard if I had pants on but now even in a dress or skirt its hard to put on shoes and socks. Thankfully I have the most helpful husband around and he is always willing to help with the shoes and socks. Its hard though when I'm alone and I drop something. Getting down is easy but the coming up isn't!

~ I'm getting my pay back for always staring and talking about any and every pregnant lady I would see. No matter where I am or what I'm doing someone is watching me and or whispering about me.

~ I have yet to use my "I'm pregnant" card at school. I am very proud of that!

~She still loves the organ! I don't get it but she goes nuts.

~ She also found my ribs for the first time. I'm kind of surprised it took her this long but I'm glad it did. It HURTS!

~ I'm starting to get super anxious for her to get here!

~ I'm in search of a diaper bag. My sister kerri used a backpack with her first and I have always liked that idea. All the backpack ones I've found are ugly. I've found tons of cute bags but I'm not willing to pay so much for them. I'm thinking of making one. I just really want a giraffe bag!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fun filled week

We've had a really good last 2 weeks! Starting off with a holiday and it is still going!

The most exciting news was going to the baby store called Mommy n Me. They sell Phil and Ted strollers so we went to ordered from them since we thought they had a pretty good deal going. Their Chicco key fit 30 car seats were expensive and I knew I could find those cheaper so we held off on that one. The next day they called and said they were on back order and wouldn't get my stroller until May 16th! Thats after my due date!! True I don't need it until after my due date but I want it to start taking up space now!!!!! And I want to start pushing it around my house because I want to! So we went online and found an AMAZING deal that ended up being cheaper then Mommy n Me. We got the stroller with the doubles kit and the car seat attachment! OH YEAH!
It is the same one my sister Kim has but they now come in Black instead of red. =]

These strollers only fit certain car seats on them. We looked into all of them. They had the cheap Graco one that can attach. They tend to be the cheapest out there. Then they got up to really expensive car seats. We have done our research and the Chicco Key Fit 30 seemed like a great car seat. It holds the baby up to 30 lbs. Most car seats only go up to like 22 lbs. They are really nicely made but tend to be more expensive. I really liked them because they have a easy adjustable strap that you press a button and pull a string and it moves for the baby. It also goes in and out of the base very easy which some car seats are horrible at doing. So I shopped around and found one for the price of a Graco! WOOT WOOT!!!! And it has green on it! =] =]

I put it all together myself!! It came 2 days early! I love that it takes up space!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BJ also has been looking at cars these past few weeks. Its his thing. Its crazy how much he is into cars and the knowledge he has on that subject. He always is finding a good car for a great price. He even tries to convince me we need it. I have kept him at bay for now but since I got my stroller he seemed to think the rest of the tax money was to play it. I had to remind him we still need diapers and hospital fees and other baby stuff. He still thought he should get a toy. So....

We bought a Wii. I have always wanted one so it wasn't hard to convince me to get it.

We also convinced my brother in law Danny to come play with us for a week. He keeps going back and forth on if he wants to come up here so we planned to show him a good time.

The first night he got here was POND SKIMMING
Basically people sign up to snowboard/ski/sled down this hill and try to make it across a pond of water. We are mormon so you can imagine the creative costumes people wore. Mario, Army men with a tanks, 3 amigos, little swim trunks, bananas, you name it there was someone dressed up in it. There were a lot of wipe outs which are always fun to see. Dan liked seeing all the people and listening to the music. His feet got cold so we left a tad early.

BJ has been in heaven with Danny here. I go to bed early and he stays up til 3 am and with Dan here he had a buddy to play with. Danny is also very VERY into cars. I can't even  say how many hours have been spent on the topic of cars and how many cars and parts they have looked up online. I wont be sad when the car conversations stop tomorrow. 

BYUI also lets anyone come to class so Dan went to all of BJ's classes. It was good for him to see what school will be like. He will have to take all those ones too so it worked out. 

I found out on Tuesday that I really am a big pregnant lady. After my class the boys picked me up and we walked all over in search of housing for Dan. The weather was great so I didn't mind walking. Then we headed up to the school and we showed Dan everything. I had an hour of sitting during devotional then BJ had a meeting with his teacher so I took Dan around the rest of the campus. We also talked to advising and scheduled for him to take tests. After walking all over and up and down stairs I was pretty pooped. BJ had a basketball game so I went and watched while he and Dan played. By the time I got home my public bones felt like jelly. I'm still recovering from it. Wednesday didn't help with it being my long day at school either. BJ and Dan wanted to spend today playing and going swimming. I'm sitting out the playing and prolly wont make until 10 tonight to swim. 

I never realized how much energy it took to entertain someone while pregnant. Both of my poor sisters had to entertain me when they were further along than I am!! I didn't think I'd get to experience it since I'm the youngest. I guess having younger in laws means I get to see what my sisters did for me!  Its's been fun and I'm glad he came up. I've run my dishwasher and washer more this week then its ever been ran and done  more stuff then I have in a long time. I know my husband has enjoyed it. I also only forgot to put my robe on once and that at 4 a.m. so I was safe!! =]