Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Boise Trip

I had planned on taking the NCLEX in Utah so we could attend a friend's wedding reception but when I went to schedule it they had nothing open until September. I was so done worrying about it and needed to just take it and get it done. We have been wanting to go to Boise since we moved here to see it and see if was a place we could live. It is about an hour longer to get there then Utah but they had something open the week i had planned on taking the test so we made a quick trip out.
We stopped in Twin  Falls and saw the shoshone falls.They are called the Niagra Falls of the west so we had to see them. Well, I had too. BJ has pretty much seen everything. 

It was nice to have stops along the saw for Rylee. The park was on a huge hill and Rylee wanted to run up and down it. It got our heart pumping for sure.
Charles was about 3 weeks old so he did great. He slept just fine in the car.

It was fun to see the Twin falls temple and Boise temple. I just wish we could have gone inside but maybe next trip.
My babies did great the whole trip. I was really nervous but of course it was pretty easy going.
We thought about just camping the whole time but then figured it would be best to be well rested and not stressed about caring for everyone before my test at 8 am! Look at how tiny my baby was!
Rylee had so much fun with the phones. We just unplugged them and let her play. We enjoyed the pool and hot tub before bed and we all slept great. Then I had a nice yummy breakfast and set off to take my test.

We made the most of our trip. We went to the Boise Zoo. We love the zoo. The boise zoo was awesome. We had a lot of fun.
Peeking at the muskrats up close

Walk through Butterfly exhibit where they land on you!

Coolest slide ever!!! I love when zoos have playgrounds. Makes the whole zoo thing even better for toddlers.

It was pretty warm that day and we were getting ready to leave but I needed to feed Charles. BJ found the educational building. IT had a ton of hands on things they got to play with while I sat in some A/C and feed Charles.

We then headed out to where we were going to camp. We stopped at all the national parks because we bought a pass when we registered our car then realized all the parks were by Boise and not us. So we made the most of out pass. It was pretty cool to see 3 landings. The snake river is huge and i mean HUGE. Back during the oregon trail they came to the snake river and saw how big it was. They went up  few miles and found three out cropping islands where they could ferry to each island and make it across a lot easier. It was fun to see history.
Again I needed to feed Charles and BJ found a little visitors place that was the best I have ever seem. It was about as big as my living room but full of things that Rylee could do. Everything said, "Please play with me!" Which is everything a mom looks for! Rylee loved it and we stayed for over an hour playihg and learning about Idaho.

Then we found a fish hatchery. I have never been to one and BJ said they were cool we stopped. They had fish like 12 feet long! It was gross and you could even pet them. I didn't and Rylee said she  did then freaked out but it was cool seeing all the different sizes.

Then we made it our camping spot. It was an RV site but we talked the owner into letting us camp there for cheap. I wasn't sure about this but again it was a breeze and we had a great night sleep.

We loved seeing Boise and the surrounding areas. I don't think we will ever move out there but it was fun to visit and we will do it again someday. 

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