Sunday, October 27, 2013

1 month

 The first month of lovin on this little man was amazing!
 The first sign that he was going to be the happiest baby i have ever met!

He was a big baby but lost almost a pound being jaundice for week. We went to the doctors every other day for almost 2 weeks. We got to know the nurses really well. I was so over the appointments and bili lights. Since we changed doctors when we moved to IF it was nice to get to know a new doctor and their office. They all know me really well now that that paid off.

 Rylee did amazing the first month. She would kiss him but that was it.

I was so excited to push both of my children in my stroller. Its kind of sad how excited I was!!

He has huge hands! This documents its perfectly.

Little boy in church clothes is by far my favorite! And that big boy is pretty darn handsome too!

I learned the Moby wrap only works for babies that love to snuggle. Charles loved it Rylee hated it.

Tummy baby for sure. Will instantly calm down when placed tummy to tummy

The first month went by so quickly. I already miss the sleepy cuddly baby. I don't miss waking up to feed every 3 hours though. Learning who he is has been a fun experience!

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Kerri said...

what an adorable baby. in one of the pictures i can see rylee in him. so sad when they arent itty bitty anymore. i wish i could have an itty bitty and not be recovering from pushing one out.