Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Eastern Idaho State Fair

The state fair is huge. We were really excited to go. Rylee loves animals and they had an amazing petting area. We got some feed and she feed every single animal. I of course just watched while her and daddy did their thing.

They had a real cow that they let people milk. Rylee was so into the idea.
Then she wasn't. Daddy helped her since he is a pro but she wasn't sold actually doing it

Charles slept the whole time even though there were a ton of people around

They had a lot of fun activities to do which was fun.
Our other favorite part was the food! I won free fair food so we got to try 3 different vendors. WE would never spent $22 on fair food. We always get kettle corn but thats about it. This time we got thsee mini donuts which were supper yummy, a baked potato loaded with toppings we would have never tried before. It was AMAZING! And we got an orange chicken meal. YUM!

We also went the day of the Rodeo. We have been going to free rodeos for the past few years in rexburg with the college kids and farm people. We love rodeos and always have fun. This rodeo was a professional rodeo and WOW! What a difference. Rylee loved it. It was awesome!!! Rylee started to get tired and they threw out free Frisbees. Rylee wanted one but of course we didn't get one. The family behind us had a 7 or 8 year old who caught one. We were watching an event and I was feeding charles and Rylee hurt herself and started to get whinny. I then felt a tap on my shoulder and the mom said that her daughter asked if she could give rylee the frisbee. I said oh thanks but she can keep it. She then insisted Rylee take it and said that her daughter told her I was feeding my baby and then she went on to say how great I was for feeding my child. Rylee was so excited and played the rest of the night with that frisbee.  

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Kerri said...

i love nice people. one nice person can make a world of difference.