Sunday, January 8, 2017

Bailee's Birth Story

My original due date was 12/16/16. After finding out I had gestational diabetes yet again we did a couple of ultrasounds to check baby. They ended up changing my due date to 12/12/16. Doctor Fernandez was scheduled to be laborist on the 8th so we scheduled my induction. I was 39.5 weeks along. I had some contraction but nothing to call home about. The night before we settled into bed and had our alarms set for 5 am. After calling the hospital to make sure we could still come in we made our way over. The girls had decorated our room with lots of pink and lots of fun decorations all over the room. We attempted to place a good IV where it wouldn't be in the way. I was then checked and found I was only 2 cm and 60%! I knew it was going to be a long day.

Breda came on and we got the pit running. I got a pretty good pattern going but only felt some of them and even then they were just a really bad cramp. We settled in and watched Bones. The day went by and we switched over to watching Friends. We knew that because I was still about to laugh and talk that the Pit wasn't doing much. I made it all the way up to 32 of Pit when Dr. Fernandez came in and said it was time to break my water. At about 4 pm I was still 2 cm and 60% so we broke my water.

I then started to feel real contractions. At first I wanted to try and make it naturally but then soon realized that if I was only a 2 it could be another 9 hours or more! So I went ahead and had them call anesthesiologist, Dr. Roberts. It took him until about 5ish to get there and I was already having to breath through each contraction and they were getting worse. By 5:30 I was feeling good again and was checked. I was about 3 to 4 at that point. I could still feel my toes and could move side to side but my legs felt heavy and tingly. I could feel pressure on my right side so I was checked and had made it to a 6. With every contraction I could  feel pressure on my right side. By 6:15 I was an 8. I then quickly went to a 9 then with just a slight rim. By 6:30 I was complete and having to breath through the pressure on my right side. Dr. Fernandez was called and I was told I could start pushing by 6:40. I liked having the pressure because it gave me something to push through. Breda thought I would shoot the baby out but it was a slow going. Bailee was OP and kind of crooked to the right side. I felt bad it was taking me so long to push. By about 7 I started to feel what my sister describes as the "ring of fire" the closer she got to coming out the more it burned and was incredibly painful. The contraction pain was just pressure but the ring of fire was really intense and didn't let up and got worse as I pushed. They wanted me to bolus my epidural but I just wanted her out. My sister Kerri got cornered in the the room and was helping to coach me through the pain when I got the point that I just didn't want to do it anymore. I knew I had to push through the fire to feel that intense pain before it would be over. I finally dug deep and pushed through it and Bailee came out all wrapped up in the cord. I opened my eyes to see the doc flipping her up and down and around 3-4 times before she could be placed on my stomach. She was super pink, cheesy, and screaming. She was perfect!

Bailee was 7 lbs 8.8 oz 20 inches long and born 12/8/16 at 7:12 pm.

Jen Allen took great care of us the first night. I loved having a nurse that I knew personally and I loved knowing what was going to happen and what they needed to do. Lou Ann took great care of us during the day. We had lots and lots of fun visitors. All the ladies at work came to shower us was gifts and to see sweet Bailee. My entire family came to see her. Helen came up to spend some time with us. That next night Gina took care of us. I even got a visit from the girls who work in the cafeteria at night. I loved having so many people wanting to come and see Bailee and spoiling her. We stayed 2 nights to make sure her jaundice levels stayed normal. She was coombs + but was a great eater. She was not a fan of formula but we tried to top her off just to make sure we wouldn't have to do lights this time around. She has been a great sleeper and wonderful breast feeder. My milk came in by night 2 and I was already able to pump out 45 ml of good milk. She has been completely different then her siblings. I haven't felt engorged breast or slept this good with either of my other two. Rylee and Charles love having her home. Charles likes to touch her sweet face and Rylee loves it when she opens her eyes.

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